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  • Nozzle Ceramic Set 1/4 Inch
    Transmission Rebuild Video Ford AOD
    Fiberglass Curved Chisel Hammer
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Beige
    Expander Wheel Band 400 Grit Pack Of 5
    Sanding block 9 in Long

  • 2-1/16" Single Steering Column Dodge Ram 2003
    Jamb Switch-GM Style
    Headlight Refinishing Kit
    14 Pc Body Shop PDR US Dentool Tool Set
    2 1/16"Roll Pod Gauge Mount For 1-5/8" Roll Cage
    Brake Shoe Removal Tool

  • Golden Cad Gold Base Step # 1 14 oz
    Planishing Hammer/English Wheel FRAME ONLY
    Kosmic Glo Powder Orange 4 oz
    Brushed Cotton Twill Hat (Blk)
    Buff Shop With 1/3 hp Motor
    5/pk 32 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377

  • 3in Radius Large English Wheel Anvil
    Stud Welder T Handle Puller Accessory
    Eastwood 1/3 HP Buff Motor with Economy Pedestal
    Cool Tube Extreme 1/2" Silver - 3' length
    Resistance Spot Welder With 6 Inch Tongs
    #00 Torch Tip

  • Hotcoat Powder Translucent Violet 2 lb
    Seat Belt 74 Inch Black w/Hardware Chrome Lft Ltch
    GM HEI Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit ( Red)
    Round Hole Punch 11/16"
    2 1/16" 100-280 F Water temp Autogage Add-on (M)
    Buff Wheel 4 Inch Loose

  • SHIMRIN Kameleon Kolors Cyan to Purple Quart
    2 1/16" 1994-2000 Mustang blk dual-gauge dash pod
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 14x6
    SHIMRIN Kandy Basecoats Wild Cherry Quart
    Buff Compound Jewelers Rouge 18 oz Tube
    3-3/8" 120 mph Z-Series Speedometer (M)

  • Jumbo Rod Bender
    Round Hole Punch 1 Inch
    Hotcoat 20 Pak 6" hooks
    Buff Bob Set Cones And Cylinders
    Professional Battery Load Tester UL Approved
    Detail Gray Paint Aerosol 13 oz

  • SHIMRIN Kameleon Kolors Silver to Green Quart
    SHIMRIN Metallic Base Quart Pale Gold
    Expander Wheel Band 320 Grit
    2 1/16" 140-340 F Z-Series cylinder temp gauge(E)
    Damaged Bolt & Nut remover Set
    Buff Wheel 8" Ventilated 1/2 Arbor Hole

  • Form-A-Shield Heat Absorbing Gel 1 Quart
    Drive Tip-.187 Diameter Tip for ATM-6859 Sender
    Cleaning Disc 4 1/2"
    Welding Helmet Autodimming Shade 9-12 6" Sq View
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Circle Track Heavy Duty Orange
    Hotcoat Powder Cast Aluminum 10 lb

  • LED Strip-Red
    1966 Ford Styled Whl Mustang Fairlane Falcon 14x5
    Low Pressure Brake Switch with Pigtail
    1-1/2" 0-100 psi Autogage oil press gauge (E)
    KOSMIC Kolor Kandy Oriental Blue Quart
    Rivets - Steel Countersunk box/500

  • 2 1/16" 0-150 psi Z-Series oil press gauge(M)
    Expander Wheel Band Trizact A100 200 Grit
    How To Restore Metal Trim Book
    The Pro Step
    Rocker Switch Momentary On Non-Lighted Black
    4'x 21"Floor/Tunnel Heat & Sound Insulation

  • 2-5/8" 0-1600 F Sport-Comp E.G.T. Kit (E)
    Green Rust Cutting Media 2.5 lb
    1/2" Dash Indicator Light-Red
    Hotcoat Powder Dark Purple 8 oz
    Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black Gallon
    Dry Pearl Concentrate Cinnamon 2 oz

  • Manual Trans Rebuild Kit 83-88 Ford/GM Non W/C T-5
    10-Ton Porta Power Kit
    8" Stainless Steel Locking Ties (8 pack)
    Economy Coil Spring Compressor External
    #1.5 Torch tip
    Compound Set Emery - Stainless-Tripoli- Wht Rouge

  • 3 1/8" 120 mph Antique Beige program speedo(E)
    4'x 42" Floor/Tunnel Heat & Sound Insulation
    Fast Cut Buffing System 6 Inch
    1 1/2" 0-100 psi Sport-Comp blk face presure gauge
    Ford Magnum Wheel Mustang Torino Others 15x8
    G2 ALU Styling Grille Kit Silver

  • 2 5/8" Replacement Bulb & Socket 2 watt
    High Beam Headlight Relay Kit
    Spot Weld Gun w/2 Electrodes
    Fiberglass Finishing Hammer
    Radiator Fin Rake
    Kameleon Kolors Made Easy Video House Of Kolor

  • Jamb Tac 5 Contact Wireless Connctr(dome lght+ 4)
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Dodge Ram 1994-97
    KOSMIC Kolor Solid Color Brite White Quart
    Collector Car Restoration DVD Set
    White Gator Guard II Truck Bed liner
    2 5/8" 0-100 psi liquid ProCmp fuel press gauge(M)

  • Motor Adaptor 3/4 Inch Right Hand Thread
    Plasti Dip Black
    Kwikure Epoxy Primer Chrom. Free Pt.B Quart
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Free Flow Purple
    Buff Taper For 1/2-20 Threaded Motor Shaft
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Eclipse 1995-98 Carbon Fiber

  • Cycle Flame Painting Video
    Infrared Replacement Element
    Long Sleeve T-Shirt Large
    Pertronix HEI Distributor SB/BB Chevy Cast Blk Cap
    Mig Welding Video Volume 1 of 4
    Steering Wheel Restoration Book

  • Hotcoat Powder Off White 8 oz
    KOSMIC Top Coat Clears Poly Flo-Klear Quart
    Hotcoat Powder Silver Hammertone 8 oz
    2 1/16" 7000 rpm American Platinum Tach(E) blk ndl
    Dry Pearl Concentrate Gold Sparkle 2 oz
    Eezibleed Brake & Clutch Bleeder Kit

  • 2 1/16" 100-300 F Z-Series oil temp gauge(E)
    Sport Comp 3 Gauge Panel w/ Fuel Light
    Solder Paddles Set Of Six
    Polo Shirt Black Large
    Leakdown Tester
    Post Sanding Cleaner Gallon

  • Getting Started Back On Track Video
    Triple gauge warning system for shrt swp gauges(E)
    2 1/16" 0-1600 psi Ultra-Lite NOS press gauge(E)
    1/4"-10ft braided SSteel EGT typeK thermo probe kt
    Portable Wheel Balancer
    Pro Paint And Body Handbook

  • 2-5/8" Single Pod Ford Van 1992-99
    Pocket Auto Reference
    Racatac Sitting/Kneeling Stool
    Rigid Plastic Repair Kit Clear
    Particulate Filter 2 pk
    2-5/8" 8-18v Ultra-Nite Voltmeter

  • #2.5 Torch Tip
    Infrared 6000 W/ HCP Pro Deluxe Kit
    Blue Lens Kit
    Solder Paddles Set Of Three
    Braided SS Hose 3ft #4 3/16" fittings
    Ultimate Sheet Metal Fabrication Book

  • Full Chassis Restoration Kit Gloss Blk
    Hotcoat Powder Translucent Gold 5 lb
    Headliner Dark Blue
    6000-6800 rpm Pro Shift Kit
    2 5/8" 100-250 F Phantom trans temp gauge(E)
    Touring Cycle Cover Sport Bikes up to 1100cc

  • 2 5/8" 140-340 F Ultra water temp gauge w/tubg(M)
    Flash Test Vehicle H.T. Ignition Tester
    Buff Wheel 8" Yellow Treated Ventilated 1/2" Hole
    House of Kolor Hi-Heat Black Quart
    2 5/8" 140-280 F liquid Ultra-Lite water temp(M)
    2 5/8" 0-7 bars Sport-Comp oil press gauge(M)

  • Universal Starter Kit Silicone Vacuum Hose Blue
    2 5/8" 100-250 F Phantom oil temp gauge(E)
    400 Grit Sandpaper Roll 2 3/4" X 32' 9" PSA
    Large Tapered Reamer 5/32" to 7/8"
    Buff Motor 3/4 hp 1800RPM
    KOSMIC Kolor Components Medium Reducer Quart

  • 2 1/16"120-240 F Cobalt water temp gauge(E)
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Z-Series oil press Gauge(E)
    SHIMRIN Fine Metallic Orion Silver Quart
    2 1/16" 0-90 Ohms Carbon Fiber fuel gauge(E)
    RaceDeck Floor Tile Diamond Black
    SHIMRIN Pastels with Pizzazz Dark Green Quart

  • Carb Renew Bronze Aerosol 5 oz
    Devilbiss Finishline HVLP Gravity Feed Gun 611103
    Worldwind Multi- Position Fan
    2 5/8" 7Kg/Cm2 Ultra-Lite oil press gauge(M)
    Metal Cutting Saw Blade
    2 1/16" 100-250 F Phantom trans temp gauge(E)

  • Pro Lite Temperature Switch 200 F
    Braided SS Hose 4ft #4 3/16" fittings
    2-5/8" Chrome Mounting Cup for electric gauges
    SHIMRIN Glamour Metallic Solar Gold Quart
    350 Turbo Transmission
    2 5/8" 140-280 F Ultra-Lite trans temp gauge(M)

  • Tapered Mandrel 3/4 1-1/2
    Hotcoat Powder Prism Additive 1/2 oz
    3-3/4" 0-15 psi Monstr ProCmp fuel press gauge(M)
    Top Side Door Opening Blast Cabinet w/Dust Coll
    Air Undercoating Gun w/o Bottle
    Brake Line Kit, 5/16" diameter w/assorted fittings

  • Drive Tip-.104 Diameter Tip for ATM-5260 Sender
    SolderKit Butane Auto Ign
    Universal Cam Degreewheel
    Roll Pod Tachometer Mount For 1-3/4" Roll Cage
    125 pc Rubber Grommet Assortment
    Pinstripe Removal Tool

  • 2 5/8" 120-240 F Phantom water temp gauge(M)
    Replacement RIGHT Blade for Cutting Shear 28118
    Hi-Temp Paint 16oz Aerosol Red
    Gas Regulator
    80 Ply Thick Buff 10X3/4 Sewn
    1/8"x36 Yd Blue Plastic Tape Custom Art

  • Full Cycle Cover 500 cc and up Motorcycles
    Buff Motor 1.5HP 3600RPM
    Pro-Lite press Sender 50 psi
    DIS ignition systems tach adapter
    The Bone Roughrider Creeper
    2-1/16" 0-30 psi C2 series boost gauge(E)

  • Magna Flux Crack Detection Kit SK-416
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Phantom oil press gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 0-100 psi Trad Chrm fuel press gauge(M)
    Hi-Heat Anti Seize Compound 4 oz Brush Top Lid
    Touring Cycle Cover Large Cruisers 1100cc - 1500cc
    Door Panel Removal Tool "U" Notch SS Eastwood

  • High Temp Silicone Caps And Plugs Kit 110 pc
    2 1/16" 0/30 Ohms Phantom fuel level gauge(E)
    Dynamat Quiet Pads box/5
    2 1/16" 1994-00 Mustang dual gauge cluster bezel
    Hotcoat Powder Copper Vein 2 lb
    Sata Jet 2000 HVLP Digital 1.4mm 1.0 L Cup Alum

  • Autoxray E-Z Scan 5000 Automotive Scanner
    2-1/16" Triple Pillar Mazda RX7 1993-95
    2 1/16" 0-1600 F Cobalt pyrometer temp gauge(E)
    Brake Caliper Compression Tool
    Greaseless Compound 120 Grit Yellow
    Roll Pod Tachometer Mount For 1-5/8" Roll Cage

  • Front End Service Kit 5 pc w/Case
    Replacement Electrodes Nu-Tecsys
    Motorcycle Gas Tank - Part I & II DVD Format
    2 5/8" 0-30 liquid Pro-Comp water press gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 30 psi Cobalt vacuum/boost gauge(E)
    4 1/2" Angle Hand Grinder 720 Watts

  • 3 3/4" 10000 rpm Sport-Comp Jr.Dragster tachometer
    Devilbiss Finishline HVLP Paint Gun 611102
    Drive Tip-.104 Diameter Tip for ATM-6859 Sender
    2 5/8" 0-15 psi Pro-Comp Fuel press gauge w/is(M)
    2-1/16" Single Pod Nissan Skyline GTR 95-98 (RHD)
    2-1/16" Single Pod Nissan 240 SX 1989-94 (RHD)

  • Professional Series Respirator Assembly
    2-1/16" Single Pod Honda Civic 1992-95 (RHD)
    2 5/8" 0-90 Ohms Carbon Fiber fuel gauge(E)
    Mini Truck Kustom Painting Video
    Chevy/Caddy HEI Distributor Tune-Up Kit (Blk)
    G2 ALU Styling Grille Kit White

  • 2 1/16" 100-250 F Phantom water temp gauge(M)
    Hotcoat Powder Red Wrinkle 8 oz
    2 5/8" 30 InHg/30 psi Carbon Fiber boost gauge(M)
    2-1/16" Single Pod Mazda RX7 1993-96 (RHD)
    Replacement 3/16" Stainless Steel Racing Probe
    2-1/16" Single Pod Toyota Supra 1989-92 (RHD)

  • 2-1/16" Single Pod Nissan 240 SX 1995-98 (RHD)
    Replacement 1/8"-3/16" Probe Fitting
    2 5/8" 140-300 F Carbon Fiber oil temp gauge(E)
    2-1/16" Dual Instrument Cluster Civic 1996-2000
    5" 160 mph In Dash Program.Carbon Fiber Speedo(E)
    3 3/8"160 mph in-dash w/odometr Pro-Comp speedo(M)

  • Drive Tip-.187 Diameter Tip for ATM-5260 Sender
    Tachometer Accessory-Inductive Trigger
    Bristle Disc Yellow 80 Grit 4.5"
    Torque Wrench 3/8" Drive 10-100 ft/lb plastic cs
    Rotating Head Riveter
    Nylon Washer Natural 11/64" ID 20/pk

  • Drill Jig For Metricbolts
    Panel Gap Gauge (1/32" To 7/16") In 1/32" Inc.
    Custom Harley Cover Touring Bikes
    2 1/16" Single Pod Super Duty 1999-2001
    Sound And Heat Insulation Kit
    Thread Setter Kit For Sheet Metal

  • 1500 Grit Sandpaper Roll 2 3/4" X 32'9" PSA
    Video Powder Coatingtechnology Of The Future
    Infrared 6000 Curing System
    Sport Comp 3 Gauge mechanical Panel
    1/4" Carbide Blast Nozzle
    Pad Pk Set 1 Wool & 2 Foam w/Backingpad

  • Guide Coat Black Aerosol 12 oz
    12" Hogshair Brush w/Plastic Block
    Hotcoat Powder Mirror Blue 8 oz
    2 1/16" 30 In/HG Ultra-Lite vacuum gauge(M)
    2-1/16" Dual Pod Subaru Legacy 1997-99 (RHD)
    Valve Spring Compressor

  • Lighted Button Head Bolts (2 pack) Amber
    Plastic Filler Spreaders pack/3
    Beverly Shear Throatless Model B3
    Oil Bottle Draining System
    Silicone Cap Kit.070"-.250"I.D. SC-1 150 pcs
    Stud Welder 2.5mm Draw Pins pack/500

  • Universal Lift Support Clamp
    Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black - Quart
    HAV-501 Air Adjusting Valve w/gauge
    Mini Pro-Lite Warning Light Black
    FLG-644 HVLP Gravity Gun - All Metal
    Left-E 1/4" Damaged Screw Remover

  • E.W. Diamond Clear Satin Painted Surface 16 oz
    Brake Line Tubing 25' 3/16 Dia. w/Asst Fittings
    Standard Mig Starter Kit
    2-5/8" Chrome Fuel Saver Vacuum Gauge(M)
    Magnum 500 Paint Stencil Kit 15"
    Freedom Eagle (Vinyl Large)

  • Headliner - Black w/Adhesive
    Interactive Open- End Ratchet Metric
    KO-Seal II Primer Sealer Silver Metallic Quart
    Hotcoat Powder Iridescent Amber 8 oz
    7 pc 3/8" Drive Metric Hex Bit Set
    Hotcoat Fluidizing Attachment

  • Powdercoating Handbook & Video
    Flux Core Conversion Kit With Liner
    Hotcoat Powder Factory Grey Hi-Temp 8 oz
    Exhaust Detailing Kit-Black
    Hotcoat Powder Medium Denim Blue 8 oz
    Threaded Aluminum Insert Polynut 1/4- 20 pack/50

  • 2 1/16" Boost-Vac 30InHg/20 psi press gauge (M)
    SHIMRIN Fine Metallic Stratto Blue Quart
    KOSMIC Kolor Components VOC Exempt Reducer Quart
    2 1/16" 7 Kg/Cm2 Sport-Comp fuel press gauge(M)
    Replacement Bulb & Socket (3 watt)
    Replacement bulb (2.7 watt)

  • 2 1/16" 2.5 Kg/Cm2 Sport-Comp boost gauge(M)
    2 1/16" 140-280 F Ultra-Lite trans temp gauge(M)
    Tachometer Accessory-BEI/Laser Adapter
    3 3/8" 160 mph Ultra-Lite speedometer(M)
    2 5/8" 240/33 Ohms Carbon Fiber fuel gauge(E)
    2 5/8" liquid-filled gauges chrome mounting cup

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