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  • 2 5/8" 100-250 F Ultra-Lite trans temp gauge(E)
    2" x 15' Exhaust Wrap Short Roll
    Engine Block Off Kit-BBC with 4500 Holley
    Buff Kit For Stainless Steel 6 Inch
    4" Power Grip Vacuumcup
    Emission Harness (for Part #60207)

  • 4 Switch Nitrous Panel
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 15x6
    Dashboard Retaining Nut Tool
    Sata Mini Jet 3 HVLP 1.0Sr 150cc Cup Aluminum
    SHIMRIN Marblizer Neutral Quart
    Almost Chrome Paint Touch Up Pen

  • Muscle Gloss 450 square feet system Light Gray
    Chrysler Magnum Style Wheel Chrome 15x6
    Ultra Lite 2 Guage Panel w/ Fuel Light
    Stud Welder Trim Rivet Tip
    2 1/16" oil/water/volt Autogage 3gauge console(M)
    The Bike Builder: Motorcycle Forming Head

  • 12 Circuit ATO Fuse Center
    Cutter Die For Air Nibbler Model #1722
    Shrinker Replacement Jaws
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Ultra-Nite water temp gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 0-150 psi Sport-Comp oil press gauge(M)
    1965-66 Mustang Center Cap

  • Eastwood Engine Paint Hardener 2 oz for 1-Shot
    Drill Jigs Set Of Three
    Pocket Ref 768 Pages Auto Electrical Much More
    253 pc Tool Label Set
    Hard Copper Rectangle
    House Of Kolor Krator Eliminator

  • EZ Edger Tape Dispenser
    Eastwood 3/4 HP Buff Motor with Economy Pedestal
    Expander Wheel Band Coarse Finishing
    Curse of Skullmaster Stencil Set (set of 5)
    Accept No Imitations T-Shirt Black Medium
    Metal Wash 7 oz

  • 2-1/16" 100-340 F Ultra-Lite oil temp gauge(E)
    DRY FLAKES Lite Gold 6 Ounce
    Hotcoat Powder Pewter Wrinkle 5 lb
    Quick Mix Board
    Vise Mount Metal Brake
    Stud Welder Draw Pins 2.0mm bag/500

  • Pro Lite Temperature Switch 220 F
    Trim Anvil with Stand
    8PC 1/2inch Drive Wheel Nut Impact Socket Set
    The Bone Pro'S Rider Creeper
    Mustang Power Panel for '79-'86 (Rocker)
    Flameless Butane Heat Gun

  • Hotcoat Powder Midnight Blue Wrinkle 8 oz
    Stripe & Lettering Enamel White 4 oz
    Heat Sheath Aluminized Sleeving (Sewn) 3/4" x 36"
    Final Finish System Finger Tip Sanding Spool
    2-5/8" Black Mounting Cup for mechanical gauges
    Replacement Cutter for Rotary Shear

  • Partial Chassis Restoration Kit Blk Gloss
    Ice Pearl Concentrate Ice Red 2 oz
    Heat Screen Aluminized Radiant Matting 36"x 40"
    Pinstriping Brushes Set Of Six
    17 Piece Cleaning Brush Kit
    1/8" LED Dash Indicator Light-Amber

  • 2 1/16" 7000 rpm Antique Beige tach(E) blk needle
    How To Custom Paint And Graphics Book
    LED Amber Turn Signal (left or right arrow)
    Kwikure Epoxy Primer Surfacer 2.1 VOC Quart
    Flexible And Semi Rigid Sanding Block Kit
    2 5/8" 10000 rpm Sport-Comp Jr.Dragster tachometer

  • 2 1/16" 140-280 F Sport-Comp water temp gauge(M)
    5 3/4" LO Beam Round Xenon Headlamp Kit 60/55 W H4
    Mini Desiccant Dryer - 2 pack
    HotCoat Powder Stainless Steel Gray Hi-Temp 8oz
    Round Mallet 2 " diameter (yellow)
    SHIMRIN Graphic Kolors Chrome Yellow Quart

  • Beugler #73 Wheel 3/32" Wide
    RhynoFibe 5 in ResinDisc 25-Pak 36 Grit
    Brake Caliper Coating System Gold
    18 Circuit ATO Fuse Center
    Brake Caliper Coating System Blue
    Set of 3 Cone Bobs

  • 2-1/16" Single Pod Nissan 300 ZX 1990-96 (RHD)
    Electronic Ignition Video
    2 5/8"30InHg/30 psi Ultra-Lite boost gauge(E)
    Sander Half Sheet
    3" Radius Plannishing Hammer Die sz #4
    5-Finger Magna Wire Claw Puller

  • Hdlight Swtch Blk Knob-GM Style w/Dimmer & Dome
    Spotweld Drill 1/2 Inch Professional
    Electroplating Electrolyte Solution
    KOSMIC Kolor Solid Color Brite White-Poly Quart
    Fast Flames (Vinyl)
    2 5/8" 120-240 F Ultra-Lite water temp gauge(M)

  • 2-5/8" Voltmeter 10-16v Auto-Gage
    Hotcoat Powder Orange Yellow 2 lb
    1968-69 Chrome Whl Mustang Torino Fairlane 15x6
    Hotcoat Powder Mirror Black 2 lb
    10 pc. 4.5 in Mini Pliers Set
    Waterproof Switch Boot- Universal

  • Buff Wheel 10 Inch Canton 3/4 Inch Hole
    Wax and Grease Remover Gallon
    2 1/16" 8000 rpm Z-Series tachometer(E)
    Glyptal Red Brush On 1 qt
    KOSMIC Kolor Kandy Wild Cherry Quart
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Amer Plat water temp gauge (E)

  • Shock Absorber Tool
    3 1/8" 120 mph Old Tyme White speedo(E)
    Water Bug Wet Dry Sander Pneumatic
    Color Outliner #4 1 3/8" Bristle
    2 1/16" 30 In Hg Autogage Vacuum Gauge (M)
    Mini Radial Bristle Disc System

  • Dual Tone Air Horns Polished Chrome
    3 3/8" 120 mph in-dash Sport-Comp speedometer (M)
    Underhood Black Semi-Gloss Gallon
    Tubing Flaring Tool 1/4" Adapter
    1967 Shelby Original Magstar Style - Center Cap
    Vinyl Coat Burgundy Aerosol 13 oz

  • 5" 10000 rpm external shift-lite Lunar tach(E)
    2-5/8" 30 In/Hg Carbon Fiber vacuum gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 0/90 Designer Blk fuel gauge blk needle(E)
    Hotcoat Powder Appliance White 2 lb
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Toyota MR2 1990-96 (RHD)
    6 Switch Universal Roll Bar Mount

  • 2-5/8" 73E/8-12 Ohms Blk Auto-Gage fuel gauge(E)
    Go Jak 1,500 lb rolling Jack Set of 4
    Self Etching Primer Aerosol 16oz Green Zinc
    Playback Control Module-8 ft Wire w/connectors
    Military Spec Toggle Switch - Off-Momentary On
    Auto Paint Masking System

  • Headliner-Light Grayw/Adhesive
    Buffing Cabinet w/Shelves Gray
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Royal Blue
    In Line Spark Checker w/90 degree boot
    2 1/16" Lunar series air fuel ratio gauge (M)
    2 1/16" 30 InHg/30 psi Z-Series vac/boost gauge(M)

  • 2 1/16" 0-100 psi oil press gauge(E) blk needle
    Plastic Benchtop Cabinet Blaster
    Air Nibbler Model 1722
    Grease Fitting Caps Black pack/100
    Hotcoat Powder Red Wagon 8 oz
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Red

  • Rigid Plastic Repair Master Kit 3 Colors
    Jetstroke Brush 5/8"
    Tank Tone Metallic Coating Aerosol 13 oz
    Light Bulb cover Boots yellow (3pack)
    SHIMRIN Marblizer Gold Blue Quart

  • SHIMRIN Neons Red Quart
    Fiberglass Utility Pick Hammer
    Monster T-Shirt (Adult Small)
    Kameleon Pearl Sapphire-Limited Chg 2 oz
    Run Razor
    Pertronix 7mm Plug Wire Set 1960-73 BB Mopar V8

  • 2-3/4" 6000 rpm Auto-Gage mini-tachometer(E)
    Light Weight Wedge Dolly
    6in Radius Large English Wheel Anvil
    3 1/8"120 mph American Plat Speedo(M) blk needle
    2 5/8" 140-340 F Ultra-Lite water temp gauge(M)
    90 degree fitting for press gauges #4 S.S. line

  • Paint Strainer Set Fine Medium And Coarse
    SHIMRIN Graphic Kolors Molly Orange Quart
    Flexible Shaft Replacement Core
    Hotcoat Powder Gold 5 lb
    Flat Large English Wheel Anvil
    Brake Caliper/Drum Paint 16oz. Aerosol Red

  • Airbrush Template Pin Up Shield
    Roper Whitney Jr Punch Set
    Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit 57-62/64-65 T-10
    Sable Script Brush 3/4" Bristle #2
    Amer Platinum 5 pc Gauge Set Speedo(E) blk needles
    Vinyl Protector Caps 1/8 To 1 And 3/4 Inch 69 pc

  • 12pc Chisel & Punch Set
    Original Chassis Black Paint Gallon
    Sport Comp 2 Gauge Panel w/ Fuel Light
    Ultraflex Sanding Pad 120 grit - 10 pk
    Fluor Blue Silicone Vacuum Hose Detailing Kit
    Shake -N- Break

  • Infra Red Cure Systmw/Pro Hc Deluxe Kit
    #3 Torch Tip
    10 Gauge Red TXL Wire (25 ft.)
    2 1/16"100-250 F Sport-Comp trans temp gauge(E)
    Chevy Air Conditioning Harness 67-72 use w/#60050
    2 1/16" 0-200 psi Ultra-Lite oil press gauge(M)

  • 2 1/16" 0-30 psi Cobalt boost gauge(E)
    Pertronix HEI Distrib Blk Cap Mach Fin.SB/BB Chevy
    2 1/16" 0-60 psi Z-Series boost gauge(M)
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Super Duty 1999-2001
    Plastic fix tail Light Lens Repair Kit-Clear
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Powdercoated 15x6

  • Bodywork Repair Welding Video Volume 3 of 4
    Exhaust Paint Aluminum Color 10 ozAerosol
    Vinyl Protector Caps And Plugs Set 123 Pieces
    Instructional Video (Cobra Torch)
    2 1/16" 0-35 psi Ultra-Lite boost gauge(M)
    EW 10in Buff Shop Kit w/ 1.5HP Motor & Pedestal

  • Engine Paint Hemi Orange 16oz Aerosol
    Replacement Sender for short sweep(E) temp gauges
    2 1/16" 120-240 F Sport-Comp water temp gauge(M)
    #0 Torch Tip
    Autoxray E-Z PC500 Computer Interface Applicatio
    The Ultimate Hose Nozzle

  • KOSMIC Kolor Components Fast Reducer Quart
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Z-Series trans temp gauge(E)
    Magna Clamp
    Pitman Arm Puller
    Scotchcal Paint Protector And Applicator
    Hi-Temp Lab Metal 24 oz

  • Assorted Mini-Decals
    2 5/8" 60-140 C Ultra-Lite Water temp gauge(M)
    2" Oil/Water Autogage two gaugedonsole (M)
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Blk Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-98
    2 1/16" 0-14kg/cm2 psi Sprt-Cmp oil press gauge(M)
    Eastwood 1/3 HP Buff Motor

  • 4 1/2" Cleaning / Stripping Disc System
    Pertronix Ignitor Kit Delco 6 Cylinder 54-62 Chvy
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Antq Beige oil press gauge(E)
    Cycle Paint Stands
    Mini Nibbler
    Bullseye Pick Replacement Tip Standard

  • Buff Wheel 10 Inch Spiral
    Chrysler Magnum Style Wheel Chrome 16x7
    RF Control Key Fob
    Buff Motor 3/4 hp With Cabinet 1800 Rpm
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Circle Track Graphite
    2 1/16" Boost-Vac 30InHg/30 psi press gauge (M)

  • 2 1/16" 100-250 F Old Tyme Wht water temp gauge(E)
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 15x6
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Cobalt fuel press gauge(E)
    Buff Wheel 10" Yellow Ventilated 3/4" Hole
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Chrome 16x7
    Plastic Welding Kit

  • 3M 2 inch 233 Plus Masking Tape Green
    #9 Single Edge Razor Blades box/100
    3-3/8" 80 mph Z-Series Speedometer (M)
    80 Grit Sandpaper Roll 2.75 inch x 32ft 9inch PSA
    Panelbeater Sandbag And Teardrop Mallet Kit
    Universal Engine Dolly

  • Replacement Nozzles And Electrodes Nu-Tecsys
    Cotton/Terry Bonnets- Set/3
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Chrome oil press Gauge (M)
    Master Rethreading Set Of 40 pc
    Buick Rallye Wheel - Small Bolt Pattern 14x6
    Cross Chisel Shrinking Hammer Model 153S

  • Buff Shop Kit 1/3 hp With Pedestal
    Kosmic Glo Powder Yellow Green 4 oz
    Engine Paint Chevy Orange Aerosol 12 oz
    3 1/8" 7000 rpm Old Tyme Black Tach(E) blk needle
    System One Pro Kit
    Metal Prep And Rust Repair Video

  • 8 Switch Panel Non-Fuse Dash(for 60148/ 60149)
    Headlight Relay Kit (99 & up)
    2-5/8" 5000 rpm Diesel Mini Tachometer(E)
    Cool-Tube Wire/Line Protector 3/4"x 15'
    Hotcoat Powder Mirror Yellow 8 oz
    Poly-X, Paint & RustRemoval Disc 7in Cup

  • Aluma Blast Detail Paint Quart
    Full Cycle Cover Motorcycles up to 750cc
    Radiator Black 12 oz Satin Finish
    Economy Vibratory Tumbler -Tumbler Only
    Buff Wheel 6 Inch Canton 1/2 Inch Hole
    2 1/16" 140-340 F Sport-Cmp oil tank temp gauge(M)

  • 2 1/16" 12v Quartz Clock red needle
    3M Hookit Film A10 Medium Blue 5" Diam.
    3 pc Stainless Steel bolstered Scraper Set
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Honda Civic 1996-98 (RHD)
    55 Pc Specialist PDR US Dentool Tool Set
    Hotcoat Powder Ford Light Blue 2 lb

  • Glass Master - Complete Unit
    Drive Tip-.152 Diameter Tip for ATM-5260 Sender
    1 Shot Paint Medium Brown 1/2 Pt
    2 1/16" 0-35 psi Z-Series boost gauge(M)
    1" x 15' Exahust Wrap Short Roll
    Short Sleeve T-Shirt Medium

  • Lab Metal Tube 20 oz
    Silver High Temp Coating Kit
    Replacement Memory Rotary Switch Assembly Only
    Plug-in style Hall Effect 16 PPR speedo sender
    Universal Fuel Level Sender
    Second Strike Ignition Box

  • Twist Hammer
    Flitz Metal Polish Plastic Bottle 8.5 oz
    2-1/16" 0-100 psi C2 series oil press gauge(E)
    Nylon Tubing 12ft. 1/8" diameter
    Buff Wheel Set Four 8 Inch Buffs
    Brake Line Tubing 25' 1/4" Dia. w/Asst Fittings

  • 2 1/16" 240E/30F Antq Beige fuel gauge blk ndl(E)
    Lite' N Boltz Satin (2 pack)
    Spatula Set
    3 1/8" 7000 rpm Golden Oldies Tach(E) blk needle
    Combo Buffing Kit Double Wide Stainless Steel
    Deluxe Mig Welding Starter Kit

  • 4 pc Paintless Dent Repair Kit
    3 1/8" 7000 rpm Antique Beige Tacho(E) blk needle
    Flex Shaft And Drill Mount Combo Kit
    Cool-Tube 1/2" I.D. x 3'
    Fuel Injection & Ignition Spark Test Kit
    Chevelle SS Wheel - Powdercoat 16x8

  • 1-1/2" 130-280 F Autogage water temp gauge (M)
    Raycrete Patch-Pack
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Ultra-Lite oil temp gauge(E)
    3/16"-6 ft.braided SSteel Street Series Probe Kit
    Nut Splitter 9/16" to 1 1/8"
    Expander Wheel Band Trizact A45 400 Grit

  • 2 1/16" 30 InHg/15 psi Ultra-Lite boost gauge(E)
    2 1/16" 240E/33F Z-Series fuel level gauge(E)
    Hotcoat Powder Gray Wrinkle 8 oz
    Pro Gun 2 lb Hopper Retro-Fit Kit
    Expander Wheel Band 320 Grit Pack of 5
    2 1/16" 1979-93 Mustang black dual gauge pod

  • KOSMIC Urethane Components KU-190 Pint
    Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 14x6
    Trim Paint Satin Black Aerosol
    Muscle Gloss 450 square feet system Beige
    2 1/16" 10-16v Autogage Voltmeter
    Sweatshirt Forest Green Extra Large

  • Vehicle Speed Sensor (MAP TPI)
    Vehicle Cover Bag Weathershield Taupe
    Heat And Sound Insulating Material
    Hole Saw Set (5) pc
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Lunar fuel press gauge (E)
    EW 10in Buff Shop Kit w/ 1.5HP Motor

  • 2 5/8" 140-340 F Sport-Comp cyl.head temp gauge(E)
    Shrinker Stretcher Combo Kit With Instructions
    2 1/16" 0E/90Fohm Lunar fuel level gauge (M)
    2 1/16" 0E/90F Artic White fuel gauge red needle
    Cutter Punch For Airnibbler Model 1722
    Nylon Washer Natural 1/4" ID 20/pk

  • Resistance Spot Welder 12 Inch Tongs
    Courtesy Light Kit
    High Temp Silicone Coating (Aluminum) 12 oz Can
    2 5/8" 100-250 F Phantom water temp gauge(E)
    Heel Body Dolly
    Economy HVLP Spray Paint Gun

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