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Electrical Terminal Cleaning & Protection Kit

Cleaner Contacts = Better Performance - Dirty contacts cause many poor running conditions, audio system "noise" and inoperative accessories. DeoxIT dissolves oxides and lubricates to restore switches, connectors, relay contacts, etc. DeoxIT Pen (25111) w/abrasive tapered application tip, reaches recessed areas. DeoxIT Spray (25110) with 3-5/8" extension wand reaches into relay housings, recessed contacts and plugs. The Complete Electrical Cleaning & Protection Kit (25112) includes the DeoxiIT Pen and Spray, Kopre Shield (25002), & Fiberglass Rust Brush (34119) to readily treat ground lugs, starter contacts and more.
SKU: 25112
Category: Electrical/Diagnostic Tools & Accessories

SHIMRIN Black Pearls Black Gold Quart

SHIMRIN Black Pearls (PBC) are universal base coats that may simply be cleared for a final finish, or used as a base coat for Kandys or Pearls. Due to their unique chemistry make-up, they may be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. These Designer Pearls are usually applied over 8513ZP Shimrin Black BC-25. See the Materials Guide pgs. 67-68 of the Tech Guide or our website for required quantity.
SKU: 8506ZP 003 QT
Category: Auto Body House of Kolor Shimrin Bases

2-5/8" 0E/90F Ohms Black Auto-Gage fuel gauge(E)

Pack a set of larger sized 2-5/8" mechanical gauges in your street machine! Auto gage(R) puts the power of performance in your dash with these bold 270deg "full sweep" instruments, giving you maximum visibility under the most demanding conditions. All of the individual gauges include an optional chrome plated bezel that snaps on to add sparkle if desired. The Fuel Level gage (0 Ohm empty/90 Ohm full) fits most GM vehicles. Connects to stock sender in fuel tank. Check resistance (ohms) with an ohmmeter when tank is empty and full.
SKU: 74218
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Auto Gauge

Buff Wheel 10" Loose 80 ply 3/4" Hole

This buff lasts twice as long as our (13041) 10" Loose Section 40 ply wheel while the 1" wide face speeds results on wider surfaces. Use this wheel with White Rouge (13001), or any of our Greaseless Compounds.
SKU: 13249
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Buffs

Pick Hammer, Wood Handle

Long Pick Hammer - Raises dents in recesses and around braces. Includes 1-1/4" round high crown face and 5-1/2" long 1/32" tip. Weighs.91 lbs.
SKU: 31319
Category: Body & Fender Dent Repair Body Hammers & Dollies

Complete Steering Wheel Restoration Kit

Repair Plastic and Hard Rubber Steering Wheels - Use this kit to repair cracks in most steering wheels. Includes 1/2 lb of PC-7 Epoxy (52195) to fill cracks, an aerosol can of PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) to clean the surface, an aerosol can of Self Etching Primer (16014Z) to fill minor imperfections and provide adhesion for the top coat and instructions.
SKU: 52194 Z
Category: Styling-Care-& Custom Styling Custom Interior

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