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4oz PPP Ear Cleaner with Eucalyptol

A highly effective preparation for routine ear cleaning. Recommended for ear odor and debris removal. Promotes healthy ear tissue. Aids in the prevention of mite infestation. For use on dogs, cats and puppies.
SKU: 4ozpppearcle
Category: Cats

3.5oz Vitakraft Loftys

Crispy pellets baked light and fluffy. Each bite is a crispy treat. Lofty's are a light and crispy treat your small pet will love. These pillow shaped morsels can be a delicious between meal snack or a compliment to your pet's daily diet. Lofty's are rich in natural grains and fortified with added minerals for your small animal's well being.
SKU: vk-20716
Category: Small Pets

Techno-Optics SearchSkope

The SearchSkope is designed to aid in the detection of skin parasites, irritations, and other animal skin ailments. An effective tool for both pet owners and veterinarians, the SearchSkope's adjustable, wide viewing lense, feathered comb, and high intensity lighting permits close examination of most pets and animals. Ideal for finding ticks, mites and identifying skin conditions.
SKU: tecsear
Category: Small Pets

Vista Pet Large Dog Nail Clipper

The Vista Large Dog Nail Clipper was designed for heavy jobs. The stainless steel blade ensures a long-lasting cutting edge. Comes with a removable safety stop.
SKU: vislardognai
Category: Dogs

Drinkwell Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. Cats, ferrets and small dogs love the free flowing fresh water the Drinkwell provides. The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is veterinarian designed and recommended by vet urinary specialists. It encourages water intake and proper hydration which makes pets healthier and is especially beneficial in cats with kidney or urinary tract disease. Features an adjustable flow rate, 6 cup bowl capacity, 6 foot electrical cord. charcoal filter to absorb unwanted tastes and odors, and can be expanded to hold an additional 6 cups of water by purchasing the optional refill accessory.
SKU: drinpetfoun
Category: Dogs

12oz Ectotherm Calcium Veg Twist

Calcium Veg Twist is a 100% all natural vegetable flavored calcium supplement. ?It provides the essential calcium while reducing the chalky taste. ?Calcium Veg Twist can be mixed or sprinkled with your animal's normal diet. Calcium has never tasted so good!
SKU: 12eccavegtw
Category: Other Pets

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