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8oz Brisky Prairie Dog Flea Spray

Brisky Flea Spray is a proven formula for Prairie Dogs over 6 weeks of age, pregnant or lactating females and older prairie dogs. Helps kill fleas and get rid of pesky mites and ticks. All natural and 100% biodegradable. A safe alternative to pesticides. Veterinarian approved.
SKU: by-00804
Category: Small Pets

PetSTEP II Folding Pet Safety Ramp

The PETStep II is easy to open and close plus it's lightweight - weighs only 18.5 pounds. Measures 70 inches long (35 inches folded) 18 inches wide with raised edges and can hold up to 500 lbs. Features include: Ribbed non-slip surface with unique rubberized coating safe for all pets Simply swing open and close in one second (no hardware or setup required) Safe for all pets and owners Safely holds any weight dog Reduces arthritis & dysplasia pain Lightweight (18.5 pounds) Floats in water, will not sink Portable (balanced ergonomic handles on both sides) No materials used that can trap odors (carpeting etc.) Universal non-slip grip fits all vehicles and edges Will not rust or corrode, washes with soap & water
SKU: petfolpetsaf1
Category: Dogs

Max 200 Plastic Weave Pole Bases For Stick-in-Ground Poles ? 4 Bases ? 21? spacing ? 3 positions/base

Max 200 Plastic Weave Pole Bases For Stick-in-Ground Poles ? 4 Bases ? 21? spacing ? 3 positions/base
SKU: mx-20044
Category: Dogs

Super Pet Corn Hamster Bites

Your pet's teeth constantly grow so they need hardwood to keep their incisor teeth trim and clean. Hamster Bites Corn are all natural wood chews that are perfect for Hamsters and even safe for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and other critters to chew. The package includes five veggie-shaped solid wood chews. Plus, each bite is individually drilled so they can slide right onto a Ka-bob chew and treat dispenser creating a skewer of savory snacks for your furry friend.
SKU: sp-61211
Category: Small Pets

Lixit Pet Caddy Compact

The perfect travel carrier for small animals and birds. The sturdy plastic design with secure lid has plenty of vents for cross ventilation and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Measures 19'' x 13'' x 9'' and comes in assorted colors.
SKU: lx-03270
Category: Birds

Petrodex Dental Care Kit for Dogs

This Dental Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy. Contains Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste with a special no-rinse formula, a Petrodex Toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles for gentle application and a Petrodex Finger Toothbrush to gently remove plaque and food debris.
SKU: pedecakitfor
Category: Dogs

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