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Mini Die Grinder

This Grinder packs a 22,000 rpm punch. Perfect for porting or detail polishing on cars, boats, aircraft, model buildings, etc. 6" long and equipped with a 1/4" collet. Uses 4 cfm @ 90psi. One year warranty. Imported.
SKU: 46047
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Drivetrain Porting &Grinding

Harsh Environment & Abrasive Blasting Gloves

These gloves are recommended when using this or other strong chemicals.
SKU: 22010
Category: Rust Treatment Rust Removal Abrasive Blasting

Drive Tip-.203 Diameter Tip for ATM-5260 Sender

Drive trip for use with Item # 74822 sender..203" diameter tip.
SKU: 74797
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears

Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears Mini-Nibbler Cuts Metal Without Distortion - Compound leverage action makes cutting much easier than with snips. Starts in the middle of a panel with a 1/4" hole. Jaws are made from hardened steel and are replaceable in seconds. Cuts up to 22 gauge stainless, 18 gauge steel,.059" copper, brass,.079" PVC,.098" Ploycarbonate. Made in France.
SKU: 28191
Category: Metal Shop Fabrication Cutting

2 1/16" 100-250 F Golden Oldie wtr temp(E)blk ndle

Water Temperature 100³-250³F. Includes 1/8" electric sender, 3/8" and 1/2" NPT adapters.
SKU: 74087
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Buff Motor 1 And 1/2 hp With Pedestal

The 1 1/2 hp 3600 rpm motor with 7/8" shaft works very well with the Baldor pedestal. The pedestal is ideal for working on large pieces giving you greater flexibility around the buffer.
SKU: 13010
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Motors/Accessories

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