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2-1/16" Triple Dash Pod VW Beetle 1998-00 C fiber

2-1/16" Triple Dash Pod VW Beetle 1998-00 C fiber
SKU: 75356
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Pods

Super Pro Stud Welder w/Shoot Suit Stud

This combination kit will save you time and money. We've kitted the popular (31243) Super Pro Plus Stud Welder Kit with the unique (31014) Shoot Suit Stud Puller at a savings over individual pricing. The Stud Welder with accessories welds the stud in place and the Shoot Suit Stud Puller provides the highest degree of pulling control. Perfect for pulling hail damage and parking lot dings.
SKU: 31242
Category: Auto Body Body & Fender Stud Welders

Rust Prevention Kit

Rust Prevention Kit: Don't let your classic rust away. The Complete Rust Prevention Package includes the right tools and enough product to thoroughly rust proof your car. This kit includes the Undercoating System (16003) with 3 wands and tips to apply undercoat and anti rust in difficult to access areas, the Unibit (16003B) allows access so the Undercoating Gun can treat door, and rocker panel areas where access holes don't exist, the Pack of 25 Plugs (16004) seals any drilled holes, 3 quarts of HD Anti Rust (16017ZP) coats internal surfaces while the 3 qts. of Rubberized Undercoating (16008ZP) coat wheel wells
SKU: 16019 Z
Category: Rust Treatment Rust Prevention Eastwood Rust Encapsulator

Lincoln Welding Video

This welding video focuses on the use of Lincoln Wire Feed Welders. This video includes sections on safety, equipment, set-up procedures and welding techniques. Approx. 25 minutes.
SKU: 19005
Category: Metal Shop Welding Books & Videos

Pertronix HEI Distrib Red Cap Mach Fin.SB/BB Chevy

Pertronix Flame Thrower Street/Strip HEI Distributors - For superior performance without misfires up to a minimum of 7500 RPM. Features 67% more energy than stock HEI systems with twice the energy across the spark gap, machined aluminum housing, includes high dielectric strength cap with brass terminals, low resistance center brush, balanced rotor with nylon hold down screws, installed adjustable vacuum advance and mechanical advance kit with stamped weights and center plate. Legal in all 50 states and Canada (CARB E.O. #D-57-5). Made in the USA. One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
SKU: 70038
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Ignition Distributors

2 5/8" 120-240 F Ultra-Lite water temp gauge(M)

Ultra Lite gauges are the hottest instruments in professional motorsports today. High quality aluminum construction substantially reduces excess weight, making Ultra-Lite mechanical gauges the perfect choice for any type of racing. A satin anodized aluminum finish and bright red pointers bring a new aspect of style to conventional performance interiors. Includes 6ft tubing
SKU: 74658
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

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