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Spray Can Trigger Handle Pack Of 2

The Cure for Aerosol Finger Fatigue. Tired of painted fingertips? Now there's a better way. This double pack of spray can handles fit most aerosol cans of paint, lubricants, adhesives, cleaners, insecticides, and more. Ergonomic design makes using aerosols on large projects much less tiring and improves your spraying technique. To install, insert leading edge in front of nozzle and push down on handle until it pops in place. To release push handle down and lift up. Pack of 2 handles.
SKU: 10199
Category: Tools & Equipment Shop Tools Unique Tools

Wheel Alignment Gauge

Now you can check wheel alignment in minutes. Tool measures toe-in and toe-out on an easy to read gauge. Lets you adjust alignment to minimize tire wear. Even checks wheel wobble. To use, set gauge at rear of front tires and take measurements. Transfer tool to front and measure the difference. If necessary, adjust tie rods in or out half the distance of the dial reading.
SKU: 49023
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Brakes & Suspension Suspension Tools & Accessories

2 1/16" 140-280 F Z-Series trans temp gauge(E)

2 1/16" 140-280 F Z-Series trans temp gauge(E)
SKU: 74321
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Z-Series

Vinyl Protector Plug 5/16" To 1-3/4" 54 Pieces

Abrasive blasting is the most effective way to clean a wide variety of parts, but how do you keep the blasting media out of the component you are cleaning? use this set of 54 assorted vinyl protector plugs to protect threads, pipe ends, shafts, etc. while blasting. Quicker and easier than masking tape.
SKU: 22002
Category: Rust Treatment Rust Removal Abrasive Blasting

Bodyshop Basics VHS Video from Paintucation

Bodyshop Basics - An introduction to the tools and techniques used in the professional bodyshop. Includes compressor/air line set-up, pneumatic tools, spray guns and safety equipment. Runs through a complete autobody repair including working out the dent, filling, sanding, priming, blending and much more. A video suitable for amateur or professional refinishers. 90 mins VHS. The more advanced Series of Paintucation videos (34136) includes Metal Prep/Rust Repair, Paint Your Car, and Color Sanding/Buffing at a savings.
SKU: 34185
Category: Specialty Coatings Painting Books & Videos

Shaping Aluminum w/Hand Tools Video

Metalworking expert Ron Covell shows you how to fabricate compound curves on aluminum with relatively modest equipment. A great video for anyone interested in fabricating their own panels. Hand shrinker, sandbag and mallet, and welding techniques are demonstrated. VHS, approx. 104 minutes.
SKU: 28081
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication Books & Videos

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