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  • Heavy Duty Metal Bender
    30 Amp Single Pole Single Throw Relay
    Pontiac Rallye 1 Wheel Trim Ring for 15x6
    Deluxe Combo English Wheel Planishing Hammer Kit
    Short Sleeve T-Shirt Large
    Monster T-Shirt (Adult XX Large)

  • 3 3/8"120 mph in-dash w/odometr Pro-Comp speedo(M)
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Powdercoated 15x5
    Fibreglass Rust Brush Replacement Tips 2 Pk
    Rigid Plastic Repair Kit Black
    GM Wheel Trim Ring 14x6
    Deluxe Convertible Creeper

  • 2-1/16" Dual Pod Honda CRV 1997-99
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted As Original 14x7
    Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 14x7
    Eastwood Benchtop English Wheel 22" Throat
    3 1/8" 7000 rpm American Platinum Tach(E) blk ndl
    Hi-Temp Paint 16oz Aerosol Orange

  • 5pc Impact Socket Set
    2 1/16" 240/30 Desig Blk fuel gauge blk needle(E)
    Expander Wheel Band Trizact A16 1200 Grit
    Pontiac Rallye 1 Wheel Trim Ring for 15x7
    Basic Techniques for Working w/Steel Video
    2 1/16" 0E/90F Designer Blk fuel gauge red needle

  • Chevelle SS Wheel - Powdercoat 14x7
    Flexible Edge Steel Strip 24 gauge
    Thin Wrench Set Metric, 9pc
    Toe Dolly Model #1058
    Muscle Gloss 1050 square foot system Red
    Zinc Dichromate Red Step #2 14 oz

  • Mityvac Rebuild Kit
    Lettering Quill #4 Brown
    Cool-Tape 1 3/8" x 30'
    Fiberglass Shrinking Hammer
    Mini Buff 2" Yellow Treated
    2-1/16" Fuel press C2 series gauge(E)

  • Muscle Gloss 2000 square foot system Dark Gray
    1965 Ford Styled Whl Mustang Fairlane Falcon 15x6
    Master Disconnect Switch with Panel
    15 feet Racers Wire 10 Ga Black
    3 Swtch Watrprf Switch-push button start-2 toggls
    Vehicle Cover Bag Technalon Blue

  • 5" tach 2 5/8" dual gauges pod 1992-95 Civic
    1968-69 Chrome Whl Mustang Torino Fairlane 15x7
    Henrob 2000 Basic Torch Kit w/instruct Video
    KOSMIC Top Coat Clears Kosmic Poly Klear Quart
    Vice Mount Metal Break
    Pertronix Ignitor IIMallory Unilite37/38 series V8

  • 2 1/16" 0E/90FOhms Sport-Comp fuel level gauge (E)
    E-Z Rest Door Hanger
    Self Etching Primer Black Aerosol 16 oz
    Using The Plannishing Hammer Video
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Mazda RX7 1993-96 (RHD)
    Mechanical press gauge interior mount isolator

  • 2 1/16" 30 InHg/30 psi Trad Chrm vac/bst gauge(M)
    Buick Rallye Wheel - Small Bolt Pattern 15x6
    Buff Compound Tripoli 13 oz Tube
    Ooogah Horn
    Solar ADF Shade 10/11 Welding Helmet
    Kosmic Pearl Silver Streak 2 oz

  • Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 15x5
    Chrysler Road Wheel Trim Ring 14in. Wheels
    Self Etch Primer Aerosol 16 oz
    SHIMRIN Universal Pearls Prism Pearl Gold Quart
    Buff Compound Stainless 17 oz Tube
    6 Switch Pro Street Panel

  • Desk Top Dynos Book w/Software
    Beverly Shear Blades for Model B2
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel Center Cap - Dark Charcoal
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Toyota Supra 1989-92 (RHD)
    Bullseye Pick Set Of Three
    Buff Motor 3/4HP 2 Speed

  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt Extra Large
    Engine Paint Ford Dark Blue Aerosol 12 oz
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi Phantom fuel press gauge(M)
    8in Radius Large English Wheel Anvil
    Pneumatic Planishing Hammer with Frame
    Transmission Rebuild Video GM 700 R4

  • 2 1/16" 12v Quartz Clock Gldn Oldies black needle
    3 1/8" 120 mph Old Tyme Black speedo(E)
    LED 1157 Replacement Bulb-32 element
    3 1/8" 120 mph Programmable Speedo(E) red needle
    Drive Tip-.152 Diameter Tip for ATM-6859 Sender
    Cloud 9 Stencil Kustom F/X Series

  • Cable Lock Kit
    1-5/8" Radius Anvil For Interchangeable Eng Whl C1
    2-1/16" Single Pod Toyota MR2 1990-96 (RHD)
    Heat Sheath Aluminized sleeving (sewn) 1/2" x 36
    1967-8 Mercury Cougar Wheel Center Cap
    Cleaning Disc 7"

  • Vehicle Cover Bag Technalon Gray
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Carbon Fiber oil temp gauge(M)
    Rally II Wheel Stencil Kit for 14" Wheels
    1 Shot Paint Blue Green 1/2 Pt
    High Temperature Fiberglass Masking Tape 1"
    Mechanix'S Arm Guard 17" Long

  • 3000-3800 rpm Pro Shift Kit
    Devil or Angel Stencil
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Nissan Skyline GTR 1995-98 (RHD)
    Chrysler Magnum Style Wheel Chrome 14x6
    EW Buff Kit w/ 3/4HP Motor & EW Pedestal
    80 Ply Thick Buff 6X1/2 Sewn

  • 1968-69 Styled Steel Gt Emblem Only
    Buff Shop Dust Mask
    1966 Shelby Original Magstar Style - Center Cap
    24" Urethane Cut OutKnife
    Large English Wheel w/8" Dia. Wheel
    Pinstriping Cheap Tricks And Special F/X Book

  • Engine Paint - Ford/Chrysler Red Aerosol 12 oz
    Alumiweld Standard Kit
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel Center Cap - Light Argent
    Quick-Lite shift lite (Black)
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Carbon Fiber oil temp gauge(M)
    Leather Palmed Gloves

  • 160 pc Wire Terminal Assortment
    Intergrip Panel Clamps Set of 4
    Antenna & Radio Service Kit
    Heat Sheath Aluminized Sleeving (Sewn)1-1/4"x 36
    2 5/8" 60cm/2 Kg/Cm2 Sport-Comp vac/bst gauge (M)
    Buff Wheel 6 Inch Sisal 1/2 Inch Hole

  • Tight Spot Grinding Kit With Cylinders/ Tapers
    Ford Magnum 500 Style Wheel Spinner Cap
    LED License Plate Bolt-Red
    2 1/16" 8-18v Lunar series voltmeter gauge
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Circle Track Black
    Muscle Gloss 450 square feet system Dark Gray

  • 3-3/4" 8000 rpm Auto-Gage Tachometer (E)
    Inflatable Dent Remover/Oval
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted As Original 14x6
    Chrysler Rallye Trim Ring for 14x7 Wheel
    Door Hinge Pin Puller
    80 Ply Thick Buff 8x1/2 Loose

  • Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 15x8
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel - Small Bolt Pattern 15x7
    Deluxe Manifold Smoothing Kit
    Abrasive Paper 50Pk 2 And 3/4 By 17 And 1/2 36Grit
    Inflatable Dent Repair Kit
    1/4" Carbide Nozzle W/Matching Carbide Air Jet

  • Full Cycle Cover Large Sport Bikes 1000cc and up
    Brake Caliper/Drum Paint Aerosol 16oz Silver
    Long Curved Pick
    Touring Cycle Cover Motorcycles 400cc and up
    Hotcoat Powder Candy Teal 8 oz
    1968-7 Mercury Cougar Styled Chrome Wheel 15x7

  • Plasti Dip Yellow
    2 5/8" 0-35 psi liquid Pro-Comp boost gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 240E/33F Design Blk fuel gauge red needle
    Expander Wheel Band 220 Grit
    Teardrop Mallet 2 1/2" (yellow)
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Free Flow Beige

  • Rivet Nut Tool Kit
    SRI-478-K12 Cup & Lid Kit
    2 1/16" Cobalt series air/fuel ratio gauge(E)
    Eastwood Fender Roller w/instruction
    Replacement Sender for full sweep(E)temp gauges

  • Ten In One Trim Tool
    2 1/16" Roll Pod Gauge Mount For 1-3/4" Roll Cage
    Carbide Bead Burr 6 Inches Long Set Of 4
    2 5/8" 0-200 psi Phantom oil press gauge(M)
    2 5/8" 0-200 psi liquid Ultra-Lite oil press (M)
    Chrysler Rallye Wheel - Large Bolt Pattern 14x6

  • Battery Shutoff Switch Side Terminal w/Instruc.
    Set of 3 Bullet Bobs
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Nissan 240 SX 1995-98 (RHD)
    DeoxIT Contact Cleaner/Lube Pen
    Legendary Chevys VHS
    Trim & Tack Pry Tool"U" Notch SS Eastwood

  • RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Graphite
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi liquid ProCmp oil press gauge(M)
    Round Bottom Style Slapper
    14 Circuit Micro Remote Mount Harness
    High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4"x 6
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Phantom fuel press gauge(M)

  • TurboLube PreLubrication Kit 3 Qt Silver w/bag
    2 5/8" 8-18V Pro-Comp voltmeter
    Cleaning System Spray For Brakes 12.5 OZ
    3 1/8" 120 mph Designer Blk Speedo(M) blk needle
    Race Car Kit Street Legal 12 Circuit
    Kandy Koncentrates Oriental Blue 8 oz

  • Colortune Engine Analyzer
    Jamb Tac Three Contact Wireless Connector
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Free Flow Alloy
    Bristle Disc Set Of Three
    3-3/8" Radius Anvil Interchangeable Eng Whl sz B1
    Expander Wheel Band Medium Finishing

  • Spin Dial Regulator
    Plastic Welding Rods Polythylene Low Density
    Large Switch Kit
    Pinstriping Brush Size 00 Very Fine
    Metal Polish 1 Kg Can Autosol
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Ultra-Lite trans temp gauge(E)

  • Hotcoat Original "Pumpless" Powder Hopper
    Rigid Plastic Repair Kit White
    Pertronix 7mm Plug Wire Set 1964-74 SB Chevy
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Circle Track Red
    Trunk Paint Gray Black Kit
    21 Inch Adjustable Flexible Sander

  • Engine Brush Kit set of 4
    2 1/16" 0-1600 psi Carbon Fibr NOS press gauge(E)
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Heavy Duty Orange
    SHIMRIN Pastels with Pizzazz Green Quart
    Kustom Painting Secrets Book House Of Kolor
    Engine Paint AMC Blue Aerosol 12 oz

  • 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack
    Final Finish System Kit
    Pertronix Flame Thrower 40,000 volt Chrome 3.0 Ohm
    Dual Side Opening Blast Cabinet 27x60x35w/Dust Col
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel - Painted As Original 15x8
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 16x8

  • Flapdisc Set Of 3 40 60 And 80 Grit 5/8"
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Powdercoated 14x6
    Hotcoat Powder Chevy Orange 2 lb
    Chrysler Magnum Style Wheel Chrome 15x8
    Mig Welding Wire Aluminum.035 1 lb
    Vise Mount Metal Brake Die Kit

  • Sanding Blocks Semi Rigid pack/2
    Hi-Temp Paint 16oz Aerosol White
    Hotcoat Powder Machine Gray 2 lb
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 16x7
    1968-7 Mercury Cougar Styled Chrome Wheel 15x6
    Tire press Gauge 0-60 psi

  • Dual Gauge Leakdown Tester
    Waterproof Battery Tender Junior
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Purple
    Bearing Race And Seal Driver
    2 5/8" 30 in vac/20 psi Auto-gage boost gauge(M)
    Nozzle Black Set 5/16 Inch Pk Of 4 Kit

  • 2 1/16" 140-280 F Z-Series water temp gauge (M)
    Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine 1 YR
    Short Sleeve T-Shirt XX-Large
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Nissan 240 SX 1989-94 (RHD)
    5.0L Ford Wiring Harness (86-93) Standard Length
    Cut Off Wheels 5/8 Inch Arbor Hole Pack Of 10

  • AutoXray E-Z Scan 6000
    36 pc Paintless Dent Repair Kit
    Tintable Truckbed Liner With Application Gun
    Egg Shaped Body Dolly
    1969-70 Mercury Cougar Styled Steel Wheel 14x6
    Muscle Gloss 1050 square foot system Beige

  • Mig Welding Wire Solid Core.023 2 lb
    EZ-Charge 200 Battery Tester
    House Of Kolor Chip Chart / Tech Guide Package
    GM SS Wheel Center Cap
    2 5/8" 16E/158FOhms Sport-Comp fuel level gauge(E)
    Buff Shop Kit And 3/4 Motor With Cabinet

  • 1969 Shelby Original Magstar Style - Center Cap
    Hotcoat Original Powder Coating Gun w/2lb Hopper
    1965 Ford Styled Whl Mustang Fairlane Falcon 14x5
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Chrome 15x7
    EW 1-1/2HP Motor w/Pedestal
    High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/8 Shank

  • Mini Pro-Lite Cover Kit
    Abrasive Tapers 320 Grit Pack Of 50
    Torino/Ranchero Magnum 500 Wheel Center Cap
    2-1/16" Single Pod Subaru Legacy 1997-99 (RHD)
    Side Grip Panel Holders Pack of 4
    Chassis Black Paint Quart

  • 2 1/16" 0-60 psi Ultra-Lite boost gauge(M)
    Chevy Rallye Wheel - Chrome 15x10
    2-5/8" Ammeter 60-0-60 Amps Blk Auto-Gage (E)
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Carbon Fibr trans temp gauge(M)
    Wet Wedge Sanding Kit
    Economy Vibratory Tumbler System

  • Aluminum Manifold Buff Kit
    Hotcoat Powder Semi Gloss Black 2 lb
    5/8"-18 Unf To M16x1.5 Temp gauge Metric Adapter
    EW Dekote Paint Stripper 5 Gallon
    Ignitor Ignition Kit Ford 2000Cc Engine 1971-74
    2 1/16" 0E/30F Designer Blk fuel gauge red needle

  • Blast Media Walnut Shells 50 lb
    2 1/16" 8-18v Antique Beige Voltmeter blk needle
    Nylon Washer Natural 1/8" ID 20/pk
    12in Radius Large English Wheel Anvil
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Tan Acura Integra 1994-01 2D
    Red Aircraft Switch Cover Fits all toggle switches

  • SBC Locking Header Bolt Kit 3/8"-16 X 3/4"
    Dry Pearl Concentrate Bronze Sparkle 2 oz
    Hotcoat Powder Gold 8 oz
    Profile Gauge 12"
    Flanger Roller Replacement Drive Gear
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Free Flow Red

  • 2 1/16" 140-340 F Ultra-Lite cylindr temp gauge(E)
    Buff Compound Emery 17 oz Tube
    Windshield Wiper Switch with Black Knob
    LS-1 Wiring Harness (97-98) Standard Length
    MasterLube PreLubrication/Accumulator 2 Qt Gls Blk
    Trunk Paint Gray Black Aerosol 12 oz

  • Welding Helmet Adjusheadgear w/#10 Lens
    6pc High Speed Saw Drill
    Rubber Suction Cups 3 Size Set
    Red Stencil Patriotica Series
    Trim Paint And Self Etch Primer Kit
    Pontiac Rallye 2 Wheel Chrome 14x7

  • Buick Rallye Wheel - Small Bolt Pattern 14x7
    Funkadelic Stencil
    Cotton Mesh Racing Hat (Blk)
    Beugler #16 Wheel 1/16" Wide
    Pnuematic Brass Drift Punch Set
    Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 8 oz

  • Run Razor Blocker Set
    Chevy Disc Brake Wheel Center Cap
    Spark Plug Cleaner Pneumatic
    Self Etch Primer Quart
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Free Flow Yellow
    Crankshaft EZ Spin

  • Hotcoat Powder Silver Hammertone 5 lb
    1969-70 Mercury Cougar Styled Steel Wheel 14x7
    Wheel Smoothing And Buffing Kit
    Freedom Eagle (Magnetic)
    Muscle Gloss 750 square foot system Blue
    Slapping Files Medium And Course Set Of 2

  • 3 3/8"10000 rpm in-dash Phantom tachometer(E)
    Drill Doctor Tradesman Drill Sharpener
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Phantom oil temp gauge(E)
    Metal Shrinking Video
    SHIMRIN Graphic Kolors Euro Red Quart
    The Skinner Door Panel Installation Tool

  • LPH400 1.4MM HVLP w/ 700ML CUP
    Muscle Gloss 600 square foot system Light Gray
    Lighted Button Head Bolts (2 pack) Purple
    Portable Bead Breaker
    200/700R4 Trans Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit
    Gasket Scraper Kit 4,800 rpm

  • 1965-67 Fairlane/Falcon Center Cap
    Stick Welding Video Volume 2 of 4
    Exhaust Wrap (Black)1"x 50' Roll
    Colortune Adapter 10mm
    Rivet Puller
    Rivets - Aluminum Countersunk box/500

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