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45 degree -4AM elbow fitting

45deg Elbow Fitting - 4AN elbow fitting, 45deg with swivel nut. Also for use with the new -4AN Fuel Pressure, Brake Pressure, and Nitrous Pressure gauges.
SKU: 74419
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Simichrome Polish 50gm Tube

Simichrome Polish - Shines up aluminum, magnesium, and chrome. We've tried this polish on everything from car mirror mounts to dull bakelite radio trim! Many uses around the home. Made in Germany.
SKU: 13047
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Compounds

18 Gauge White TXL Wire (50 ft.)

Painless Extreme Wire Features - Stranded copper core. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation for superior abrasion resistance. Withstands over 275 degrees F. Exceeds OE specifications for underhood applications. Light weight, easy routing.
SKU: 60294
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic Bulk Wire-Connectors-and Terminals

Trunk/Floor Repair Kit

Rust perforation can require extensive disassembly to remove fuel, brake and electrical lines for a welded repair. In non-structural areas, a fiberglass repair is fine provided the surface prep is done correctly. The Trunk/Floor Repair kit was designed to remove rust, make the repair and prep for primer. Includes: Disposable Gloves, Metal Wash Concentrate, 5" Purple Cleaning Wheel, Drill Mandrel, Quart of Eastwood DeKote, 3 Stainless Steel Toothbrushes, 20 oz Pump Spray Bottle of Oxisolv, 44" by 36" Fiberglass Cloth, 8 square feet of Fiberglass Mat, 1 gallon of Fiberglass Resin with Hardener, and instructions.
SKU: 10520 ZP
Category: Rust Treatment Rust Removal Chemical Rust Removal

Flapdisc 40 Grit 4 Inch Diameter 5/8 Hole

Long-lasting zirconia abrasive discs take the place of resin fiber discs and grinding wheels. Help make weld joints almost undetectable and reduces need for filler. Flap design runs cooler to reduce panel warping and won't gouge metal like ordinary grinding discs. Each flap disc will out last approximately 15 resin fiber discs. Order 1-2 grits coarser than resin fiber discs. Use on your high-speed grinders.
SKU: 19064 A
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication Prep & Finishing

2-1/16" 100-260 F C2 series trans temp gauge(E)

Includes 1/8" NPT sender, 3/8" and 1/2" NPT fittings.
SKU: 75077
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter C2

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