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Weld-In Adapter For 1/8" NPT

Weld in adapter for 1/8" NPT (Pyrometer probe, electric trans, and oil temp.)
SKU: 74186
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Stitch Welder (Welding Rods Not Included)

Welding Sheet Metal Made Easy! Safely weld sheet metal as thin as 22 gauge. Thanks to a reduction diode that reduces output by half, and lets you use AC arc welders set to 80 amps or less. All circuits have a 100% duty cycle. The arc is self-starting, so there is less chance of the rod sticking. Once you strike the arc, lay the rod on the metal and let the machine do the work. The resulting bead is smooth and even - the slag comes off in large pieces. The 5 foot power cord attches to the electrode holder on any AC output arc welder. Use standard arc welding rods up to 3/32" and weld up to 18 gauge steel.
SKU: 19045
Category: Metal Shop Welding Welders

Flitz Clear Coat Gel Wax

Flitz Clear Coat / Gel Coat Wax - Gentle enough for clear coats and gel coats. Tough enough to protect for up to 6 months.
SKU: 13226
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Compounds

Kandy Koncentrates Lime Gold 8 oz

Kandy Koncentrates are used to richen any of our Kosmic Kolor Urethane Enamel Kandys or Kustom Kolor Acrylic Lacquer Kandys. Kandy Koncentrates are perfect for motorcycles, small parts and touch ups when speed is a factor. Use to tint Kandys, strenghten Kandys for faster coverage on frames, door jambs, under trunk and hood areas. Top coats may be cut in half with Kandy Koncentrates. May be added to Intercoat Clear (for urethane enamel topcoats) or Sunscreen Clear (for acrylic lacquer topcoats), for multi-colored Kandy tapeouts with min build. Dry fast, so many colors may be applied in one day. Long shelf life.
SKU: 8545Z 002 8OZ
Category: Auto Body House of Kolor Specialty Products

Tig Wire 1/16 Inch Stainless 1 lb

Stainless fill rod for TIG welders. This quality Lincoln product is type 308 L (low carbon) stainless steel. These rods are supplied in a reusable air tight holder. Rod diameter is 1/16" length is 36".
SKU: 19000 B
Category: Metal Shop Welding Tips-Wire-Parts

Magneto Shutdown Relay Kit

MAGNETO SHUTDOWN RELAY KIT #50104 - Since a magneto does not require battery power to operate, your engine may continue to run even with the battery disconnect switch turned off. Kit grounds the magneto's internal windings, preventing the coil from producing a spark. Easy to install with all hardware and instructions.
SKU: 60154
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic Relay Kits & Connectors

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