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Super Pet 4.5'' Mini Rock-Around Exercie Wheel

Rock-Around Wheels provide rockin'-n-rollin' exercise fun for all litter critters! The unique design rocks back and forth as pets turn the wheel. The mini size Rock-Around is 4.5'' in diameter and is perfect for dancing dwarf hamsters and performing pet mice. For Hamsters Mice & Gerbils. Assorted colors.
SKU: sp-61422
Category: Small Pets

Body Cooler XS Pet Wrap Cooler

Body Cooler products are specially designed to safely keep your pets cool when heat is a problem. Once the wrap is activated, by soaking it in cool water, the safe, non-toxic crystals inside the bed absorb 400 times their weight in water. Simple airflow creates the cooling effect that will keep your pet from overheating - and your pet never gets wet! Can be used over and over again, and reactivates in less than a half-hour. X-Small size fits pets with a 18'' length, 15'' neck and 25'' girth.
SKU: ae-10006
Category: Dogs

4oz Sunseed Sun Drops for Chinchillas

Recommended as a daily supplement to your pet's diet. Formulated with Sun Seed Sunscription quality, Sundrops provide essential vitamins when added to your pet's drinking water.
SKU: sunseedsundr
Category: Small Pets

Translucent Blue Clicker

Translucent blue clicker with logo. Buy single or in bulk for best price!
SKU: k9-10002
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Radish Bunny Bites

These radish shaped Bunny Bites are made from all-natural, thick wood and USDA-approved food coloring. Promotes clean and healthy teeth for rabbits and guinea pigs.
SKU: sp-61183
Category: Small Pets

11'' Super Pet Giant Run Around

The Giant Run Around puts free wheeling fun and fitness right at your furry friends feet. Features chew proof construction, a ''tail safe'' stand, smooth and silent spinning, and a super safe mesh running surface. The Giant Run Around Wheel is designed to be very versatile and perform perfectly inside any pet's home. Can be used on the floor of any cage or glass aquarium or can be securely hung on the side of any wire home. For pet rats, chinchillas and other similar sized pets.
SKU: suppetpetinr1
Category: Small Pets

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