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Half Football Post Dolly

Much smaller than Forming Heads these cast steel Post Dollies weigh 2-1/2 to 3-1/2lbs and are hand held or mounted in a vise. Each measures about 2-1/2" by 4-1/2". Smooth surfaces allow user to create beautifully finished work.
SKU: 28223
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication Bending

Tiger Hair

Tiger Hair is the high-strength, waterproof body filler. Fortified with long strands of fiberglass. Apppropriate for bridging gaps. Sold in a 12-lb. gallon size can with hardner.
SKU: 28205 ZP
Category: Auto Body Panel Repair & Prep Fillers & Seam Sealers

English Wheel RadiusTemplate

English Wheel Radius Template - Choose the right anvil wheel for the job. Curves on the template are "lettered" to match the letters on the anvil wheels. Gives you a fast visual confirmation of the curve radius each wheel can provide
SKU: 28136
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication English Wheels/Planishing Hammers

Eng Wheel/Plannish Hammer Mount/Tool Holder

Eng Wheel/Plannish Hammer Mount/Tool Holder
SKU: 28137
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication English Wheels/Planishing Hammers

Professional Port. Sprayer Complete Unit

Apply liquids, degreasers, lubricants, rust preventatives, and paints with the Pre-Valve Aerosol Sprayer. Fill the 6 oz. container 2/3 full, screw on the 2.1 oz. pressurized propellant can and spray. One propellant can will spray up to 16 fluid ozs.
SKU: 10387 Z
Category: Tools & Equipment Shop Tools Unique Tools

Heat Pro Deluxe Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit

Variable Output Heat Gun Kit - Strip paint, loosen rusted hardware bumper stickers and vinyl graphics, weld plastics, solder pipe joints, and much more. Output adjusts from 140³ - 1100³ F (60³ - 593³ C) in 10 infinitely variable settings with 5 temperature indicating LED's. 2 speed fan motor. Includes heat gun with temperature control thumbwheel, 4 accessory nozzle pieces, flat blade scrapper and handle with 3 different profile scrapper heads, in a durable molded plastic case. Imported.
SKU: 43522
Category: Plastic/Glass Repair Plastic Repair

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