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20lb Iams Active MaturityWest Coast Pricing

In the later years, your mature dog needs the benefits of highly digestible, premium-quality nutrition more than ever. Iams Active Maturity Formula has the appropriate levels of protein to maintain muscle mass, which mature dogs tend to lose. Plus, each kibble is easy to chew, yet crunchy enough to provide the important cleaning action that can help keep teeth clear of tartar and plaque. Made with high-quality chicken that provides necessary protein to maintain muscle mass. Patented carbohydrate blend to maintain energy with stable blood sugar levels. Made with optimal levels of antioxidants to help keep your dog's immune system healthy. Patented fiber source helps keep your mature dog's digestive system healthy. Easy-to-chew kibble with a taste mature adult dogs love. Mature dogs have special nutritional needs. Feeding Iams Active Maturity Formula consistently beginning at age 7 (age 5 for giant breeds) means you're providing your dog all the nutrition needed to continue enjoying a long, healthy life with you. Recommended for: Mature Adult Dogs 7 and older (dogs up tp 90 lbs.) or 5 and older (dogs 90 lbs. or more)
SKU: 20iamacmat1
Category: Dogs

Karen Pryour Clicker Training Treat Pouch

Looking for a bag that will hold all your clicker training gear? Look no further! This bag will hold your clicker, target stick and plenty of treats. It's wide-mouth opening allows you to easily reach in, get you need and get out quickly. Features a large pouch for treats, a smaller pouch for your target stick, and a mesh pocket for clickers and toys. It even has a place to store pick-up bags. Wear it on your waist with the 47'' long adjustable belt. Measures 6 3/4'' x 5 1/2'' x 2 1/2'' and comes in black.
SKU: ka-10006
Category: Dogs

Canine Equipment 6' x 3/4'' Ultimate Traffic Leash

Sturdy yet gentle to your hand! Training and walking leashes constructed of a soft tubular webbing that doesn't burn when pulled through the palm. The handle features a floating triangle for clipping accessories to the leash to hang free of your hands; the triangle also clips to the bolt snap to shorten the leash or for quick temporary tethering. Recommended for small to medium size breeds.
SKU: rc-12210
Category: Dogs

3 1/2'' ''For Prairie Dogs Only'' Ceramic Bowl

These ceramic food bowls are hand thrown and painted by artist Merry Newcomber. Non-tip design and dishwasher safe.
SKU: by-00664
Category: Small Pets

10'' Sqwuggies Toy

Sqwuggies are squeakable, tuggable, durable, colorful, whimsical, fetchable, floatable squeak and tug toy. Sqwuggies are made of dog friendly pre-consumer recycled fire hose material and come in a variety of colors. It can be used by all size dogs, whether they want to squeak, tug, carry or hide their new Sqwuggie; they will have lots of fun with it. Sqwuggies have a strong sewn-in loop tug handle for tugging and a muffled squeaker so they are quiet for the 2 leggeds among us but perfect for the sensitive ears of every dog!
SKU: kb-10001
Category: Dogs

6.5oz 8 In 1 ecotrition Vegetable & Nut Treat for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

ecotrition Veggie Nut Treat Blend adds essential variety with a nutritious and tantalizing blend containing garden fresh vegetables like carrots and wholesome nuts, including peanuts and almonds, to ensure your pet stays interested in its meal everyday.
SKU: eo-00573
Category: Small Pets

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