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  • The Large Hanging Bird Bath with Chain
    Pyramid Fountain & Bath- 28 Inches
    The Seaside Birdhouse
    The Droll Yankee Extra Long Tubular Feeder
    Williamsburg Pineapple Fountain & Grecian Stand

  • Song Bird Guatemalan Coffee
    The Artesian Waterfalls & Fountain
    The Sierra Waterfalls & Fountain
    The Wave Sculpture Sprinkler
    By Gone Era Southern Plantation Bird Feeder

  • The Morning Glory Oval Plaque- Standard
    The Festival Lantern Hummingbird Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8" Window Feeder with 2 seed ports:
    24 Room Aluminum Purple Martin House
    The Bird Barn Birdhouse - White

  • Small Nut/Sunflower Feeder- Claret Red
    The Sundial Conical Planter Base
    Large Nut /Sunflower Feeder- Pewter
    Cast Aluminum Tuscan Urn
    Dragonfly Pedestal with Gazing Globe

  • The Classic Window Feeder
    Hummingbird Arbor
    Hummingbird Feeder- 16 0z
    Black Oil Sunflower -17 lb. Fresh Pack
    The Wave Sculpture Sprinkler

  • Roman Sundial Pedestal
    Charleston Swan Door Stop/ Garden Ornament
    The Copper-Top Butterfly House
    Butterfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green
    The Droll Yankee Universal Seed Tray

  • Large Frog Bath & Feeder on Pedestal
    Rhumba Rain Dancers
    The Greenwich Amillary & Tall Grecian Stand
    Chest of Drawers Planter
    The George Washington Brass Sundial & Stand

  • Hawks Aloft The Story of Hawk Mountain by Maurice Broun
    The Brass Seasons Sundial
    The Sun Chimney
    Dragonfly Tube Bird Feeder- 12 Inch
    Hummingbird Silhouette Weathervane

  • Bird Bath Protector-4 0z.
    Hummingbirds of North America
    The Victorian Mansion Bird House
    #10: Imported Riverwood Manaton Robin Box
    The Copper Patio Pillar

  • Two Story Plantation Bird House
    Birdsong Identiflyer-Carrying Case
    Classic Bluebird House
    The Table Wood Base Bell
    Long Shingled Bird House

  • Vigors's Warbler (Pine Warbler) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Dreamers Sculpture Sprinkler
    The Large Bed & Breakfast Bird Feeder & House
    Sitting Cherub Globe Holder
    Black Oil Sunflower -40 lb. Fresh Pack

    The Galaxy Lantern
    Queen Anne Bookends - Pair
    The Birder's Journal-by Mel Baughman

  • The Hummingbird Weathervane
    The Denmark Fountain & Bath
    Fruit & Bird Combination Thermometer & Clock
    Easyview Windowsill Birdbath
    Brass Watering Can Sprinkler

  • Grandmas Sprinkler Garden Sign
    Green Dragonfly Pedestal with Gazing Globe
    The Welcome Plaque- Daffodils
    Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the SeaShore

  • The Predator Binocular
    Garden Pillar Sculpture Sprinkler
    Flush Mount Bird Bath/ Seed Tray
    Woodpecker Chickadee Nuthatch Blend -5 lb. Fresh Pack
    Open Top Bluebird House

  • The Droll Yankee Window Hummingbird Feeder
    The Latham Park Feeder
    LeFleur Wind Dancer
    Trumpetvine Metal Tea Lantern
    The Butterfly Box

  • Cha Cha Rain Dancer
    Large Swan Planter
    The Droll Yankee Complete Clamp
    Grey Rabbit Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Lily Flower Stake Pedestal

  • The En-Joy-Um Squirrel Feeder
    CopperTop Traditional Wren House
    Thistle Seed Avian Feeder without Cage
    The Birds Approval Bird House
    Standing Birdbath - Forest Green

  • Roman Bath Pedestal
    Medium Box Beam Fountain- Black Steel Stand
    The Ivy Oval Plaque- Standard
    The Solid Brass 14 inch Classic Greek Urn
    All Purpose Backyard Birdhouse

  • The Country Charm Flower Wagon
    Flammarion Vertical Italian Ceramic Sundial
    Come to the Garden Sign-Set of Two
    Squirrel Proof Thistle Tube Bird Feeder- 4.5 lb Capacity
    Fortress Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

  • The Bat House
    Rose Birdbath and Pedestal
    NY Public Library Reproduction Lions-Set of Two
    14k Hummingbird Earrings
    The Droll Yankee B7 Domed Cage

  • Nectar Bar Hummingbird Window Feeder
    The Coventry Plaque- Standard
    Two Herons - Brass & Marble Sculpture
    The Nantucket Trellis
    Box Beam Fountain- Rusted Steel Stand

  • Day Sailer Sundial
    K Feeder Pole Squirrel Baffel-KPB
    Praying Mantis Rain Bug Sprinkler
    EasyView Jr. Window Feeder
    Arch Marker- Two Sided Lawn

  • Warblers on North America
    The Cathedral Nesting and Roosting House
    The All Weather Feeder
    Pyramid Fountain & Bath- 28 Inches
    Bird Bath with Metal Stand / Deck Attachment

  • Oakleaf Pedestal with Gazing Globe
    The Droll Yankee Super Link Hook
    Painted English Rose Arch Bench
    Universal "Super Dome" Squirrel Baffel
    The Three Flowers Feeder

  • Micro 6x16mm Binoculars
    The Cat-Eye Binocular
    Fence Toppers
    The Solid Brass English Pot Trio
    Downy Woodpecker by Gary Ritchison

  • The Bat Condominium
    Imported Old Style Swan Bird Bath
    Trumpetvine Pattern 12 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    The Copper Butterfly Extension Hook
    Medium Box Beam Fountain- Black Steel Stand

  • Copper Leaves Oriole Fruit & Seed Feeder
    Calvin the Cardinal Garden Sculpture
    American Flamingo Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Duncraft 7.5 Inch Seed Tray
    The Unique Wood Duck Tableau of a Field Trip with Frank Bellrose and Scott Nielsen by Richard E. McCabe

  • Garden Ballet Hummingbird Mobile
    The Fountain House & Feeder
    Giardano Trellis Screen
    Deluxe Bird Bath with Pedestal
    Cat Nature Hook

  • Bella the Butterfly Garden Sculpture
    C-50 Bird Bath De-Icer
    The Dragonfly Weathervane
    BLUEBIRD FEEDER- Fruit / Mealworm Feeders

  • Cornice Column Pedestal Base
    Monopoly National Parks Edition
    Time & Seasons Thermometer
    Garden Marker - Happiness
    Song Bird Guatemalan / Ground Coffee

  • Wild Bill 4 Port Squirrel Stinger
    Deck Railing Bird Feeder
    Woodpecker Feeder
    Rocky Mountain Spring with Dripper
    Fisherboy Sundial & Birdbath Combination

    Small Celestial Sphere & Garden Stand
    The Medium Feeder on Narrow Base
    Vuvi Garden Spirit Misting Sprinkler
    Orange Delight Suet Cakes (12)

  • Terra Cotta Wren House
    Classic Tube Bird Feeder- 1 lb Capacity
    The Voyager Birdbath & Sundial with Polished Bronze Boat & Stand
    The Droll Yankee A-6T Seed Tray
    World Time Sundial

  • The EasyView Windowsill Feeder
    The Copenhagen Fountain & Birdbath
    Hummingbird Fuchsia Doorbell and Knocker Combination
    Dragonfly Tea Lantern
    Butterfly Hibernation Box

  • Sun Stake Pedestal
    The St. Simons Slate Roof Feeder
    Cardinal Combination Thermometer & Clock
    Bucking Bronco 18 Inch Copper & Cedar Bird Feeder
    Sandstone (Resin) Neoclassic Bath

  • Dragonfly Sundial
    The Kiss Sculpture Sprinkler
    The Large V-Bar Bird Bath
    The Connecticut Retreat Birdhouse
    Argos Column Pedestal Stand

  • Fly-Thru Bird Feeder
    The Copper Patio Trellis
    Hanging Bird House - Unpainted
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-The Calling Card
    Classic Tube Bird Feeder- 3 lb Capacity

  • High Profile Pedestal
    Oakleaf 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    Deluxe Jumbo Combo Bird Feeder
    Grandpas Sprinkler Garden Sign

  • Yellow-billed Cuckoo Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Dreamers Sculpture Sprinkler
    Bird Bath on Pedestal
    Wall Mount Half Circle Basket

  • The Flying Duck Arch Plaque- Standard
    Bluebird House
    Le Grande Gazebo
    The Ultimate Bird Feeder-Green
    Antique Stone Hummingbird Clock

  • Terra Cotta "Old Sol" Bird Feeder
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Forest
    The Droll Yankee 23 Inch Metal Thistle Feeder with 8 seed ports -Green
    The Sundial Conical Planter Base
    Sunflower Haven Feeder

  • Two Story Carriage Birdhouse
    The Arabic Sundial & Stand
    Squirrel Nature Hook
    The Viewable Wren-De-Vous Hanging Birdhouse
    OutDoor Pak´┐Ż Gift Ensemble

  • Small Suet Feeder-Claret Red
    Double Suet Bird Feeder
    15" Wrought Iron Hanger
    Garden Marker - The Reminder
    Garden Marker - The Gardener

  • Ladybug Ranch
    Berry Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    The School House Refuge Bird Feeder
    CopperTop Windowsill Feeder
    Backyard Best Blend-4 lb. Fresh Pack

  • Roanoke - Petite
    Ultimate Bird Feeding System-Green
    The Backyard Birdhouse Book
    The Mariner's Birdbath & Classic Stand
    Love Blooms Garden Sign

  • The Small Galileo Sundial
    The Droll Yankee Evergreen Cage Feeder
    The Victorian Bat House
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 23 Inch Feeder with 6 seed ports.
    The Fish Table Top Chimney

  • The Yosemite Waterfalls & Fountain
    6-Function, Multi-Use Optical Tool
    Small Copper Top Bird House
    National Geographic Birder's Journal
    The Droll Yankee Warning Web

  • Grecian Sundial Pedestal
    Mixed Seed & Sunflower Caged Avian Feeder/Pole Mounted or Hanging
    The Voyager Birdbath & Classic Stand
    The Windsor Vertical Plaque- Standard
    Infinite Bird Feeding System-Green

  • Hummingbird Nature Hook
    Pro8 Double Hanging Wooden Feeder
    Craftsman Metal Tea Lantern
    Free Hanging Copper Leaf Feeder
    The Colonial Lantern

  • Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Western Yardbirds
    Dragonfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green
    Supreme Stainless Steel Nut Feeder
    Carolina Parrot Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Sundial Planter Base-Rust
    Garden Marker - Earth
    Frog Dish Bird Feeder
    Eight Room Cedar Martin House
    The Brass Moon & Stars Sundial

  • National Geographic Birding Book Bundle
    Bonus Buy Sunflower Kernels-(12) 5 lb. Fresh Packs
    The Fountain House & Feeder
    Original Nut Feeder-Pewter
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Marsh & Wetlands

  • The Greek Key - Estate
    Mister & Dripper Combination w/ Pebbled Base MDWO
    The Egg & Dart Plaque- Estate
    Flamingo Feeding Misting Sprinkler
    The Inside Corner Bird Bath

  • The Chickadee Bird Bath
    Time & Seasons Clock
    The Sunflower Birdbath or Feeder
    Upside Down Suet Feeder
    Columbia Jay (Magpie Jay) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • Sunshine's Small Bat House
    Birdsong Identiflyer-Total Package
    Hummingbird Hose Holder
    Pro4 Hanging Wooden Feeder
    4 Hook Garden Hanger- 90 Inch

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