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5" 8000 rpm extrnl shift-lite Auto-gage tach(E)

This street tachometer offers a race inspired design with the trademark Auto Meter Monster look. It features a large five inch dial face, which offers maximum readability, and is accented by the fluorescent red pointer. Auto Meter's rubber lined shock strap provides protection against vibration while the mounting base allows mounting in any location. This tachometer features Auto Meter's trademark external shift-lite.
SKU: 75465
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Auto Gauge

2 5/8" 0-1600 psi Ultra-Lite NOS press gauge(E)

Nitrous Pressure 0-1600 PSI Includes 1/8" NPT sender and 8' wiring harness.
SKU: 74681
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Ultra Lite

1 Shot Pearlescent Metallic Blue Green 1/2 Pt

Add the brilliance of these top quality enamel paints to your vehicle's design. They can be applied by airbrush, roller, or brush. They have excellent flow, a nd a durable, long-lasting finish.
SKU: 105 37127Z
Category: Auto Body Pinstriping/Airbrushing Pinstriping Paints

Heat Shrink Tubing w/Adhesive.255" dia 10 pc 3"

The unusually high 4:1 shrink ratio of this tubing along with built-in adhesive ensures an air tight, water tight joint sealing out corrosion from wiring connections. Fits wires just under 1/4" (.225") and smaller. Just use a heat gun, lighter, or match to shrink tubing onto connector and activate adhesive. includes 10 lengths of shrink tube 3" long (enough to seal connections under the hood and car on most vehicles) and complete intructions on package.
SKU: 25077
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic Tools & Accessories

1/2" Dash Indicator Light-Blue

1/2" DASH INDICATOR LIGHT - BLUE #80211 - Conventional filament style indicator lamp provides clear visual indication of accessory status.
SKU: 60324
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic LEDs & Bulbs

RF Center Kit (5-hole Brushd for Grant) w/o Relays

RF CENTER KIT (5 HOLE BRUSHED FOR GRANT) WITHOUT RELAYS #20309- Operate items wirelessly and remotely w/radio frequency transmitter. Eliminates messy switch installation. Programmable five hole brushed finish transmitter fits Grant steering wheels and operates up to 6 items. Each button is programable 4 ways. Momentary action operates only when button is pushed, ignition hot operates item when ignition is on, constant hot operates regardless, and timed operation offers finite use of an item such as a turn signal. Inc. receiver (mountable anywhere on vehicle), and instructions.
SKU: 60076
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic RF Controls & Custom

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