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16oz Super Pet Outhouse Potty Litter

Super Pet's specially formulated Potty Litter is the perfect litter for use inside your Hamster Potty, CritterTrail Outhouse or Little John Litter Pan. Potty Litter is made from a safe all natural litter that is perfect for hamsters and gerbils. Potty Training your pet is ''E-Z'' when you take advantage of your small animal's natural instinct to eliminate in one area of their home.
SKU: sp-60582
Category: Small Pets

4oz Marshall Ferret Time Out Behavioral Spray

Stops ferrets, puppies, kittens and other small animals from destructive chewing, nipping and biting. Extremely bitter, but 100% safe and effective. Can be used on wood, furniture, skin, plants, etc. It has been used and recommended by veterinarians.
SKU: fs-187
Category: Small Pets

TheFerretStore.com Be-Bop Bouncer Cage Toy

Your ferret or cat will spend hours playing with the Be-Bop Bouncer! Just hang the toy from the top of any wire cage, or door knob, and watch your ferret swat and try to catch the fleece bell toy attached to a bouncy elastic strap. Made with plush, designer fleece on one side, and imitation lambswool on the other.
SKU: ferstorboun
Category: Ferrets

44lb Triple F Farms Ferret Diet

Triple F Farms Ferret Diet is a complete and balanced ferret diet for ferrets of all ages. Contains whole eggs to provide a silkier, shiny coat. The formula is highly digestible which reduces stool odor. Has a unique balance of protein and fat to keep your ferret fit and lean ensuring optimum health and longevity.
SKU: ff-10003
Category: Ferrets

Proctor & Gamble Swiffer

Now there is a totally new way to ged rid of everyday household soil. Swiffer's dry, disposable cloths use electrostatic action to pull particles and hair into the cloth, where the web of fibers traps them. Swiffer captures dirt, dust, crumbs and hair on contact, instead of just stirring them up. Each kit contains 1 Swiffer sweeper and 8 disposable cloths.
SKU: pg-001
Category: Cats

5lb 8 in 1 Pet Ultra Blend Gourmet Rabbit Food

Ultra Blend Gourmet Diet for Rabbits combines a superior blend of grains, fruits and vegetable pieces, whole nut pieces and seeds fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
SKU: g-984
Category: Small Pets

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