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Oldsmobile SS1 Wheel 15x7

Original style Oldsmobile SS-1 Wheel with black outer portion. Quality accurate reproduction of the original. Wheel size is 15"x7" with 4-1/4" backspace. Configuration is 5-lug with a 4.75 inch bolt pattern. Compatible with disc brake applications. Requires trim rings. Made in the USA.
SKU: 62141
Category: Styling-Care-& Custom Specialty Wheels Oldsmobile Wheels

Protect-A-Wire Black 8 Cylinder kit

Protects spark plug wires from the extreme temperatures of headers and exhaust manifolds. Withstands 500รบ F direct continuous and up to 1200 degrees F radiant. Eliminates misfires and possible engine damage from burnt wires. Fiberglass composite won't cause misfires by arching. Includes Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes for a sharp, finished appearance. Can be used on any any hose or wire up to 10mm.
SKU: 70390
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Drivetrain Heat Control

Drill Doctor Model 750

Resharpen Dull Drill Bits - Commercial quality drill bit sharpener designed for most types of twist drill and masonry bits from 3/32" to 3/4" in dia. in about 60 seconds. Sharpen at standard 118 degree or high-performance 135 degree, or high performance self centering split point bits. Can also convert standard bits to a different angle or split point. Depth gauge and drill holder guide the drill for perfect results. Replaceable diamond sharpening wheel sharpens hundreds of bits before needing replacement. One year limited manufacturer's warranty. Made in the USA.
SKU: 43660
Category: Tools & Equipment Shop Tools Metal Working Tools

Cable and Lock Kit

Keep your car cover from blowing away and prevent vandalism. Vinyl coated steel cable and hardened brass lock secure cover. Easily attached through reinforced eyelets at bottom midsection of cover. THIS ITEM MAY TAKE 10 DAYS TO 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY Please indicate year, make, and model when ordering.
SKU: 52140
Category: Styling-Care-& Custom Car Care & Protection Custom Car Covers

Kafka Striping Brush #6

Kafka Brushes - A pinstriping brush designed by master pinstriping legend Steve Kafka. The brush does it all. Allows even beginners to make tight radius curves without rotating the brush and without "flareout". Unlock the mysteries of Kafka's style. Used by all the top stripers. Great for flame outlines. 2-1/4" long bristles.
SKU: 37200
Category: Pinstriping/Custom Art Brushes

Cobalt IR Welding Glasses w/Neck Cord

Cobalt IR Gas Welding Goggles - These goggles provide appropriate protection for Oxy-Acetylene welding, and cutting cast iron, steel, and aluminum. Comparable to the eye protection provided with a #5 lens with better visibility because it minimizes the sodium flare from flux. Not for use with stick, MIG, TIG or any other welding process that creates an arc. Made in the USA.
SKU: 19243
Category: Metal Shop Welding Welding Tools & Accessories

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