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15oz Oxbow Oat Hay

A companion forage that is similar in nutritional analysis to the Western Timothy. Your animals will love the immature oat grain that is attached in the head and will benefit greatly from the fiber in the leaf and stem. Oat Hay can be fed free choice and is a good source of fiber and also gives variety to your animals diet. Also makes a good bedding alternative to wheat straw.
SKU: ox-265
Category: Small Pets

WARE Hay Rack

The WARE Hay Rack is a heavy-duty feeder that is made from a durable metal that attaches easily to any cage. Measures 9'' x 4'' x 7''.
SKU: wa-00714
Category: Small Pets

Super Pet Bunny Coat Care Kit

Treat your bunny to a fresh and clean coat, and save money at the same time with this specially priced Coat Care Kit. Each contains: 6oz Smellin' Good Spray Fragrance6oz Quick & Clean Instant ShampooBunny Petting BrushRoley Poley Rabbit Toy
SKU: sp-96034
Category: Small Pets

Vittles Vault Stackable 60

The first absolutely airtight storage container for dry pet foods. No more bulky, awkward bags exposing food to air, excessive moisture and pests. With a spin of the patented lid, the Vittles Vault locks in freshness and flavor. Great for natural foods that are nutrient rich and preservative free. Made of food grade high-impact resistant plastic. The container is square. Measures 14.5'' x 22'' x 19''. Holds 60 lbs of dry food depending on kibble size.
SKU: vv-14360
Category: Other Pets

5lb American Pet Diner Aflly Guinea Pig Pellets

Complete pellet ration specifically designed for the junior, adult or breeding Guinea Pig. Great tasting small pellet for ease of eating. Yucca added to reduce cage odors. Feed to guinea pigs. See Alffy Rabbit or Alffy Chinchilla for specific pellet rations for those animals. Stabilized Vitamin C added to complete your guinea pig's daily nutritional needs.
SKU: ap-10025
Category: Small Pets

32oz Super Pet Flat-Bac Water Bottle

The compact Flat-Bac Water Bottle features an exclusive ''contour tapered reservoir.'' This design creates the strongest and most rigid water bottle on the market today, which in turn holds the vacuum and water contents far superior than round cylinder shaped bottles. Has a snap-lock bracket to hold bottle securely and a ''floating duck'' refill reminder.
SKU: sp-61933
Category: Ferrets

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