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Aluminum Manifold Buff Kit

Designed to take aluminum manifolds from raw castings to shining brilliance. Kit includes a tube of Grinder's Grease which extends the life of abrasive rolls. Kit can also be ordered with a can of Clear Coat Barrier aerosol to protect the luster of your polished manifold (not a fuel resistant coating). Also included are two felt cones, assorted midget buffs, Tripoli and White Rouge Compound, wheel arbor, grinding rolls and mandrel, and 8 page buffing manual.
SKU: 13149
Category: Metal Buffing & Finishing Buffing Buffing Kits

Hotcoat Powder Semi Gloss Black 2 lb

Hotcoat Powder Semi Gloss Black 2 lb
SKU: 10108 2 LBS
Category: HotCoat Powder Coating Powders Standard Colors

5/8"-18 Unf To M16x1.5 Temp gauge Metric Adapter

For Adapting Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauges to Most Foreign Cars 5/8"-18 UNF to M16x1.5
SKU: 74199
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

EW Dekote Paint Stripper 5 Gallon

Safer Stripper - Want to get away from Methylene Chloride and still remove tough urethane, epoxy and powder coatings? Then Eastwood DeKote is the answer. Available in aerosol, qt., gal, 5 and 55 gallon drums this paint remover will not harm steel, aluminum, pot metal die cast, fiberglass and SMC panels. The longer dwell time (30 minutes to 3 hours) means it doesn't work as fast as Methylene Chloride based strippers but it provides time for the remover to penetrate multiple coats. Available in quart,and gallon containers as well as 5 and 55 gallon drums for easy brush-on or dip application.
SKU: 10412
Category: Specialty Coatings Painting Chemical Stripper

Ignitor Ignition Kit Ford 2000Cc Engine 1971-74

Never Change Points Again - The Ignitor from Pertronix takes the place of standard points and fits under the stock distributor cap. Installs in about 15 minutes! Provides a 2:1 improvement over "point type" systems. Experience reliable ignition performance in all weather and rpm conditions. Increases horsepower, fuel economy and spark plug life. This proven technology has been used in race cars, off road vehicles, back yard mechanics and more for over 25 years. Legal in all 50 states and Canada (CARB E.O. #D-57-2).
SKU: 70048
Category: Performance and Tune-Up Ignition Electric Ignition Conversion

2 1/16" 0E/30F Designer Blk fuel gauge red needle

Fuel Level (0 ohm empty/30 ohm full) For most GM vehicles before 1965.
SKU: 74063
Category: Auto Accessories and Gifts

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