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SHIMRIN Fine Metallic Solar Gold Quart

SHIMRIN Fine Metallic Bases (FBC) are universal base coats that may simply be cleared for a final finish, or used as a base coat for Kandys. Due to their unique chemistry make-up, they may be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. Use a Ko-Seal (8502ZP or 8503ZP) of similar hue for a uniform base.
SKU: 8511ZP 001 QT
Category: Auto Body House of Kolor Shimrin Bases

RF Center Kit (Dlx Polishd Transmitter) w/o Relays

RF CENTER KIT (DELUXE POLISHED TRANSMITTER) W/O RELAYS #20307 - Operate items wirelessly and remotely w/radio frequency transmitter. Eliminates messy switch installation. Programmable polished finish transmitter fits in center of your steering wheel and operates up to 6 items. Each button is programable 4 ways. Momentary action operates only when button is pushed, ignition hot operates item when ignition is on, constant hot operates regardless, and timed operation offers finite use of an item such as a turn signal. Inc. receiver (mountable anywhere on vehicle), and instructions.
SKU: 60074
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Electrical & Diagnostic RF Controls & Custom

Self Etching Primer Black 1 Qt

This easy-to-use quart etches and primes bare, rust-free metal in one step, saving you a great deal of time. Adheres to steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel and is compatible with virtually any paint or auto finish. It is also a single-stage formula which requires no catalyst, making it easier to use. NOT FOR USE UNDER CHASSIS BLACK. Quart comes pre-thinned for spraying. Buy 3 or more and SAVE!
SKU: 16109 ZP
Category: Rust Treatment Rust Prevention Bare Metal Coatings

2-1/16" Trpl Pillar Black Acura Integra 1994-99 2D

2-1/16" Trpl Pillar Black Acura Integra 1994-99 2D
SKU: 75375
Category: Performance and Tune-Up AutoMeter Pods

Flap Disc 36 grit 7in Dia 7/8in Hole Alum Zirconia

Long-lasting zirconia abrasive discs take the place of resin fiber discs and grinding wheels. Help make weld joints almost undetectable and reduces need for filler. Flap design runs cooler to reduce panel warping and won't gouge metal like ordinary grinding discs. Each flap disc will out last approximately 15 resin fiber discs. Order 1-2 grits coarser than resin fiber discs. Use on your high-speed grinders.
SKU: 19154
Category: Body & Fender Panel Prep Cleaning & Stripping

1 Shot Paint Kansas City Teal 1/2 Pt

Kansas City Teal 1-Shot Enamel covers with a single stroke. Lead free, for safe easy application to virtually any surface.
SKU: 105 37150Z
Category: Auto Body Pinstriping/Airbrushing Pinstriping Paints

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