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Mini Buff 1 1/2"

Mini Buff 1 1/2"
SKU: 13140 B
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Buffs

Universal Cam Degreewheel Kit

Dial It In. Properly time your cam to manufacturer specs for maximum engine performance. Includes 9" steel degree wheel, 14mm TDC piston stop, 0-1" dial indicator with 2" face, bolt-on dial indicator base, instructions, engine builder's handbook, and plastic storage case. Imported.
SKU: 46126
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Drivetrain Engine Tools

Engine Paint General Motors Blue Aerosol 12 oz

The correct color and quality engine paint is the foundation of a well detailed engine compartment. Quick drying acrylic enamel, high 80-90% gloss finish is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. Colors shown are approximate. 12oz. net wt. Enough to cover 6 square feet. Buy 2 or more and SAVE!
SKU: 10057 Z
Category: Specialty Coatings UnderHood Coatings Engine Paint

Hotcoat Powder Silver Vein 10 lb

For weatherability and fade resistance top coat with 10286 Gloss Clear.
SKU: 10213 10LBS
Category: HotCoat Powder Coating Powders Textured Colors

Beverly Shear Stand

Floor mounted all steel stand for any Beverly Shear that Eastwood carries. THIS ITEM MAY TAKE 10 DAYS TO 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY
SKU: 28014
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication Cutting

Zoops Seal Starter Kit

Finally a product to protect and seal all of your polished aluminum,chrome,and stainless steel. Easy to apply Zoop's elimintates the need for repeat polishing and prevents dulling and oxidation for up to 2 years. This Eastwood exclusive kit contains enough Zoop's to protect up to four 20" wheels and contains special measuring containers to mix smaller quantities. Formulated to be used on cars, trucks, motocycles, boats, and a variety of other applications. Kit does not include video.
SKU: 10516 Z
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Buffing Kits

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