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X-Large Kyjen Outward Hound Quick Release Dog Backpack

The Quick Release Dog Backpack with Removable Pack and Quick Release Leash Holder provides maximum comfort and convenience for your dog when hiking, camping or just on the go! This custom designed backpack is easy to remove or reattach during rest stops. The Pack attaches securely to harness with Velcro. The superior design features large storage pockets, extra strong nylon durability, and easy to access to pack's contents. Assorted colors. X-Large size fits pets over 80 lbs with a girth of 36'' - 48''. Backpack length is 15''.
SKU: kj-00603
Category: Dogs

3/pk MIDWEST Homes for Pets Small Animal Exercise Pen Add-On Panels

Expand your MIDWEST Small Animal Exercise Pen with this 3-pack of Add-On Panels. They easily attach to the Pen without the use of tools. You must have the MIDWEST Small Animal Exercise Pen in order to use these panels.
SKU: mw-10029add
Category: Small Pets

Figurine Cremation Urn

Preserve the memory of your pet with this lasting memorial handcrafted from American hardwoods and a beautiful ferret figurine affixed to the top of the urn. Each urn comes with a premium leaded brass plate bearing your personal inscription. Available in three choices of find wood. (Recommened 5-7 word limit on inscription)
SKU: tfs-310---maple
Category: Ferrets

Super Pet Gravity Bin Feeder

Gravity Bin Feeders hold up to two pounds of food giving your pets a five day food supply! Gravity Bin Feeders exclusive Snap-Lock bracket system attaches directly to any wire cage. Gravity Bin Feeders feature an unique, sifter floor design that eliminates pellet dust which helps prevent respiratory problems in small animals. Available in black, white, or assorted vibrant rainbow colors. Measures: 5.75''L x 5''W x 8''H
SKU: sp-61919
Category: Ferrets

3/pk 8 in 1 Pet Chinchilla Honey Cakes

Treat your pet to nutritious, nibbling fun with Party Cakes from 8 in 1. Made with just the right variety of tasty, nutritious ingredients, Party Cakes are perfect for delicious, snacking entertainment.
SKU: 8in1petprodc5
Category: Small Pets

Super Pet Small High Corner Litter Pan

Hi-Corner Litter Pan is our best selling original design! The Hi-Corner Litter pan is the perfect litter pan for ferrets and other pets. Yes, small animals can be litter trained. The Hi-Corner Litter Pan fits easily into small animal cages. It features elevated high corners to help accommodate messy back-ups, while also preventing messes and litter from scattering outside the cage. It is constructed of easy-to-clean, stain and odor resistant plastic. Measures 13.75''L x 10''W x 6.5''H. For Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Chinchillas, Unusual Pets.
SKU: sp-62143
Category: Small Pets

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