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Spray Gray Paint Touch Up Pen

Get That Show Perfect Finish We've taken 10 of our most popular Eastwood colors and put them in convenient touch up pens. you can touch up any nicks or chips on your prize winning vehicle, great for small detail work too! Quality enamel paints withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F and dries to the touch in 20 minutes. Great for last minute detailing at the car show! Buy 3 or more, mix and match, and SAVE!
SKU: 10227 Z
Category: Specialty Coatings Detail Coatings Trim Painting/Touch Up

Replacement Bulb & Socket Kit (2.7/3.8/and 4.9)

No. 194/3.8 Watt & No. 168/4.9 Watt For use with 2-1/16" Auto Meter gauges (plastic cases). NOTE: Not for use with gauges with blue plastic cases.
SKU: 74379
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Heel Dolly Rubber Coated

When gentle persuasion is needed for shrinking or shaping this dolly is a must Rubber coating absorbs impact to reduce the likelihood of stretching the metal or damaging paint. Weighs about 1 lb. Measures about 3" wide x 2 1/2" tall x 1 1/2 " thick.
SKU: 31134
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication Forming


Welding Cart - Full-featured cart is designed to store and transport a welder, 80 cubic foot gas cylinder, welding cables and accessories. Includes an angled top shelf for easy access to welder controls, a lower tray for added storage space, a sturdy handle and a convenient cable wrap hanger. Weighs 24.75 lbs. (11.2 kgs. ) The Welder's Handbook (19034) illustrates step-by-step MIG, TIG, arc and gas welding techniques.
SKU: 19148
Category: Metal Shop Welding Welding Tools & Accessories

Gauge Wiring Harness for Electric Speedometer

GAUGE WIRING HARNESS FOR ELECTRIC SPEEDOMETER #30302 - Keep your under-dash area organized and easily remove gauges from time to time. Universal harness will connect to all major brands including Auto Meter and VDO and works with most dash layouts and sizes. For electric speedometers and includes speedometer connections.
SKU: 60104
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic Harnesses

Panel Flanger

Make professional looking and fitting replacement panels. Works equally well on the edges of fenders or quarter panels after rusted areas are cut out. Fits into hard-to-reach areas easily. The Panel Flanger's 10" handle give you extra leverage for easy flanges. Strong cam action jaws produce and offset lip in sheet steel up to 18 gauge, so replacement panels fit flush to the body. Very little grinding is required after welding, and almost no body filler. Makes a neat, precise offset.
SKU: 31092
Category: Auto Body Panel Repair & Prep Panel Prep Tools & Accessories

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