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  • Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region
    Guide to Birds of North America
    Boy & Girl Angel Globe Holder Feeder or Bath
    Garden Animal Accents
    #16: Imported Riverwood Hennock Robin Box

  • Small Spun Roof Thistle Feeder
    Cedar Purple Martin House Deluxe
    Songbird Window Feeder
    Ultimate Squirrel Proof Feeder

  • Heron on a Branch - Brass Sculpture
    Hummingbird Clock & Thermometer Combo
    The Table Wood Base Gong
    Cast Aluminum Roman Urn with Brass Handles & Stand
    Regal Peacock Sculpture

  • The Copper Hummingbird Feeder Extension Hook
    The LoveNest Victorian Feeder
    Bunny Crossing Garden Sign-Copper
    The Little Church Birdhouse

  • Chickadee Garden Birdfeeder
    14k Butterflies Pendant
    Medium Butterfly Sundial
    Celestial Sphere & Garden Stand
    Songbird Mister & Dripper Cpombination

  • The Droll Yankee Base Adapter for Garden Pole Mounting
    The Small Butterfly House
    The St. Simons Verdigris Roof Feeder
    Four Seasons Stepping Stones
    The Limbo Sprinkler

  • Victorian Garden Cabinet
    Corner Mount Bird Bath/ Seed Tray
    Suet Hanging Basket-Green
    The Bee Skep Sculpture Sprinkler
    Garden Marker - Emerson

  • Nautilus Wind Dancer
    The Wren Plaque- Standard
    The 7x18mm Compact Waterproof Binocular
    The Copper Garden Trellis
    Dragonfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Limestone

  • Heated Bird Bath
    Bird Finials
    Tabby Bird 14 Inch Copper Bird Feeder
    Ruby Throated Hummingbird Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    64" Iron Double Hanger with Hummingbird

  • Sunshine Bird Pond with Dual Spillway Falls
    Raptor� 7-21x21mm Zoom Binocular
    Welcome to My Garden
    The Inca Feeder & Birdhouse with Optional Pedestal
    Hooded Merganser Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Welcome Plaque- Pineapple
    Traditional 2 Foot Pedestal Base
    Large Angel Bird Bath on Pedestal
    Williamsburg Garden Markers

  • Sun & Moon Sundial
    How Birds Migrate by Paul Kerlinger
    Pole Mountable Bird House - Select Your Color
    18" Curved Hanger
    Traditional Pedestal Base-Verdigris Highlights

  • Millenium Globe Mixed Seed Feeder
    Baf-1 Squirrel Baffle
    Table Top Fountain & Bath with Spouting Fish
    Evenseed Silo
    Bonaparte Flycatcher (Canada Warbler) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Bird Bath & Butterfly
    Hummingbird Hand Painted Sundial
    The Skyline Hummingbird Feeder
    Carousel Bird Feeder- Green
    The Pachanga Sprinkler

  • Sailboat Sundial & Bath
    Original Nut Feeder-Green
    Pine Cone Metal Tea Lantern
    Sleeping Garden Sign-Set of Two

  • 9" Curved Hanger
    The Signature Mailbox Podium
    The Bat Tower
    Predator 10-40x21mm Binoculars
    Cast Aluminum Tuscan Urn with Bronze Handles & Stand

  • Triple Tube Metal Haven- 9 Port
    Memories Sundial
    The Oslo Fountain
    Bird's Choice Feeder
    Grape Clock & Thermometer Package

  • The Equatorial Sundial
    The Celestial Sphere Sundial
    The Split Base Bell
    Bunny Sprinkler
    House Wren Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • Bird Sanctuary
    The Kiss Sculpture Sprinkler
    Wind Bell Chime
    Squirrel Munch Box

    The Bamboo Garden Feeder
    Birdsong Identiflyer
    The Round Triple Stand Gong
    The Covered Bridge Feeder

  • 14k Barn Owl Pendant
    The Sierra Waterfalls & Fountain
    Casement Window Feeder
    Standing Platform with Reinforcement
    Designer Finch Feeder

  • Stainless Steel Sunflower & Peanut Feeder
    Large Mixed Seed Feeder- Pewter
    Nature Degree Thermometers
    The Atlanta Copper Feeder
    K Feeder Squirrel Baffel - Clear

  • The Droll Yankee Scroll Hook
    Osprey 10x50 mm Binoculars
    The Flower Garden Bird House
    Globe Fairy
    Bird Stepping Stones-Set of Two

  • Juarez Cast Iron Chimenea
    The Stars & Stripes Bird House
    Large Nut /Sunflower Feeder- Claret Red
    Deck Railing Bird Feeder
    Large Celestial Sphere & Garden Stand

  • Mini Classic Window Feeder
    The Squirrel Log
    Cedar Plus Hanging Feeder with Suet Sides
    Oakleaf Birdbath and Pedestal
    The Droll Yankee Retrofit Domed Cage

  • Fisherboy Sundial & Birdbath Combination
    Peanut Selective Feeder
    Squirrel Proof Platform Feeder with Roof
    Pole Mountable Bird Feeder - Unpainted
    Hanging Seed Catcher Mixed/Sunflower Seed Feeder

  • 8 inch Solid Brass Victorian Flower Urn
    The Cape Charles - Estate
    By Gone Era Dairy Barn Bird Feeder
    Original Nut Feeder-Pewter
    Cedar Gateway Feeder

  • The Alpine Inn Birdhouse-White
    Telescoping Pole for Cedar Purple Martin House Deluxe
    Spearpoint Obelisk Plant Support
    Birdhouse Network Wren House
    Kinglet� 8x21mm Compact Binoculars

  • Common Gallinule (Purple Gallinule) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Brass Herb Markers - Set of 15
    The Block Cottage -White
    Dads Sprinkler Garden Sign
    Almond Delight Suet Cakes (12)

  • The Copper Garden Pillar
    Peanut Selective Feeder
    Cast Aluminum Tuscan Urn
    Butterfly Rain Bug Sprinkler
    Windpetal Hummingbird Sprinkler

  • Large Bird Bath on Pedestal
    The Friends in High Places Bird House
    The Norfolk Vertical Plaque- Standard
    Large Octaganal Bird Bath/ Seed Tray
    7 Foot Cedar Post

  • Time & Seasons Thermometer
    The Heart & Hare Bird House
    Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal
    Golf Clock
    Peter Rabbit Garden Accent & Door/Gate Stops-Set of Two

  • The Brass Sunrise-Sunset Sundial
    The Brass Swan Sundial
    Woodpecker Nesting Box
    Richmond Horizontal - Estate
    The Lyon Vertical Plaque- Estate

  • Butterfly Birdbath and Pedestal
    The Double Line Plaque - Standard
    Pole Mountable Bird House - Unpainted
    Venasca Trellis Screen

  • The Moose Lodge Bird House
    Single Tube Bird Feeder
    Frogs with Lotus- Brass & Marble Sculpture
    Morning Glory Sundial & Birdbath Combination
    The Shell Plaque - Estate

  • Slotted Bluebird Nesting Box
    Dragonfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green
    Heated Bird Bath
    Pewter Thistle Feeder
    Table Top Fountain & Bath with Turtle

  • Handbook of the Birds of the World, Bundled Offer
    The Spire Bird Bath
    Gracious Curved Deck Hanger
    The Winterthur Zodiac Sundial & Stand
    The Brass Thoreau Sundial

  • #13: Imported Riverwood Manaton Tit Box
    Ultimate Squirrel Proof Feeder- Thistle Feeder
    BOULDER BATH w/ Ivy Dripper
    Gardening Angel
    The Bird Hotel

  • Royal Blue Clock, Terra Cotta
    The Lotus Leaf Birdbath & Cedar Waxwings with Smithsonian Stand
    The Hanging Feeder or Bath with Bracket
    Naughty Duckling Door Stop
    The Cherub Sundial

  • The Pig Pen Bird House
    20 Bat House
    Classic Gazebo Ceramic Peanut Feeder
    Deluxe Sunflower Bird Feeder Package
    Window Glass Sculpture

  • Triple Tube Feeder ( 9 Feeding Ports)
    Aesop's Cast Iron Turtles-Set of Four
    Rose Pattern 12 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    The Roman Sundial & Stand
    The Time Share Bird House

  • The Indoor Fossil Rock Tabletop Fountain & Friends
    Large Nut /Sunflower Feeder- Claret Red
    The Looks Fishy Bird House
    LeFleur Wind Dancer
    Deluxe In House Window Feeder

  • The Ball Finial Pyramid Trellis
    Tweety Wind Dancer
    Garden Marker - Growth
    The Royal Victorian Feeder
    Heated Bird Bath De-Icer

  • The Sunyside Inn-Turquoise
    Songview In-House Mirrored Window Feeder
    The Vinyard Cafe Birdfeeder
    24 Compartment Purple Martin Castle
    The Mini Water Can Candle Pot

  • Terra Cotta Combo Bird Feeder & Bath
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8" Window Thistle Feeder with 2 seed ports:
    The Brass Roman Sundial & Stand
    Windmill Top for Obelisks
    Sunlight Window Feeder

  • The Rose Sundial
    Mister & Dripper Combination w/ Pebbled Base
    The Small Hanging Bird Bath with Chain
    Garden Marker - Welcome
    Love Shack Garden Sign-Set of Two

  • Raptor� 7-21x21mm Zoom Binocular
    12 Room Aluminum Purple Martin House
    Blue Crane (Little Blue Heron) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Large Bird Bath & Bird Feeder on Pedestal
    Large Grotto

  • Loon Sundial & Birdbath Combination
    Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand 970
    Brittania Bookends - Pair
    The Birdbath Sundial & Tree Pedestal Base
    Shenandoah Spring with Layered Hollow Waterfall.

  • Bird in Flight Window Feeder

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