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Glyptal Red Aerosol 12.75 oz

Recommended by many high performance engine rebuilding books, Glyptal seals the tiny ports left in metal after bead blasting and leaves the engine block interiors smooth. Helps keep the oil clean and flowing freely. Acid and oil resistant. Used on generator and alternator armatures. Glyptal has great electrical insulating properties too!
SKU: 46000 Z
Category: Specialty Coatings UnderHood Coatings Engine Paint

Artic Whit 5 piece Gauge Set Speedo(M) red needles

Each kit box includes a 120 MPH Speedometer, 100 PSI Oil Pressure, 100- 250deg F Water Temperature, 8-18V Voltmeter, and a 240ohm/33ohm Fuel Level Gauge. All mounting hardware, lighting, and gauge senders are included. Kits with an electric speedometer may also require the purchase of a speedometer sender.
SKU: 74026
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Street Rod

1 1/2" 0-15 psi Sport-Comp blk face presure gauge

Auto Meter's new selection of 1 1/2" fuel ressure gauges mount conveniently in the engine compartment for easy adjustments on fuel system, regulators, and carburetors. The gauges are availible in 0-1, 0-60, and 0-100 PSI ranges and can be mounted into any fuel pressure regulator, line, or connector with a 1/8" NPT pressure port. Availible with either a black or silver dial face to match favorite line of Auto Meter High Performance gauges, these fuel pressure gauge will show your flow with precision!
SKU: 74154
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

Buff Wheel Set Four 4 Inch Buffs

This four piece Buff Set includes one each of the 4" diameter buffs: Sisal, Spiral, Canton and Loose.
SKU: 13099
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Buffs

Dynamat Original

Dynamat is a self-stick modified-polymer sheet that adheres to sheet metal, fiberglass, plastic and wood, and effectively dampens out road noise or car audio systems. Original Dynamat is for doors, floors, and general purpose sound deadening. One sheet measuring.070" thick by 19.5" by 32.5". Withstands temperatures up to 350 degrees F.
SKU: 52052
Category: Styling-Care-& Custom Interior Sound Proofing

Hotcoat Powder Iridescent Amethyst 8 oz

Create exciting metallic effects with this iridescent finish! The effect is accentuated when used over dark colors. With five finishes that can be used individually or dry mixed right in the cup, the possible combinations are almost endless. For best results apply base coat of your choice (dark colors produce the most dramatic effect) and cure only long enough to flow out the powder. DO NOT COMPLETELY CURE, as adhesion of the Iridescent topcoat will suffer. Apply Iridescent or blend of Iridescents and cure for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F after flow-out. Cured finish is a smooth high gloss. Made in the USA.
SKU: 100 10323
Category: HotCoat Powder Coating Powders Iridescent Colors

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