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2 1/16" 100-300 F Z-Series oil temp gauge(E)

2 1/16" 100-300 F Z-Series oil temp gauge(E)
SKU: 74332
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Z-Series

Sport Comp 3 Gauge Panel w/ Fuel Light

These hot new Gauge Panels are precision engineered to provide serious drivers with the most effective way to view critical gauges and warning lights. The ultra bright warning lights use a special high strand, high temperature resistance wire for exceptional performance, ease of installation, and weight saving construction. Warning lights are activated as follows: Oil Pressure below 18 psi, Oil Temp. above 270deg. F, Water Temp. above 220deg. F,Fuel Pressure below 4 psi.
SKU: 75069
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Solder Paddles Set Of Six

Made of hard rock maple for long service. Use with tallow (31016) to prevent solder from sticking and to keep the wood in top condition. Sold in sets only.
SKU: 31058
Category: Auto Body Panel Repair & Prep Leading/Body Solder

Polo Shirt Black Large

Dress up for the winner's circle! Comfortable black polo shirt, 50% cotton 50% polyester blend. Adult size large.
SKU: 74017L
Category: Apparel

Leakdown Tester

The Leakdown Tester pinpoints internal engine problems before you tear down your engine. Checks the condition of rings, valves, cylinder heads and walls, and head gaskets. Pressurize the tester with your compressed air (50-150 psi), then screw the flex hose into a spark plug hole. Color-coded gauge (2 1/4" dia. face) indicates the percentage of leakdown. Instructions guide you toward possible causes. Rubber connecting hose (12 in.) and 14/18mm plug thread adapters included.
SKU: 46049
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Drivetrain Engine Tools

Post Sanding Cleaner Gallon

House of Kolors post sanding prep is a water based cleaner that removes sanding residue as well as dirt,grease,wax, and adhesives. This product is designed for both initial and final surface prep.
SKU: 85001
Category: Specialty Coatings Painting House of Kolor Paints

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