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  • Hammer And Dolly Set 8 Pieces
    Backing Pad Drill Adapter Mandrel For 1/4" Drill
    SHIMRIN Universal Pearls Silver White Quart
    Underhood Black Quart
    Oldsmobile SS2 SS3 Wheel Chrome 15x8
    Scraper Set 5 pc

  • Using The English Wheel Video
    Waterproof Toggl Switch On-Off Sngl Pole 20 Amp
    12 Circuit Universal Jeep Harness (1975-86)
    Buff Motor 1/3 hp With Cabinet
    SHIMRIN Neons Orange Quart
    2 1/16" 73E/8-12F Artic Wht fuel gauge red needle

  • Heavy Duty Bumpimg Hammer, Wood Handle
    2-5/8" 8000 rpm Black Tachometer(E)
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Chrome 16x8
    2 5/8" 240E/33FOhms Sport-Comp fuel level gauge(E)
    Universal Quick Disconnect w/ExhaustRelease
    Flap Disc 120grit 7in Dia 7/8in Hole Alum Zirconia

  • Square Hole Punch 1"
    2-1/16" Single Pod Civic/CRX 1988-91 (RHD)
    Gator Guard II Truck Bed Liner Kit
    Electric Cord Bracket
    1/8" Nylon Tubing up to 200 psi w/ferrulg (6ft)
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi oil press gauge(E) blk needle

  • Underhood Wire Loom Kit - Black
    2 1/16" 130-280`F Autogage water temp gauge (M)
    5" Body Sander High Speed
    Hotcoat Powder Grape Flake 8 oz
    Hammerite Paint Red 12 oz Aerosol
    Extrm Cond.Push Button Start Switch - Moment Strt

  • Monster T-Shirt (Child Medium)
    Buff Wheel 4" Yellow Treated Spiral Sewn 1/2" Hole
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Sport-Comp oil temp gauge(E)
    1968-69 Styled Wheel Mustang Torino Fairlane 14x6
    2 1/16" 0-15 psi Ultra-Lite fuel press gauge(M)
    Buff Wheel 8 Inch Spiral

  • Headliner-Dark Blue w/Adhesive
    3-3/8" 160 mph In-Dash Carbon Fiber Speedo(E)
    Polishing Ball 6" Round
    Cross-Peen Finishing Hammer, Fiberglass Handle
    Vehicle Cover Bag Multibond Gray
    2 1/16" 8-18v Artic White Voltmeter blk needle

  • 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" Tapered Buff w/Mandrel
    Buff Shop Kit And 1/3 hp Motor With Cabinet
    Diamondite Glass Cleaning System
    Abrasive Tapers 240 Grit Pack of 10
    Copper Tubing 6 ft. 1/4" diameter
    Full Cycle Cover Large Touring Motorcycles

  • Expander Wheel Band Finishing Belts Set Of 3
    ADHERETO- For Polyethylene's Only Quart
    FinishLine FLG-643 Kit
    Motorcycle Cable Lock 30in
    Exhaust Away Dual Exhaust
    Hotcoat Powder Stamped Steel 2 lb

  • 3-3/8" 0-100 psi Phantom oil press gauge(M)
    Liqui-Vac Oil Changing System
    System One Polish 1 Qt
    Motor Adaptor 5/8 Inch Left Hand Thread
    3-3/4" 8000 rpm Auto-Gage tachometer(E)
    Hotcoat Powder Anodized Red 2 lb

  • 1 Shot Paint Process Green 1/2 Pt
    Plastic fix tail Light Lens Repair Kit-Amber
    Chassis Black Gloss Aerosol 15 oz
    Plastic Casting Resin 28 oz Refill
    KOSMIC Urethane Components KU-500 Pint
    Mustang NOS Hide-A-Panel w/ Start Button 1987-97

  • 5" 8000 rpm extrnl shift-lite Auto-gage tach(E)
    2 5/8" 0-1600 psi Ultra-Lite NOS press gauge(E)
    1 Shot Pearlescent Metallic Blue Green 1/2 Pt
    Heat Shrink Tubing w/Adhesive.255" dia 10 pc 3"
    1/2" Dash Indicator Light-Blue
    RF Center Kit (5-hole Brushd for Grant) w/o Relays

  • Plastic Welding Kit Steinel
    Autogage Temp Gauge Sender
    Tubing Bender Heavy Duty
    2 1/16" 30InHg/15psi SprtCmp bst gauge w/memory(E)
    2 1/16" 0-150 psi Sport-Comp air press gauge(M)
    Buff Kit For Stainless Steel 8 Inch

  • 5" X 1/2" Clean And Strip Xt #92580
    Custom Lettering And Pinstriping Techniques Book
    BONZ II Curse of Skullmaster Series
    Spark Plug Wire Kit-Wiring Labels
    Drill Press V Block Fixture Center It
    60 Pc Sae/Metric Tap& Die Set W Drill/Tread Chart

  • Hotcoat Powder Fluorescent Orange 8 oz
    Garage Mat 7-1/2 X 18
    Mini Buff 1 "
    8 Switch Panel Non-Fuse Roll Bar(for 60148/ 60149)
    2 1/16" 60-0-60 amps Traditional Chrome Ammeter
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel - Large Bolt Pattern 15x7

  • Chrysler Magnum Style Wheel Chrome 14x7
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi Phantom oil press gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 8-18v Z-Series Voltmeter
    High Temp Silicone Plugs 1/8 - 1/4 10/pack
    Engine Block Off Kit- SBFORD with 2300 Holley
    Hotcoat Powder High Gloss Black 2 lb

  • Full Cycle Cover Deluxe Cruisers 1100cc to 1500cc
    Deep Reach Extensionfor TDC Whistle 14mm
    2 5/8" Carbon Fiber Mounting Cup for (M) gauges
    Flexible Shaft Replacement Hand Piece
    High Amp Alternator Shutdown Relay
    KOSMIC Kolor Thinners High Gloss Gallon

  • Brake Drum Coating Aerosol 15 oz
    Hotcoat Powder Translucent Grape 2 lb
    Trim Hammer
    Kevlar Hose Kit with -4AN fittings (36"-blue)
    File Holder Flexible With Mill Cut Body File
    KOSMIC Kolor Kandy Lime Gold Quart

  • Bead Roller Metal Working System With 6 Mandrels
    Hotcoat Powder Gloss White 2 lb
    2 1/16" 12v Quartz Clock Old Tyme Wht blk needle
    G2 ALU Styling Grille Kit Black
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Old Tyme Blk water temp gauge(E)
    Fireman Car Hose Nozzle

  • 6 Gallon Oil Drain w/Castors
    Green Rust Cutting Media 8 lb
    Nitrile Gloves Disposable Extra Large
    Undercoating Gun Plastic Bottle
    Air Tool Rack
    Dry Pearl Concentrate Mohave 2 oz

  • The Mutiple Template (Skullmaster Series)
    Cool-Tape 1 3/8"x 15' Roll
    Hotcoat Powder Translucent Gold 8 oz
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 16x7
    Buff Rake
    Panel Flanger Set Regular And X Wide

  • Replacement Economy Bowl And Lid Assembly
    Body Solder Kit Deluxe
    Auto Upholstery & Interior Book
    Trunk Paint Black Aqua Aerosol 12 oz
    Flanger/Punch Punch Replacement Part
    Power Probe

  • Abrasive Paper 50Pk 2 And 3/4 By 17 And 1/2 80Grit
    2 5/8" 120-240 F Sport-Comp water temp gauge(M)
    Oil Separator
    Bullseye Pick 20" Reach
    6' braided S Steel cyl head/spark plug probe kit
    Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit 71-74 Muncie 4 spd

  • Reducer Bushing M10x1.5mm
    Flapdisc Set Of Three 4.5 X 7/8 Inch80 Grit
    2-5/8" 4000 rpm Black Low-Rev Tachometer(E)
    Hotcoat Powder Light Magenta 2 lb
    GM Wheel Trim Ring 15x8
    SHIMRIN Designer Pearls Tangelo Quart

  • Monster Swivel Pick Up Magnet
    Glass Polishing Kit Pro
    Resistance Spot Welder Flat Tips
    OxiSolv Aluminum Cleaner 20 oz Spray
    Panel Clip Removal Pliers
    15 Gallon Blow Mold Blast Cabinet

  • 2 1/16" 240E/30F Old Tyme Wht fuel gauge blk ndle
    2 1/16" Oil/Water two gauge console(M)
    2 1/16" 0-1600 psi Sport-Comp NOS press gauge(E)
    Tubing Flaring Tool 1/2" Adapter
    Stainless Steel Bed Liner Strip System
    Cool Cover Air Tube Kit 36X14 wide

  • Strecher Replacement Jaws
    4 Switch NOS 3 Stage Rocker Switch Panel
    2 1/16" 30In/Hg 20 psi Carbon Fiber boost gauge(M)
    Slapping Spoon
    Deluxe Paint Chip Repair System
    Mityvac Test Kit

  • Wet Wedge Soft Block 5 inch
    Metal Blackening Sealer 1 Pt
    GFG-670 Plus Gravity Gun & Cup
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Lunar trans temp gauge(E)
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 17x8
    Expander Wheel Band 2 Of Each Grit Ten Total

  • Weld-In Adapter For 1/8" NPT
    Stitch Welder (Welding Rods Not Included)
    Flitz Clear Coat Gel Wax
    Kandy Koncentrates Lime Gold 8 oz
    Tig Wire 1/16 Inch Stainless 1 lb
    Magneto Shutdown Relay Kit

  • Doorskin Hammer Model #170G
    Replacement bulb and socket for 1 1/2" gauge
    Panel Flanger Extra Wide
    2 1/16" 30InHg/15 psi vac/boost blk needle(M)
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Phantom oil press gauge(E)
    Polo Shirt Black XX Large

  • Ice Pearl Concentrate Ice Violet 2 oz
    Sander Flexible Board
    Hotcoat Powder Rally Wheel Silver 8 oz
    Aluma Blast Paint Touch Up Pen
    Hotcoat 3-Tier Powder Rack
    1956 Chevy Wheel Center Cap

  • 42" Dominator Prybar
    Rally Wheel Prep To Paint Kit
    2 1/16" 0E/90F Artic White fuel gauge blk needle
    The Art Of Freehand Pinstriping Book
    Kosmic Glo Powder Green 4 oz
    Metal Blackening System

  • Vinyl Coat White Aerosol 13 oz
    3 3/4" 8000 rpm pedestal mount Phantom tachometer
    Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black - Pint
    Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 2 lb
    Nozzle Ceramic Set 5/16 Inch
    Abrasive Cylinders 320 Grit Pack of 10

  • Abrasive Tapers 80 Grit Pack of 10
    Lettering Quill #8 Brown
    Microfiber Cloth 3 pack
    Buff Kit 10 Inch For Stainless And Steel
    Coilspring Compressor Internal
    Cross-Chisel Hammer Wood Handle

  • 2-1/16" Air/Fuel Ratio C2 series gauge(E)
    Spray Gray Detail Paint Quart
    Dry Shine Tumbler Media 2 lb
    Gasket Cleaning Pad Replacement Mandrel
    Kosmic Pearl Blushing Red 2 oz
    Curved Slapper

  • Bullseye Pick 30" Reach
    Shrinking Body Dolly model #1058S
    Hotcoat Powder Standard Color Sample Kit
    Striping and Lettering Reducer Pint
    Engine Turning Kit 1/2" Diameter
    3 1/8"120 mph Old Tyme Black Speedo(M) blk needle

  • Patriotica Stencil Set (set of 4)
    2-1/16" Single Pod Nissan Skyline GTR 91-94 (RHD)
    Beverly Shear Model B1 Blades
    Aerosol Spray Can Shelves Holds 8 Cans
    Expander Wheel Band Trizact A30 700 Grit
    Replacement Battery For 4" Cordless Polisher

  • Final Finish System Sanding Discs Pack of 24
    EW Dekote Paint Stripper Aerosol 12 oz
    Pertronix Ignitor Mallory 37 series Unilite non/VA
    SS Gray Hi-Temp Coating 11.75oz. aerosol
    Plastic Welding Rods ABS
    Rectangular Hole Punch 21/32"x15/16"

  • Sweatshirt Forest Green XX Large
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Carbon Fiber oil press gauge(E)
    #0.5 Torch tip
    Spot And Stitch Welder Set With Rods
    Pertronix Ignitor Delco 55-56 Chevy V8 CW Rotation
    Set of Large and Small Ratch cut

  • Devilbiss Omx Hvlp Spray Gun Cup Liners 48 pc
    AudioTech Probe Electronic Stethescope
    Large English Wheel Quick Release
    Cirkit Boss Fuse Blk 3 Circ. 2 const hot
    Protect-A-Wire Silver 8 Cylinder kit

  • Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit,1963 GM T-10 4 spd
    Curved Extension (Cobra Torch)
    Heat Sheath Aluminized sleeving (sewn) 1" x 36
    Chevelle SS Wheel Trim Ring 14x7
    Brake Light Switch -Pressure
    Buccaneer Stencil Curse of Skullmaster Series

  • Muscle Gloss 2000 square foot system Red
    Minitemp With Laser Non Contact Thermometer
    2 5/8" 30InHg/20 psi boost Phantom boost gauge(M)
    Custom Trim Rocker Switch - Off-On - SPST - Amber
    Hobbyair 1 System 25Full Face Mask Lens Covers
    Round Mallet 2 3/4 inch diameter(Yellow)

  • SHIMRIN Kameleon Kolors Red to Gold Quart
    8 Switch Pro Street Panel
    GM HEI Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit (Black)
    Headliner - Black
    Hotcoat Powder Gold Vein 2 lb
    Mini Buff 1 1/2 in Yellow Treated

  • 2 1/16" 73/10 Ohms Phantom fuel level gauge(E)
    Expander Wheel Band 120 Grit Pack Of 5
    Magna Wire Electrode kit
    Mastering Skullmaster by Craig Fraser
    Hidden Tail Gate Latch Kit w/16" Straps
    Vinyl Eraser 3 1/2 Inch Diameter

  • Replacement/Add-On Shift-Lite Silver
    Cross Bar Paintless Dent Repair Kit
    2-5/8" 0-100psi Sport-Comp blower press gauge(M)
    Soft Copper Triangle
    Jetstroke Brush 1/4"
    Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 16x8

  • Protect-A-Boot & Wire Kit Silver 8 Cylinder
    Weatherproof Terminal Assortment Kit (67 pcs.)
    Stud Welder Shrinking Electrode Tip
    8 Switch Universal Roll Bar Mount
    KOSMIC Urethane Components KU-100 Pint
    2 1/16" 0-35 psi Carbon Fiber boost gauge(M)

  • 2 1/16" Oil/Water/Amp Autogage 3-gauge console (M)
    WonderWinder Electrical Cord Organizer
    2 1/16" 0-1600 psi Lunar nitrous press gauge(M)
    Nitrile Gloves Disposable Medium
    2 1/16"140-280 F Sprt-Comp trans oil temp gauge(M)
    2 5/8" 0-15 psi Phantom fuel press gauge w/isol(M)

  • B/O/P/Vette Distributor Tune-Up Kit (Red Cap)
    World Class Custom Coating Chip Chart
    Door Skin Removal Tool 10 mm wide
    1/8" NPT To 1/8" BSPT oil press Metric adapter
    Emission Harness (for Part #60194)
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Ultra-Lite oil press gauge(M)

  • Paint Mixing Cup Set 13 pc
    Dewalt 1000/3000RPM 7"& 9" Buffmaster Polisher
    High Temp Silicone Caps 0.500" 10/pack
    Round Hole Punches Set Of Four
    SHIMRIN Marblizer Red Red Quart
    7 Inch Cleaning / Stripping Disc System

  • Flat File Holder Adjustable
    Hotcoat Powder Silver Hi Temp 8 oz
    Chevelle SS Wheel - Powdercoat 15x10
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar 300 ZX 1990-96
    Beugler Pro Pinstriping Kit
    3M Hookit Film A35 Coarse Green 5" No Hole

  • 30" Mighty Brute Bending Brake
    Large Abrasive Blast Cabinet
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi Sport-Comp oil press gauge(M)
    SHIMRIN Universal Pearls Prism Pearl Green Quart
    Diamondite Sheild 5 oz Aerosol
    Magna Wire 16 gauge 1/2 Lb

  • Hanging Motor Procraft Kit
    Partial Chassis Restoration Kit Red Original
    Buff Shop With 3/4 hp Motor And Cabinet
    Angled Jaw Axial Locking Plier
    Expander Wheel
    Buff Taper For 1/4 Inch Drill Chucks

  • Tight Spot Grinding Kit With Cylinder Abrasives
    Hotcoat Powder Satin Black Hi Temp 8 oz
    Neutral Safety Backup Switch
    Bright Red Paint Touch Up Pen
    Hotcoat Bottle And Lid Replacement Set
    Carbide Burr SC3L Re 3/8X1X1/4 Dbl Round

  • Free Hand Stencil Template (FH-2SP)
    SHIMRIN Solid Color Bases White Quart
    Chevy/GMC Pickup Harness 63-66
    Buff Wheel Set Four 10 Inch Buffs 3/4 Hole
    Diamond Plate Trim 7.5in x 24ft Adhesiv Back
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Black Honda Civc 1992-95

  • Hotcoat Powder Hightech Color Sample Kit
    Facer Buff 2" Diameter w/1/4" Mandrel
    Inner Shaft for Pro Craft Bench-Top Motor
    Paint Prep And Clean Up Kit
    Small Switch Kit
    Hotcoat Powder Dk Grey/Battleship 8 oz

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