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  • EW Dekote Paint Stripper 55 Gallon
    Automotive Fiberglass Resin Galw/Hardener
    Plastic Filler Mixing Board
    Motor Adaptor 1/2 Inch Right Hand Thread
    3/8" NPT Red Aluminum Temp Adapter for Autogage
    Diamond Clear Satin For Bare Metal Aerosol 16 oz

  • 2 1/16" 30InHg./30 psi boost Phantom bst gauge(M)
    Trunk Paint Gray White Kit
    2 1/16" 1.0 Kg/Cm2 Sport-Comp fuel press gauge(M)
    Buick Rallye Wheel - Small Bolt Pattern 15x10
    4pc Stud Puller Set-Inch
    Stainless Steel Brush

  • Bench Top Cabinet Accessories Kit
    Blind Grip Panel Holders pack of 10
    Motor Adaptor 3/8 Inch Right Hand Thread
    Chassis And Running Gear Video
    1 Shot Pearlescent Paint Dark Magenta 1/2 Pt
    2 5/8" 30 InHg/20 psi Carbon Fiber boost gauge(M)

  • Heavy Duty Welding Blanket 4'x6'
    Hotcoat Powder Semigloss Black 8 oz
    Cirkit Boss Fuse Blk 3 Circ.TXL Wire- Sealed
    Drill Mount
    G2 ALU Styling Grille Kit Red
    2 5/8" 0-2000 psi liquid ProCmp brk press gauge(M)

  • Chevy Rally Wheel Paint Set
    2-1/16" 0-100 psi Ultra-Lite oil press gauge(E)
    Replacement 2 watt bulbs tor 2 5/8" gauges
    3 1/8" 7000 rpm Designer Blk tach(E) blk needle
    Cool-Tube Wire/Line Protector 1/2"x 15'
    2 5/8" Carbon Fiber Mounting Cup for (E) gauges

  • DOHC Locking Tool
    The Art Of Buffing Video
    SHIMRIN Designer Pearls Sunrise Quart
    Muscle Gloss 750 square foot system Red
    2 1/16" 140-280 F Z-Series oil temp gauge (M)
    Pinstriping Brush Size 1 Light

  • 2 1/16" 0-150 psi Phantom oil press gauge(M)
    1 Shot Paint Emerald Green 1/2 Pt
    GM Steering Column and Dimmer Switch Pigtails
    Gauge Wiring Harness for Mechanical Speedometer
    Metal Cutting Shear -Pneumatic 2,500 Strokes/Min
    Greaseless Compound 80 Grit

  • Steering Wheel Remover Lock Plate Compressor Set
    Pro-Lite press Sender 30 psi
    Harmonic Balancer Installer
    3 3/8" 8000 rpm Z-Series tachometer(E)
    3M 233 Plus 4 pc Masking Tape Kit Green
    2 5/8" 0-90 Ohms Pro-Comp fuel level gauge(E)

  • RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Yellow
    2 1/16" 73E/8-12F Golden Oldie fuel gauge blk ndle
    2 1/16" 12v Quartz Clock black needle
    Meguiar's Swirl Remover 16 oz
    Tear Drop Sander Kitset Of 2
    Binks M1G HVLP Gravity Spray Gun

  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt Medium
    Hotcoat Powder Bright Red 2 lb
    1964-66 Mustang Chassis Harness
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Lunar water temp gauge(E)
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted As Original 15x7
    Sweatshirt Forest Green Medium

  • Final Finish System 3 Inch Buffing Pad
    Color Outliner #2 1 1/8" Bristle
    Set of 3 Tree ShapedBobs
    2 5/8" 0-15 psi liquid ProComp fuel press gauge(M)
    2 5/8" 0-90 Ohms Phantom fuel level gauge(E)
    Hammerite Paint Gray 12 oz Aerosol

  • 2 1/16" 0-100 psi Ultra-Lite fuel press gauge(M)
    Flap Disc 60 Grit 4.5" Diameter 7/8" Hole
    Jetstroke Brushes Set Of 3
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Carbon Fiber oil press gauge(M)
    3 1/8" 120 mph Designer Black speedo(E)
    1968-69 Chrome Whl Mustang Torino Fairlane 14x7

  • 2 5/8" 120-240 F liquid Ultra-Lite water temp(M)
    Sheet Metal Gauge
    Hog Ring Pliers Bent Nose
    4 Switch Fused Panel with all wiring & hardware
    Vehicle Cover Bag Dustop Taupe
    2 1/16" 8-18v Artic White Voltmeter red needle

  • E-Z Pull Pipe Clamp
    2 1/16" 0-15 psi Z-Series oil press gauge (M)
    Small Tapered Reamer 1/8" to 1/2"
    KOSMIC Kolor Thinners Fast Dry Gallon
    Mustang Power Panel for '87-'93 (Toggle)
    Brake Caliper Coating System Purple

  • Sheet Metal Brake With Stand Combo
    Ultra Lite 2 Gauge Panel
    2 1/16" 7000 rpm Artic White Tach(E) red needle
    Medium Short Curved Pick
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted as original 16x8
    2 1/16" 0-30 in hg Sport-Comp vacuum gauge(M)

  • 12 Circuit 55-57 Chevy Harness
    Mini Pro-Lite Warning Light Silver
    2 Ton Tripod Stand
    Greaseless Compound 320 Grit
    3 3/4" 8000 rpm Sport-Comp mini tachometer(E)
    Autogage Oil press Gauge Sender

  • Automotive Stethoscope
    Strip Discs 4.5 Inch Pack Of 5
    Muscle Gloss 450 square feet system Red
    Radiator Relief 32 oz Bottle
    Gasket Cleaning Pads pack of 20
    Buff Wheel 4 Inch Spiral

  • 2 5/8" 0-7kg/cm2 psi Sport-Comp oil press gauge(M)
    Quick Set Rubber Mold Compound 1 Lb
    Detail Paint Set Of 3 Qrt
    Buff Wheel 10 Inch Sisal 3/4 Inch Hole
    Poly Brush Econo Pk.1 Ea. 1" 2" 3"
    Vise Mount Brake W/Accessory Die Kit

  • Blower Memory Kit
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Powdercoated 15x7
    Tumbler Media Screen W/ Bowl
    Lettering Quill #10 Gray
    Hotcoat Powder Arch. Bronze 10 lb
    Welding Projects Book

  • 2 1/16" Full sweep Ultra-Lite clock(E)
    Panel Holding System Compression Pliers
    2 1/16" 120-240 F Z-Series water temp gauge (M)
    3 1/8" 7000 rpm Old Tyme White Tach(E) blk needle
    94 Minute VHS Instructional Video
    Hotcoat Powder Mirror Black 8 oz

  • Soldering Tallow 1 lb
    Pinstriping Brush Size 3 Heavy
    Diamond Windshield Burr
    1/8" NPT To M12 X 1 oil press Metric adapter
    Hotcoat Accessories Kit
    Hotcoat Powder Cast Iron 2 lb

  • Nylon Washer Natural 3/16" ID 20/pk
    Trailer Door Cabinet 31"x26"x6"
    Sheet Metal Brake 36 Inch
    Hot Coat Bronze Metallic 8 oz
    Monkey On The Stick Body Alignment Tool
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi Carbon Fiber fuel press gauge(E)

  • Brake Caliper Coating System Silver
    3M 3/4 inch 233 plus Masking Tape Green
    Eastwood Diamond Clear 1 Pt
    Buff Wheel 10 Inch Sisal 1/2 Inch Hole
    Eastwood Wall Organizer 18"x16"x6"
    Buff Compound White Rouge 14 oz Tube

  • Muscle Gloss 600 square foot system Beige
    Expander Wheel Band Trizact A160 100 Grit
    1 Shot Paint Vermillion 1/2 Pt
    4 pc Video Set Instructional Powdercoating
    High Temperature Fiberglass Masking Tape 1/2"
    15 feet Racers Wire 10 Ga Red

  • Window Handle Removal Tool
    3/16"-10ft braided SSteel EGT typeK comp probe kit
    Sanders Set Of 2 Flexible Board And Half Sheet
    Aluminum Plug Wire Sheath 3/4"- 6" 4 pack
    Emission Harness (for Part #60193)

  • 1 Shot Paint Metallic Silver 1/2 Pt
    Large Garage Mat 7 1/2" x 20"
    Plastic Welding Rods Polypropylene
    Chrysler Road Wheel Mopar AMC 14x6
    Lincoln Mig Pak 10 with Mig Gas Hookup
    Hotcoat Powder Cast Iron 8 oz

  • Blast Media Glass Bead 50 lb
    Hotcoat Powder Chrome Smoke 2 lb
    Oxygen Sensor Kit For Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
    1 Shot Pearlescent Process Green Met 1/2 Pt
    1 Shot Pearlescent Dark Green Met 1/2 Pt
    Hotcoat Powder Ivory Stucco 5 lb

  • Braided SS Hose 6ft #4 3/16" fittings
    Tight Spot Grinding Kit With Taper Abrasives
    3/16 " Air Riveter
    Automotive Electrical Handbook
    2 5/8" 30 InHg/20 psi liquid Pro-Comp bst gauge(M)
    Engine Turning Kit 1" Diameter

  • Cross-Peen Finishing Hammer, Wood Handle
    2 1/16" 0-200 psi Z-Series oil press gauge(M)
    1965 Ford Styled Whl Mustang Fairlane Falcon 14x6
    Kwikure Epoxy Primer Chrom. Free Pt.A Quart
    Long Sleeve T-Shirt XX Large
    Detail Paint Set 3 Cans

  • Weld-In Adapter For (M) oil & trans gauges
    Tip Cleaner Set
    System One Kit W/ Dewalt Polisher
    2 5/8" 7 Kg/Cm2 Sport-Comp fuel press gauge(M)
    Working With Tubing Video
    Door Panel and Trim Removal Set of 3

  • Relay Base with Terminals
    Magnetic Soft Jaw Vice Pads
    Mechanical Pinstriping Kit
    2-1/16" 0-1600 F C2 series Pyrometer gauge(E)
    Hydrawipe Chamois Synthetic 3 square ft
    Magnetic Vise Jaw Pads w/Grooves

  • 2-1/16" Triple Pillar Honda Civic 1996-2000
    Blind Grip Holders 1/8" pack of 30
    DRY FLAKES Rainbo (1/64) 6 Ounce
    2 1/16" 140-300 F Carbon Fiber oil temp gauge (E)
    Rally II Wheel Paint kit 15 inch
    Detail Gray Paint Quart

  • Underhood Black Semi Gloss Aerosol 12 oz
    Magnetic Tool Tray Round 6" Diameter Stainless
    Restrictor Adapter for NOS and fuel press gauges
    6 Switch Fused Panel with all wiring & hardware
    Pertronix HEI Distrib Blk Cap Cast Finish Olds V8
    2 5/8" 0E/90FOhms Sport-Comp fuel level gauge (E)

  • 12 Circuit Chevy II & Nova Harness (66-67)
    Silver Hi-Temp Coating 11.75oz aerosol
    Round Mallet 3 1/4 inch diameter (Yellow
    Hotcoat Powder Gold Vein 8 oz
    Engine Primer 14.5 oz
    Vinyl Coat Landau Black Aerosol 13 oz

  • Bead Roller Bead Mandrel 1/4 inch
    Tintable Truck Bed Liner Kit
    Medium Abrasive Blast Cabinet
    Muscle Gloss 1050 square foot system Light Gray
    2 1/16" 0-90 Ohms Phantom fuel level gauge(E)
    2 1/16" 0-1600 F Ultra-Lite E.G.T gauge(E)

  • 2 5/8" Ultra-Lite Quartz clock
    Vehicle Cover Bag Tan Flannel
    Body Solder Stick 1/4 lb
    Preppin Weapon Sanding Block
    Mustang Power Panel for '79-'86 (Toggle)
    #97 HVLP Cap Assembly

  • 8 pc Fuel & Trans Line Disconnect Tool Set
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Z-Series fuel press gauge(M)
    Pro Rivet/Nut ThreadSetting Tool Kit Metric
    2 1/16" 73E/8-12F Old Tyme Wht fuel gauge blk ndle
    Radiator Fin Rake Large
    14 Circuit Bronco Harness (66-77)

  • Buff Motor 3/4 hp
    Soft Lifter Jack Pad
    Muscle Gloss 2000 square foot system Light Gray
    Pertronix Flame Thrower II 45000 Volt Coil Black
    Tumbler Media Bowl For Screen
    Jewelers Torch Tip #5

  • Mig Welding Gloves Flexible Leather
    Waterproof Universal Keyed Ignition Switch
    Almost Chrome 12 oz Aerosol
    Hotcoat Powder Translucent Blue 2 lb
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond White
    Spotweld Cutter Standard Replacement Set

  • Hotcoat Powder Copper Vein 5 lb
    Electroplating Anodes 2 Pack
    Moisture Separator
    3 1/8" 120 mph Artic White Speedo(M) blk needle
    8 Circuit Modular T-Bucket Harness
    Brake Spoon Bendiix

  • Eastwood Diamond Clear Gloss/Painted Surfaces
    2 5/8" 0-600 psi liquid Pro-Comp press gauge(M)
    Aluma Blast Paint Aerosol 12 oz
    2 1/16" 240E/30F Old Tyme Blk fuel gauge blk ndle
    2 1/16" 0-1600 F Sport-Comp E.G.T. gauge
    1 1/2" oil/water/amp Autogage 3 gauge console (M)

  • Charging System Shutdown Relay Kit
    Delco Alternator Pigtail
    Disposable In Line Air Filter
    Hotcoat Rebuild Kit
    1250 lb Non-Folding Engine stand
    Sili Kroil Aerosol 16.5 oz

  • Rotary Bench Shear
    2 1/16" 0E/90F Old Tyme Wht fuel gauge blk needle
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Subaru Impreza 1993-96 (RHD)
    Freedom Eagle (Vinyl Medium)
    Pit Road Speed Warning Light
    2 1/16" 2-Hole Black Aluminum Gauge Panel

  • Chrysler Rallye Wheel - Large Bolt Pattern 14x7
    1/8" NPT To M14 X 1.5 oil press Metric adapter
    Detailing Your Car Video
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel - Large Bolt Pattern 15x8
    Drill Nibbler Replacement Punch pack/2
    Sender/Fittings for (E) temp gauges

  • Fender Cover Eastwood
    Fade-A-Way 12oz Aerosol
    Tubing Flaring Tool 3/8" Adapter
    Hemmings Motor News Magazine 2 YR
    2 1/16" 0-150 psi Z-Series air press gauge(M)
    Complete Tailight Lens Repair Kit - Rd Amb Clr

  • Deluxe Stud Welder Dent Pulling System
    Abrasive Cylinders 80 Grit Pack Of 50
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 16x8
    Hot Coat Purple Metallic 8 oz
    Dash Duster
    2 1/16" 30InHg/30psi SprtCmp bst gauge w/memory(E)

  • Replacement Bulb #86
    Hot Shot
    Pro Plus Double Action Airbrush Kit
    Vinyl Window Polishing Kit Deluxe
    Collector Car Restoration Video Set
    460 Ford Long Block

  • Accept No Imitations T-Shirt Black Extra Large
    Teardrop Mallets Set Of Three
    Tubing Flaring Kit ISO Set
    Vehicle Cover Bag Polycotton Gray
    Buff Shop Kit 3/4 hp With Pedestal
    Dry Pearl Concentrate White Sparkle 2 oz

  • Custom Harley Cover Sportster Bikes
    2 1/16" 16E/158F Z-Series fuel level gauge(E)
    Cross Fire Injection Adapter
    High Temp Silicone Plugs 3/8 - 9/16 10/pack
    Mityvac Liquid Transfer Kit

  • Electroplating Brushes Set Of Three
    The Art Of Marblizing Video - House Of Kolor
    2 1/16" 140-280 F Ultra-Lite water temp gauge(M)
    2 5/8" 100-250 F Carbon Fiber water temp gauge(M)
    Reversed Door Panel Tool Removal Tool EWHinge Edge

  • 1 Shot Paint Chamois 1/2 Pt
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel - Small Bolt Pattern 14x6
    Engine Porting Kit
    ATD 7in 1000/3000 rpm Shop Polisher
    Wiring Harness-for use w/models ATM-9150/ATM-9160
    Full Chassis Restoration Kit Red Gloss Blk

  • Teardrop Mallet 2" (yellow)
    Lighted Button Head Bolts (2 pack) Red
    2 1/16" 73/10 Ohms Carbon Fiber fuel gauge(E)
    Buff Cone Tapered 2 Inch Felt
    Eastwood Buff Kit w/ 1/3 hp Motor & Econ Pedestal
    Economy HVLP Air Touch-Up Paint Gun

  • Touring Cycle Cover Large Touring Motorcycles
    Facer Buff 1" Diamter w/1/4" Mandrel
    17 pc 1/2 inch Dr Impact Ext & Int Torx Set
    Battery Tender Jr 6V
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Ultra-Nite water temp gauge(M)
    Silver Silicone Vacuum Hose Detailing Kit

  • Standard Manifold Smoothing Kit
    EW Dekote Paint Stripper 1 Gallon
    13 Ply Thick Buff 8x1/2 Sisal
    Stretcher With Handle
    Hotcoat Powder Safety Yellow 8 oz
    2 1/16" 12v Quartz Clk Old Tyme Black blk needle

  • 18 Circuit GM 2X4/4X4 Truck Wiring System (73-86)
    8 Switch Lightd Non-Fuse Rkr Swtch Panel w/ wiring
    10/pak Glue Sticks for Prof Dent Repair IR Kit
    Dry Ultra Mini Flakes Silver 3 oz
    EW 3/4HP Motor w/Pedestal
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000-03

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