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Painters Nib File Fine

This tool, mounted on a wooden block, saves lots of time and labor by letting you dress down hardened high spots. Finish the repair with wet/dry sandpaper.
SKU: 34000
Category: Specialty Coatings Painting Paint Prep/Touch Up

Black Silicone Vacuum Hose Detailing Kit

Brightly Colored Silicone Vacuum Hoses - Add visual interest under the hood. Each Underhood Detailing Kit includes: the following lengths of hose 10' of 3.5mm, 15' of 4.0mm, 6' of 6.0mm, and 4' of 8.0mm and a hose cutter, slitter, pk. of 30 ties, Hose Techniques stickers and instructions.
SKU: 46211
Category: Styling-Care-& Custom Styling Engine

5" 9000 rpm black face Sport-Comp playback tach

Advanced electronic circuitry and precision air core meter provide fast response and smooth movement under the most demanding conditions. Air core eliminates drive against bi-metal by utilizing magnetic fields for resistance free and exact operation. The rubber lined shock strap absorbs the rough pounding and vibration commonly found in sportsman racing. Includes playback for post-run analysis. Operates on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines with standard electronic and most high perf. racing ignitions with 12V power.
SKU: 74555
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Sport Comp

TPI & TBI Weld In Oxygen Sensor Fitting

TPI & TBI WELD IN OXYGEN SENSOR FITTING #60406 - Weld-in Oxygen sensor fitting all fuel injection systems.
SKU: 60219
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic Tools & Accessories

Hotcoat Pro Deluxe Kit

HotCoat PRO Deluxe Kit - Save $56.81 over individual pricing with this kit! This kit includes the HotCoat PRO Gun (58100), 2 lbs. of High Gloss Black Powder (10107), a 20 fluid oz. pump spray bottle of Oxisolv Rust Remover (16026), a 7 oz. net wt. can of Metal Wash (10120), the 110 piece assortment of High Temp Silicone Caps and Plugs (58041), a 1/2" and 1" roll of High Temp Masking Tape (10027 and 10115 respectively), a 1 lb. spool of Stainless Steel Wire (43045), Set of 3 Gun Cups and Lids (58101), and a Disposable Moisture Filter (34066), and PRE Painting Prep (10041Z). GROUND SHIPPABLE ONLY !!
SKU: 58130 Z
Category: HotCoat Powder Coating Powder Coating Equipment Powder Coat Guns

Heat Shroud Aluminized Sleeving (Velcro) 1" x 36"

Heat Shroud Wire & Line Protector from DEI - Made from the same laminated material and offers the same benefits as the Heat Sheath with the convenience of hook & loop closure. Perfect for wires and hoses that cannot be easily removed.
SKU: 70328
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Drivetrain Heat Control

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