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Large Junglewood Rope Swing Bird Toy

Give your bird a colorful swing that will also grab attention. The multicolored wood that surrounds the swing provides visual stimulation while still providing enough room for your bird to sit and relax. Measures 10'' x 10'' and comes with a sturdy mounting clip.
SKU: larjunropswi
Category: Birds

3lb ZuPreem AvianMaintenance Natural Diet for Large Parrots

ZuPreem AvianMaintenance? Diets are nutritious diets designed to meet all the accepted nutrient requirements for maintenance of various types of psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills). The diets are 100% nutritionally complete and require no supplements. With controlled iron levels (less than 80 ppm), this diet may be beneficial for species predisposed to iron storage disease.
SKU: 3lbzupavnatd
Category: Birds

2lb Kaytee Guinea Pig Food

Kaytee Forti-Diet Guinea Pig Food is a nutrient complete, pelleted diet specially formulated for all life stages with the guinea pig's special dietary requirements in mind. Supplies all the nutrients your pet needs including longer lasting stabilized vitamin C for your guinea pig's health.
SKU: kaypetprodgu
Category: Small Pets

Millers Forge Small Professional Slicker For Pets

This stiff wire bristled brush can be used to remove dead hair and tangles from your pet.
SKU: mf-453
Category: Cats

MIDWEST Homes for Pets Pro-Ex Pen

It's time to give your pet the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy! The PRO-EX pens are larger, 2 piece construction. PRO-EX is made with heavy duty galvanized wire and is equiped with wider panels. This pen was designed with the professional in mind. Size: 48 W x 36 1/2 H 6 panels with door Mesh 2 x 8 9/16'' Folds flat for convenient storage (46lbs) Easy set-up (no tools required)
SKU: midhomforpet23
Category: Dogs

3oz 8 In 1 UltraVite Vitamin Treats for Guinea Pigs

UltraVite Vitamin Treats for Guinea Pigs are a daily vitamin and mineral supplement in an easy-to-feed, great tasting treat. These treats are made from high-fiber alfalfa and fortified with vitamin C, something guinea pigs need but are unable to produce naturally. Given daily, this vitamin and mineral treat helps to ensure your pet's optimum nutrition and overall good health.
SKU: 3oz8in1ulvit
Category: Small Pets

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