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Super Pet Select Sleepers Beet-L-Bed Car

Nap Time will shift into high gear with the plush, comfortable Beet-L-Bed Car from Super Pet. Perfect for cruising after snoozing, this comfy bed features a fleece lined center with a cotton/poly outer shell for durability. It's unique looks will certainly command attention. Perfectly sized for ferrets, dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and pet rats. Measures 13'' x 9''
SKU: sp-62278
Category: Ferrets Fuzzy Ferret Tube

Whether it's for playing or sleeping, your ferret will love our Fuzzy Ferret Tube! Each one measures 27'' long and features a cotton canvas outer shell and a fuzzy fleece lined center. Ferrets love tunneling through the tube, or curling up inside to keep warm and sleep the night away.
SKU: tfs-559
Category: Ferrets

Super Pet Fleece Lined Cozy Hammock

The Cozy Hammock is the perfect playtime accessory for ferrets and other critters providing a comfortable spot to snuggle and nap after fun and play. The Cozy Hammock even has a fleece lining so your critter will be extra comfortable while napping! Cozy Hammock comes with four strong clips so you can position and safely attach your it to any wire pet home. Cozy Hammock is made from soft cotton and plush fabrics that are machine washable ensuring your friend will always have a clean place to snooze. Measures 14'' x 14''. For Ferrets, Pet Rats, Unusual Pets.
SKU: sp-62131
Category: Ferrets

Super Pet FerreTrail Tee Ball

The FerretTrail Tee-Ball is two fun toys in one! Made from half a Roll-About Ball and one Bubble Wave Tee, the Tee Ball not only makes a fun playtime toy, but it's also a cool hideout! Measures 10'' x 10'' x 11.25''
SKU: sp-62227
Category: Ferrets

3/pk Kyjen Outward Hound Dispose-A-Bowl

These disposable 40oz bowls are perfect for cars, walks, hikes, the beach, camping and vacation travel. 3 per pack.
SKU: kj-00563
Category: Dogs

What's Wrong With My Snake?: A User-Friendly Home Medical Reference Manual

A user-friendly home medical reference. This invaluable guide identifies and explains existing and potential problems. Find out how location of a cage can affect your snake's appetite, or how a snake can become ''mouse shy''. Learn how to identify and correct problems associated with maladaptation, burns, constipation, dehydration, skin lesions, diarrhea, improper shedding, lack of appetite, feeding frequency, overheating, parasites, mouth rot, reproductive failure, rodent injuries, respiratory problems, vomiting, weight loss, seizures, tremmors, incoordination and just about anything else that may be commonly found with the captive care of snakes. Paperback, 150 pages.
SKU: whatwronwitm
Category: Other Pets

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