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The Lizard Keeper's Handbook

Provides a tremendous amount of information for anyone from beginner to experienced breeder on just about everything needed to keep and breed insect-eating lizards. Includes: selection, recommended lizards, sexing, quarantine, acclimation, housing, vivarium design, temperature, heating systems, feeding, lighting, humidity, handling, diseases and disorders, products and much more. Often reviewed as one of our finest titles and always a top seller. A library must. Black-and-white and color photographs. Paperback, 176 pages.
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Category: Other Pets Congratulations Card

Whatever the event, send your congratulations in a formal manner with our two ferrets all decked out and ready to celebrate. Each card measures 4 1/2'' x 6'' and comes with matching envelope. Outside verse: ''Congratulations'' Inside verse: Blank
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Category: Ferrets

Super Pet CritterTrail Two

CritterTrail TWO offer two spacious levels of living space for all hamsters, gerbils or mice. CritterTrail TWO comes complete with two Comfort Shelves, a 10oz. water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and three Fun-nels climbing tubes. CritterTrail TWO features Super Pet?s unique ?Petting Zone.? The cool ?Petting Zone? is a special area of the home that you can open so you can pick up your pet or provide them with a tasty treat. Even if your favorite critter isn't in the Petting Zone, there are two ''E-Z'' access doorways on the CritterTrail TWO making access to your pet easy and simple. CritterTrail TWO also has six locations where accessories can be attached to the home so add as many fun accessories as you can. For hamsters, gerbils and mice. Measures 16'' x 10.5'' x 16''
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Category: Small Pets

Super Pet Hamster Boredom Buster

Yes, hamsters really do play with toys. Hamster Boredom Buster hangs inside any wire home to provide a fun and fascinating playtime activity for all hamsters and gerbils. This interactive toy can be filled with your hamsters favorite treats. Then when Boredom Buster is pushed by your pet, it swings, its bell rings, and treats tumble out! It just doesn't get more fun, plus your hamster gets to have great treats! Boredom Buster is perfect for preventing pet boredom and enhances your pet's life.
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Category: Small Pets

17oz Synergy Labs Snow White Shampoo

This professional grooming formula removes yellow from white coats while brightening and removing stains. Keeps pets show-ring white and bright! For white dogs, cats and horses.
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Category: Dogs

Super Pet Multi-Floor Ferret Home

The Deluxe Multi-Floor Ferret Home is perfect for a family of Ferrets and is safe for Chinchillas too! This quality Home was built to last a lifetime with strong epoxy-coated metal panels and a purple washable break resistant plastic base. The Deluxe Multi-Floor ferret home comes complete with nine adjustable Comfort Shelves providing unlimited design possibilities and added living space. The Home also includes two Safety Ramps, a Fun-nels Climbing Tube, a Ferret Hammock and an ?E-Z? Roll Stand. The Deluxe Multi-Floor Ferret Home has a one year consumer warranty. For ferrets and chinchillas. Measures 32'' x 20'' x 57'' Overall Height 67''
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Category: Ferrets

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