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  • RaceDeck Floor Tile Circle Track Purple
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Antq Beige water temp gauge(E)
    Body And Paint Video Set Of 3
    Buff Wheel 6 Inch String 3/4 Inch Hole
    Eastwood 10in Buff Shop Kit with 3/4HP EW Motor
    Kevlar Hose Kit with -4AN fittings (48"-blue)

  • Alumiweld Deluxe Kit
    Chrysler Magnum Style Wheel Chrome 15x7
    Replacement Sender for 80 psi Oil Press Gauge
    Chevy Police Wheel Center Cap
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 15x7
    1967 Mustang Center Cap

  • 2 1/16" 0-200 psi Sport-Comp oil press gauge(M)
    Kameleon Pearl Green to Blue 2 oz
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 14x7
    Freehand Lettering Book
    Mobile Body Bench For Powder Coating
    1965 Ford Styled Whl Mustang Fairlane Falcon 14x7

  • 2 1/16" 0-100 psi Lunar oil press gauge (M)
    Nite & Day Stencil
    Pontiac Rallye 1 Wheel Trim Ring for 15x8
    45 Degree Elliptical Stencil Template
    Stripe & Lettering Enamel Orange 4 oz
    Abrasive Tapers 80 Grit Pack Of 50

  • 1 1/2" 0-60 psi Sport-Comp blk face presure gauge
    Dry Ultra Mini Flakes Gold 3 oz
    Buff Wheel 10" SisalTreated 1/2" Hole
    Brake Caliper Bit Set
    Mopar Road Wheel/Magnum Center Cap - Reproduction
    2-1/16" 0-1600 F Carbon Fiber Pyrometer gauge(E)

  • Oldsmobile SS2 SS3 Wheel Chrome 15x7
    Flapdisc 60 Grit
    AIRBRUSH SET BCS w/compressor
    45 Degree Double Flaring Tool
    Carbon Fiber Welding Blanket 4'x5'
    Oxisolv S.S. & Fiberglass Cleaner 20 oz Spray

  • 6" Final Finishing Orbital Sander Pneumtic
    2 1/16" 12v Quartz Clock red needle
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Lunar oil press gauge (E)
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Powdercoated 15x8
    3' Shift Lite Extension wire with connectors
    Jamb Tac Four Contact Wireless Connector

  • Muscle Gloss 750 square foot system Beige
    Chevy/Caddy HEI Distributor Tune Up Kit Red Cap
    Eastwood English Wheel Component Kit
    Vero Shields (The Set)
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Trim Ring 14x7
    Beugler #304 Wheel 5/16" Wide

  • Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Center Cap - Red Background
    General Purpose Pick Hammer Model 158G
    Heavy Duty Bumping Hammer, Fiberglass Handle
    1 Shot Reducer High Temp Quart
    Manual Trans Rebuild Kit 64-73 Ford Top Load 4 spd
    Panel Holding Systemc-Panel Holder Set Of 2

  • Flexible Shaft Motorwith Cord 1/3 hp
    Chevelle SS Wheel - Chrome 16x7
    Pertronix Flame Thrower 40000 Volt Coil Chrome
    Voo Doo Stencil Curse of Skullmaster Series
    Replacement bulb (4.9 watt)
    2 5/8" 120-240 F Ultra-Nite water temp gauge(M)

  • Blocking And Smoothing Techniques Video
    Welding Aid Tri-Pak
    Hotcoat Powder Off White 2 lb
    Reducer Bushing M10x1.25mm
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Sport-Comp oil temp gauge(M)
    Hi-Speed Sander w/ Regulator 20,000 rpm

  • Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 17x8
    Buff Shop Kit 3/4 hp With Pedestal 1800 Rpm
    1969-70 Mercury Cougar Wheel Center Cap
    Buff Wheel 4 Inch Canton 1/2 Inch Hole
    11 pc Adjustable Reamer Set
    Vinyl Coat Clear Low Luster Aerosol 12 oz

  • 454 Chevy Long Block
    Paint and Body Video Set of 4
    Custom Harley Cover Bikes w/o Windshield
    Paint Your Own Car Video
    High Temp Masking Tape Kit 6 Rolls Blue
    Legendary Mopars VHS

  • Golden Cad Kit
    2-3/4" 8000 rpm Auto-Gage mini-tachometer(E)
    2-5/8" 0-60 psi Phantom blower press gauge(M)
    2 5/8" 73E/8-12FOhms Sprt-Comp fuel level gauge(E)
    Hobbyair I System Full Face Mask
    Flitz Polishing Kit 8.5oz. Liquid&Polishball

  • Battery Tray Coating And 2 Battery Mats
    High Output Alternator Wire with boot
    3 1/8" 120 mph American Platinum program speedo(E)
    Offset Straight Aviation Snip
    Face Shield With Ratcheting Headgear
    Top & Side Door Opening Blast Cabinet 24x36x24

  • High Temp Silicone Plugs 3/4 - 1" 10/pack
    Hot Shot Plus with engine bump switch
    Buff Kit For Aluminum And Brass 6 Inch
    Variable Height Tool Stand
    Cleaning Wheel Kit 3 Discs And Mandrel
    Citation with Gravity Feed Gun Hood Halfmask

  • RaceDeck Floor Tile Free Flow Graphite
    2 1/16" 240E/33F Artic White fuel gauge red needle
    2 5/8" 100-250 F Pro-Comp trans temp gauge(E)
    1 Shot Pearlescent Reflex Blue Met 1/2 Pt
    1967-8 Mercury Cougar Styled Steel Wheel 14x6
    3-3/4" 8000 rpm Auto-Gage tachometer(E)

  • 2 1/16" 73E/8-12F Design Blk fuel gauge red needle
    Flitz Metal Polish 1 Kg Can
    Hdlight Swtch-Alum Knob w/Dimmer(no dome cntrl)
    5-pc Grounding Accessory Kit
    Replacement 1/4"-1/8" Probe Fitting
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Carbon Fiber trans temp gauge(M)

  • SHIMRIN Designer Pearls Sunset Quart
    Deluxe Welding Cart
    Kameleon Pearl Copper Red to Green 2 oz
    2-1/16" Triple Dash Pod Beetle 1998-2000
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Old Tyme Blk oil press gauge(E)
    Battery Cable Kit

  • Sport Comp 2 Gauge Panel
    Engine Lift Brackets One Pair
    Small Chevy Long Block
    Muscle Gloss 1050 square foot system Blue
    3" Orbital Sander Kit 15,000 rpm
    Reproduction Mustang Magnum 500 Center Cap

  • Mini Anvil And Trim Hammer Set
    18 Circuit 67 & 68 Camaro & Firebird Harness
    Heavy Duty Slide Hammer
    1 1/2" oil/water/volt Autogage 3 gauge console(M)
    2 1/16" 8-18V Sport-Comp voltmeter
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Toyota Supra 1993-96 (RHD)

  • Clear Coat Repair System
    Kustom Painting Secrets-VHS
    Sander Medium 9 1/16" Long
    2-5/8" Chrome Mounting Cup for mechanical gauges
    Dry Pearl Concentrate Glint Gold 2 oz
    Board Sander Kit Set Of Three

  • Auto Dark American Eagle Welding Helmet
    Protect-A-Wire Black 2 Cylinder kit
    Liquid Electrical Tape White 4 oz
    Headliner-Light Bluew/Adhesive
    2 5/8" 0-1.0Kg Sprt-Cmp fuel press gauge w/is(M)
    3 pc Nylon Wedges 30/60mm Wedge dismount Tool

  • Factory Gray High Temp Coating Kit
    Hardware Basket For Abrasive Blasting
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi Carbon Fibr fuel press gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Trad Chrome oil press gauge(E)
    3M Auto Glass Resealent 10.5 fl oz
    The Angle Master (Freehand Airbrush Template)

  • Transmission Rebuild Video GM 440 T4
    2 1/16" 30 in./HG 20 psi Ultra-Lite boost gauge(M)
    Mini California Car Duster
    7 pc. Adjustable Reamer Set
    Color Outliners Set Of Three
    Zinc Phosphate Aerosol 12 oz

  • 2 1/16" 0-15 psi Sport-Comp Fuel press gauge(M)
    Custom Harley Cover Full Dress Tourers
    2-5/8" 100-250 F Sport-Comp oil temp gauge(E)
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi liquid Ultra-Lite oil press (M)
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Eclipse 1990-94 Carbon Fiber
    4" Jacket Patch

  • 1967 Shelby Original Magstar Style Wheel 15x7
    Hotcoat Powder Iridescent Indigo 8 oz
    Emission Harness (for Part #60206)
    2 3/4" 0-100 psi Monstr ProCmp oil press gauge(M)
    1967-70 Mercury Cougar Wheel Trim Ring
    2 1/16" Dual Gauge Pod Dodge Ram 86-93

  • Muscle Gloss 750 square foot system Dark Gray
    SHIMRIN Black Pearls Cortez Blue Quart
    Rolling Car Jack 1250 lb set of 4
    Eastwood 6in Buff Shop Kit with 1/3HP EW Motor
    2-5/8" 8000 rpm Chrome Tachometer(E)
    Brake Caliper Coating System White

  • Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 16x7
    All Purpose Area Shelves 32"x6"x6"
    Chrystal Tack Rags box/12
    Bead Roller Metal Working System Basic
    High Temp Silicone Caps 0.140" 10/pack
    KOSMIC Urethane Components KU-150 Half Pint

  • Kustom Flame Trick & Techniques
    Dual-Foam Eastwood Mechanics Mat 1 PACK
    2 5/8" Triple Gauge cage Ultra Lite Mustang 87-93
    Hog Rings - Pack of 100
    Hotcoat Powder Mirror Red 8 oz
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 14x7

  • Hotcoat Powder J.D.Green 8 oz
    Replacement Bulb & Twist-In socket #86
    Touch Up Spray Gun
    Air Operated File
    1/8" Airbrush Hose 10' with moisture separator
    SHIMRIN Pastels with Pizzazz Pod Green Quart

  • 2 1/16" 0E/30F American Plat fuel gauge blk ndl(E)
    Light Bulb cover Boots red (3pack)
    Muscle Gloss 450 square feet system Blue
    rpm Activated Module 12-16 Volt
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted As Original 16x7
    The Essential Seven Stencil Set

  • 2 1/16" 0-1600 psi Phantom NOS press gauge(M)
    Drill Jig For Nuts
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Phantom trans temp gauge(M)
    Nylon Mesh Bonnets - Set/3
    Expander Wheel Kit Includes 1 Band Of Each Grit
    2 1/16" 0E/90F Old Tyme Blk fuel gauge blk needle

  • Seat Belt 74 inch Blue w/Hardware ChromeLift Latch
    Buff Wheel 8" Yellow Treated Spiral Sewn 1/2" Hole
    2 5/8" 0-1600 psi Sport-Comp NOS press gauge(E)
    2 1/16" 120-240 F Phantom water temp gauge(M)
    Long Curved Body Spoon Model #1054
    SHIMRIN Solid Color Bases Black Quart

  • GM 1992-95 Vortec V6 Fuel Injection Harness (CMFI)
    2 5/8" 0-150 psi Sport-Comp oil press gauge(M)
    Kevlar Hose Kit with -4AN fittings (24"-blue)
    Greaseless Compound 220 Grit
    1 Shot Paint Lemon Yellow 1/2 Pt
    One Shot Paint Set Of 43 Colors

  • 2 1/16" oil/water/amp Autogage 3 gauge console(M)
    Motorcycle Gas Tanks - Part I & II 2 Tape VHS Set
    Emission Harness (for Part #60205)
    8" Vinyl Logos Wht (Pair)
    Impact Driver
    2-1/16" 30Inhg/30 psi C2 vacuum/boost gauge(E)

  • 2-1/16" 100-260 F C2 series water temp gauge(E)
    Professional Paintless Dent Repair Kit
    Pertronix Ignitor Kit 1957-74 Ford V8
    Touring Cycle Cover Motorcycles up to 750cc
    Pertronix Ignitor II Kit 1957-74 Motorcraft V8
    Satin Black High Temp Coating Kit

  • Battery Extender 12v
    Lighted Button Head Bolts (2 pack) White
    Tig Wire 1/16 Inch Aluminum
    5/pk 24 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377
    2 1/16" Clock Traditional Chrome 12v
    12 Circuit Jeep Harness ('75 & later)

  • SHIMRIN Neons Pink Quart
    Gas Tank Sealer Kit For Cars
    2 1/16" 30 in./HG 30 psi Ultra-Lite boost gauge(M)
    1/4"x36 Yd Plastic Tape Blue Custom Art
    2 1/16" 60 cm/Hg2.1Kg/Cm2 bst/vac gauge(M)
    Bloxide Weldable Primer - Aerosols

  • Buff Bob Mini Cylinder Assortment
    Hotrodding Small Block Chevy Video
    Auto Dark Flame Welding Helmet
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Auto-Gage oil press Add-On-Panel
    Axial Locking Plier Set
    Flexible Shaft Medium 52" Long

  • Fiberglass Dinging Hammer
    Hotcoat Powder Translucent Grape 5 lb
    Citation with Bottom Feed Gun, Half Mask Hood
    Replacement Sender for 100 psi Oil Press Gauge
    Safety Wire.020" 1 lb spool

  • 8 Switch Fused Panel with all wiring & hardware
    Acorn Lite' N Boltz Polished (2 pack)
    Buff Shop Kit 8 Inch Wheels
    Expander Wheel Band 220 Grit Pack Of 5
    Mustang NOS Hide-A-Panel for '87-'97 (Rocker)
    Painted Nib File Curved

  • 1939 Ford LED Tail Light
    Benchtop Polishing Motor w/Flex Shaft
    Beginning Powder Coater's Handbook
    Bead Roller Deep Flange Mandrel 1/8 inch
    10 inch Heavy Duty End Nipper
    Dry Mini Flakes Silver 6 oz

  • Steering Wheel Holder & Pedal Depressor
    California Water Blade
    Exhaust Away Single Exhaust
    2 1/16" 30InHg./30 psi memory Phantom bst gauge(E)
    Swivel- V Hook
    2 5/8" 0-7 bars Sport-Comp oil press gauge(E)

  • 2 1/16" 60-140 C Sport-Comp oil temp gauge(M)
    2-5/8" 0-15 psi blk Auto-Gage fuel press gauge(M)
    3-3/4" 8000 rpm Auto-Gage tachometer(E)
    4" Cordless Rechargeable Polisher Kit
    Carbide Burr GL3L6 Tapered Cone 3/8 EndRadius
    1968-69 Styled Steel Trim Ring For 14x6

  • Flarmaster Brake Flaring Tool Sae/Metric
    120 Grit Sandpaper Roll 2 3/4" X 32'9" PSA
    3 1/8"120 mph Old Tyme White Speedo(M) blk needle
    Cold Galvanizing Compound Aerosol 14 oz
    Bullet Ridden Stencil
    Headliner Light Gray

  • 2 1/16" 60-0-60 Amps Autogage Am gauge (E)
    Replac Sender for full sweep (E) low temp gages
    House of Kolor Accelerator Half Pint
    3/8" Reversible Air Drill
    Doorskin Installer 2" Replacement Jaw
    SHIMRIN Black Pearls Dark Turk Quart

  • KO-Seal II Primer Sealer White Gallon
    SHIMRIN Solid Color Bases White Gallon
    Light Duty Toe Dolly
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Chrome 14x6
    High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4"x2 3/4"
    Pertronix Ignitor Kit 49-53 Ford 8 Cyl.6Volt + Grn

  • 5000-5800 rpm Pro Shift Kit
    560 pc Cotter Pin Assortment
    Auto Probe Portable Infrared Thermometer
    Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel Center Cap - OEM
    1968-69 Styled Steel Center Cap - Gt Emblem
    800 Grit Sandpaper Roll 2 3/4" X 32'9" PSA

  • 1965 Ford Styled Whl Mustang Fairlane Falcon 15x8
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted - 17x8
    2 1/16" 8-18v Old Tyme White Voltmeter blk needle
    Engine Paint GM Gloss Black Aerosol 12 oz
    Full Top Side Door Opening Blast Cab 26x48x26 D/C
    Mini Buff 1" Yellow Treated

  • Panel Alignment Gauge
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Old Tyme Wht oil press gauge(E)
    Dent Killer
    Lettering Quills Set Of 3 Brown
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Powdercoated 14x7

  • 4pc 12inch head T-Dolly Set
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Ultra-Lite water temp gauge(M)
    GM Alternator Pig Tail (Late Style)
    Small Welding Jig
    18 Circuit Streetrod Harness GM Column
    1/2" Brass NPT Temp Adapter

  • Iridescent Colors Sample Kit
    Eastwood 3/4 HP Buff Motor Long Shaft
    Resistance Spot Welder 18 Inch Tongs
    3/8 inch Convert-a- Chuck
    HCP Small Benchtop Powder Booth And Stand
    Mig Welder Aluminum Conversion Kit

  • Illuminated Inspection Mirror
    Universal Turbo Insulation Kit
    2 5/8" 0-60 amps Sport-Comp ampmeter(E)
    Detail Cleaning Picks
    2 1/16" 16E/158FOhms Sport-Cmp fuel level gauge(E)
    Hotcoat Powder Translucent Teal 8 oz

  • Hotcoat Powder Translucent Violet 8 oz
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi oil press gauge(E) red needle
    18" Mighty Mini Bender Brake
    7" Round HI/LO Xenon Headlamp Kit 60/55W H4 bulbs
    Torque Wrench 1/2" Drive 25-250 ft/lb plastic cs
    Hotcoat Powder Super Gloss Clear 8 oz

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