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5lb American Pet Diner Alfalfa Hay

Great tasting alfalfa hay with green leaf and stem. Feed for young, growing, breeding and extra protein needs. Feed to all hay eating pets.
SKU: ap-10052
Category: Small Pets

Jumbo Junglewood Dreamcatcher Bird Toy

The Junglewood Dreamcatcher Toy doubles as both a swing and a colorful decoration for your bird's home. Measures aprox. 10'' x 10'' and features colorful rops strands for visual stimulation and a sturdy perch for resting.
SKU: jumjundreamb
Category: Birds

4'' - 5'' Wowsers! Filled Bones with Real Meat

Wowsers! filled bones are stuffed with real meat, cheddar cheese and peanut butter. These stuffed, natural, sterilized bones are 4'' - 5'' in length and are packed with flavor and aroma.
SKU: 45wowfilbonw
Category: Dogs

Karen Pryor Clicker Training Pocket Extendable Tar

Teach tricks in minutes! Heel, come, follow, beg, spin, jump through hoop, tunnel, bridge, weave, go in and our of carrier or cage - it's all a breeze with the P.E.T. - the Pet Extendable Target. Targets are an essential part of clicker training. The target helps you show your pet new ways to earn clicks. Use the simple tips included with the P.E.T. and you'll be up and running in minutes. For medium and small dogs, ferrets, cats, hamsters, rabbits and birds.
SKU: ka-10007
Category: Dogs

Penn Plax 11'' Two Knot White Rope Bone

Rope bones serve a dual purpose for you and your dog. It acts both as a tug toy and a dental chew. In both cases you will enjoy a happier and healthier dog. The tough, non-toxic natural cotton blend strands act to floss between teeth and below the gum line helping to remove destructive plaque. Measures aprox. 11'' long.
SKU: pn-76056
Category: Dogs

Proud Paws Cat Up Pole Pet Frame

Show off your pet in this handsome picture frame. Measures 5'' x 6'' and has room for a 2 3/4'' x 4 1/4'' photo.
SKU: mf-23860
Category: Holiday

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