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Super Pet Fuzz-E-Futon

The Fuzz-E-Futon Super Sleeper is an oversized comfortable hammock that?s large enough for a group of ferrets, pet rats, chinchillas or other critters. Fuzz-E-Futon comes with four strong clips so you can position it anywhere and safely attach it inside any wire pet home. With its fleece lining and plush padding for extra comfort, the Fuzz-E-Futon is an accessory no pet should be without. Super Sleepers provide the perfect place to play or sleep and are machine washable. Measures 16.5''L x 16.5''W. For Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Chinchillas.
SKU: sp-62258
Category: Ferrets

Planet Dog Large Orbee Ball With Rope

Many call it the absolute best dog toy on the market. What is it? It's the super tough Orbee Ball! Not only is it durable, but it's bouncy and byouant so trips to the lake are extra fun. Made from a super-secret and super-strong material, the Orbee Ball will stand up to the roughest of play. Measures 4 1/4'' in diameter and features a rope for tugging and throwing fun.
SKU: pd-00050
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Bubble Wave Tube

FerreTrail Bubble Wave Fun-nel Tubes create tunnels of fun for ferrets, guinea pigs, pet rats, chinchillas and other furry friends. FerreTrail Fun-nels can be connected to each other creating a colorful ?Peek-A-Boo? playground system of tubes, elbows and tees. The FerreTrail System was designed to provide many hours of stimulation and fun for pets through natural exercise. Fun-nels also provide pets with a unique network of hiding places and tunnels to explore. Bubble-Wave Fun-nels attach to many Super Pet products including: Comfort Shelves, Passageway Connectors, Roll-about Balls, Flex-E Fun-nels and more. Measures 10''L x 4.25''W. For Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Chinchillas.
SKU: sp-62222
Category: Small Pets

The Splendid Little Book of All Things Cat

A guide to the funny, fanciful, and factual world of cats. A must-read for anyone adopted by a feline; this book solves mysteries, debunks old wives? tales, and helps enhance the health, happiness, and well being of the beloved cat. 112 pages.
SKU: splenlitbook1
Category: Cats

10oz 8 In 1 DDS Dental Care Liquid for Dogs

DDS Dental Care Liquid for Dogs is a safe, effective formula that has been scientifically formulated to promote fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums. Given daily, DDS Dental Care Liquid for Dogs helps maintain good oral hygiene. Liquid formula is easy to use by adding to your dog's drinking water. Fresh mint flavor leaves long lasting fresh breath. Alcohol free. Veterinarian recommended.
SKU: eo-07419
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Bunny Treat Tumbler

Place a few treats inside the treat tumbler, adjust the opening to dispense only a morsel at a time as it tumbles across the floor, and watch the fun your bunny will have! Encourages healthy exercise and builds a bond between you and your pet.
SKU: suppetbuntre
Category: Small Pets

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