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Door Skin Removal Plier 25mm wide

Door Skin Removal Pliers - Just drill out the few spot welds and remove the door skin with this specialty designed plier. Removes both steel and aluminum panels. Tapered jaw gradually unfolds crimped edge while the curved face holds the door edge. Hardened steel handles with vinyl grips assure years of use. This tool can also be used to create narrow width channels (down to 1/4" width) with shallow (up to 7/16") right angle sides. Made in France. Limited 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
SKU: 28244
Category: Auto Body Body & Fender Door Skin Tools

Moisture And Oil Filter Combo Kit

Moisture and oil separators are an unbeatable combination for helping you get professional results. Together, they will remove 99.9% of the contaminates that can ruin paint jobs and painting equipment. The oil separator is a coalescing type and filters particles as small as 0.3 microns. The moisture separator ensures dry air to the gun and takes out particulates down to 40 microns. Both have 1/2" NPT ports and handle up to 150 PSI. Use both, connected in series, for best results.
SKU: 34106
Category: Specialty Coatings Painting Paint Gun Accessories

Facer And Mushroom Buff Kit

Get in Tight With These Buffs. The fine-weave cotton of this mushroom-shaped buff works faster than conventional felt bobs and also lasts longer. The 1/4" hex shaft resists slipping in your drill chuck while its plastic ferrule prevents scratching the recessed areas of your workpiece. These unique buffs will help you reach into deep recessed areas on your project. Great to use when the area is too large for a felt bob. Like the larger mushroom buff above, they feature 1/4" hex shafts and plastic ferrules. Max. rpm 10,000.
SKU: 13168
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Buffs

Kwikure Epoxy Primer Activator Pint

Kwikure Epoxy Primer is a hi-solids catalyzed primer that meets all current air regulations. It is a National Rule and SCAQMD Rule 1151 compliant primer. This primer is designed to be the first primer applied to bare steel, aluminum, fiberglass,magnesium and galvanized surfaces. It's tenacious adhesion, hi-build,and excellent durability, water and corrosion resistance makes it a logical choice for the basis of a long lasting paint job. May be reduced up to 10% with RU-300 (8529ZP 004 QT) for improved flow out and sprayability.
SKU: 8501ZP 004 PT
Category: Auto Body House of Kolor Prep/Undercoat

Vinyl Eraser Arbor

Vinyl Eraser Arbor
SKU: 37023 B
Category: Auto Body Pinstriping/Airbrushing Pinstriping Wheels & Accessories

Ice Pearl Concentrate Ice White 2 oz

Ice Pearl glass flake pigments go beyond traditional pearls in brightness of color,transparency, and reflectivity.They have brightness and sparkle under sunlight conditions. Ice Pearl may be used in any of our SHIMRIN universal bases, Kandys, Klears, or Kustom Bases. They are an excellent base for Kandy bases, giving a brilliant glitter effect. Blends of Ice Pearl pigments give truemulti-color effect,showing individual colors of the pearl used in the blend. IcePearl gives the custom painter additional creativity to design "one of a kind" custom finishes.
SKU: 8538 002 2OZ
Category: Auto Body House of Kolor Specialty Products

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