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Multipet Tonka Tug 'n Play Tire Pal

The Tonka Tug 'n Play Tire Pal features a textured rubber body for teething dogs and rope arms and legs for pull and tug play. Give the construction worker's head a squeeze to encourage added fun with the toy's squeaker. Measures 12'' tall.
SKU: mutotipal
Category: Dogs

2lb 8 In 1 ecotrition Essential Blend Rabbit Food

ecotrition Essential Blend Rabbit Food is a unique premium blend distinguished by nutrients found in your pet's natural habitat, the foundation for well balanced nutrition. These distinct environmental nutrients are blended into a gourmet mix of tantalizing seeds, wholesome nuts, tasty fruits and garden fresh vegetables. The combined result... a masterpiece formula that provides your pet with a delicious, balanced-by-nature diet for overall good health and well being.Fortified with Salad Supplement: In the wild, rabbits forage for large varieties of natural greens. These provide the nutrients necessary for maintaining optimum health and vitality. This complex set of nutrients, including essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, has been replicated in the ecotrition Salad Supplement to ensure your rabbit receives optimum balanced nutrition.
SKU: eo-02162
Category: Small Pets

2oz Tomlyn Biocaine for Dogs & Cats

Biocaine is a first aid lotion containing Lidocaine that stops pain while helping your pet's wounds heal. Can be applied to cuts, burns and abrasions. The bitter tasting Biocaine helps to discourage your pet from licking and chewing the irritated area.
SKU: 2oztombiocfo
Category: Dogs

Small Kong Bounzer Ball (2.5'')

Bounzer's unique shape + Kong's solid, natural rubber = a truly unbelievable bounce-sation! Irresistible and incredibly durable! Solid and puncture resistant.
SKU: smalkonbounb
Category: Dogs

3oz 8 In 1 Kittycare Hairball Remedy Treat

As cats groom themselves by licking their coats, loose hair is swallowed and gets caught in their digestive tract. KittyCare Hairball Remedy is scientifically formulated to help eliminate hairballs that interfere with a cat's normal digestion. Packed with a variety of irresistible mouth-watering ingredients, like real ocean fish, KittyCare Hairball Remedy is sure to become a favorite in your cat's daily grooming routine. Formulated with Omega 3 Fatty Acids for healthy skin and coat.
SKU: eo-00795
Category: Cats

S.A.M. Cyber-Space Module v7.0

The Cyber-Space Module is the environment that turns small animal care into child's play. The unique and colorful design is perfect for the computer-age pets! Features an open and airy design with secure access doors for easy access to your pet. Also includes a full second level, the super-quiet ''Search Engine'' wheel, and an easy to climb safety ladder. Measures 11 1/4'' x 9 1/2'' x 16 1/2''.
SKU: pn-00726
Category: Small Pets

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