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  • Butterfly Gift Set
    Garden Ballet Hummingbird Mobile
    The Fountain Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 23" Thistle Feeder with 8 Thistle ports.
    #1: Imported Riverwood Widecombe Dovecote

  • The Copper Frog Extension Hook
    Cedar Garden Stakes
    Maine Bay Window Feeder
    The Cast Iron Astro Sundial
    The Colorado Cascade Waterfalls & Fountain

  • The Monogram Plaque- Estate
    The Classic Verdigris Farm Bell
    Triple Tube Metal Haven- 9 Port Feeder
    BirdSeed "Birdie" Wreath
    The Cow Over the Moon Bird House

  • The Butterfly Wiggle
    The Cape Cod Arbor
    Little Limbo Sprinkler
    Virginia Tech Bird Feeder
    Kiss of the Sun Garden Sign-Set of Two

  • Song Bird Costa Rican Light Coffee
    Ultimate Bird Feeding System
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8" Window Thistle Feeder with 2 seed ports:
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Forest Edge
    Bonus Buy- Backyard Best Blend-(12) 4 lb. Fresh Packs

  • Grecian Sundial Pedestal
    The Outer Banks Bird House
    Sunflower Nature Hook
    The Owl Feeder & Flower Hanger
    Sterling Silver Wood Duck Tie Tack and Cufflinks

  • Mixed Seed & Sunflower Caged Avian Feeder/Pole Mounted or Hanging
    Pyramid Circle Bell
    Frog Faucet & Handle
    The Swan Sculpture Sprinkler
    Hummingbird Feeder 36 Oz.

  • The Classic Estate Feeder
    The Triple Stand Fountain & Bath
    Sunflower Kernels-10 lbs. (2- 5 lb) Fresh Pack
    The Sunflower Sundial

  • Carousel Bird Feeder
    The Flicker House
    Bird Bath Protector-4 0z.
    The Welcome Plaque- Bell
    Deluxe Thistle Combo Package

  • Song Bird Costa Rican Light / Ground Coffee
    Expedition Copper Top Finch Feeder
    Grecian Bath Pedestal
    The Brick Cottage Birdhouse with Optional Pedestal

  • The Droll Yankee Locking Chain Feeder Hanger
    Heather the Hummingbird Garden Sculpture
    Triple Tube Feeder ( 6 Feeding Ports)
    CopperTop Traditional Bluebird House
    The Town Hall Bird House with Optional Pedestal

  • The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 15 Inch Feeder with 4 seed ports.
    Tabby & Bird 18 Inch Copper & Cedar Bird Feeder
    Deluxe Wood BarK Woodpecker Suet Feeder
    The Retriever Arch Plaque- Standard

  • The Droll Yankee Executive Feeder
    #7: Imported Riverwood Hennock Tit Box
    The Droll Yankee B-7R Reserve Feeder
    The Country Garden Feeder
    Rocky Mountain Spring

  • The Hummingbird Hanger
    Oriental Ceramic Peanut Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Three Perfect Little Cleaning Brushes
    How Birds Fly by John K. Terres $16.95
    The Tulip & Butterfly Border

  • Sine Sole Vertical Italian Ceramic Sundial
    The Droll Yankee 9" Peanut Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Sky Hook
    The Square - Petite
    The Sundial Planter Base

  • Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by Robert Sargent
    Garden Bench
    The Dragonfly Birdbath - Copper Finish
    Dragonfly Rain Bug Sprinkler
    The Droll Yankee Giant Seed -Tray and Squirrel Guard

  • Celestial Sphere & Garden Stand
    Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand 970
    Feeder Fresh - Bird Feeder Cleansing Agent
    Smithsonian Armillary & Stand
    The San Jacinto Purple Martin House with Pole /Winch and Perching Rods

  • Cherry Valley Bat House
    Butterfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Limestone
    Trumpetvine Pattern 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Night
    Falling Water Spring plus Heater & Thermostat

  • 24 Inch Copper Leaves Bird Feeder
    Nesting Materials Box
    The Mount Olympus Sundial
    Backyard Best Blend-20 lb. Fresh Pack
    Dogwood Table Top Fountain

  • Squirrel-Blocker Platform Bird Feeder
    The Rivers Edge Waterfalls & Fountain
    Hampton- Standard
    Garden Path - Hummingbird Crossing
    The Country Charm Wheelbarrow

  • Hanging Wrought Iron Squirrel Feeder
    Triple Tube Bird Feeder
    Calcium Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Pond Protector Concentrate-32 0z.
    Log Cabin Birdhouse Kit

  • Sitting Lion Lawn Ornament
    Mixed Seed Quad Feeder
    The Ultimate Sunflower Bird Feeder
    Bird Bath Sculpture with Brass Bath

  • The George Washington Verdigris Sundial & Stand
    Heated Bird Bath Pedestal
    The Mini Frog Candle Pot
    The Wave Sculpture Sprinkler
    Six Room Cedar Martin House with Pole & Mounting Sleeve

  • Terra Cotta "Shooting Star" Bird Feeder
    Garden Marker - Thoreau
    Pewter Thistle Feeder
    The Hansel & Gretal Birdhouse with Optional Pedestal
    Garden Crane Sculptures Feeding

  • 24 inch Wall Fountain
    Bronze Ladybug Flush Mount Bird Feeder
    Charleston Swan Door Stop/ Garden Ornament
    Cardinal Classic Window Feeder
    Butterfly Silhouette Weathervane

  • Wild Bill 12 Port Squirrel Stinger
    The Salty Bird Box-Blue
    The Homestead Martin House
    Garden Marker - Early Beginnings

  • Pyramid Circle Gong
    The Newport Cottage -Yellow
    The Brookstone Verdigris Roof Feeder
    Hummingbird Sundial & Birdbath Combination
    Pine Cone 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder

  • Pro2 Hanging Wooden Feeder
    Bluebird Birdhouse Kit
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8" Window Feeder with 2 seed ports:
    The Tower Fountain & Bath
    The Country Charm Tricycle

  • Regal Peacock Pair Sculpture
    The Estate House & Feeder Collection Combo
    Frog Crossing Garden Sign
    Hummingbird Sundial & Birdbath Combination

  • Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Western Yardbirds
    Small Octaganal Bird Bath/ Seed Tray
    Jumbo Combo Bird Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Sanctuary Sign

  • Seed 'N Suet Bird Feeder
    Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America by Frank C. Bellrose
    Squirrel Faucet & Handle
    Garden Path - Bunny
    Three Piece Fairy Set

  • Collared Peccary Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    The Monticello Sundial & Stand
    Teachers Garden Sign
    Arch Marker- Estate
    Falcon 10x26mm Compact Binoculars

  • By Gone Era Covered Bridge Bird Feeder
    The Golad Purple Martin House with Pole /Winch and Perching Rods
    The Welcome Plaque- Doves
    Thermometer-Royal Blue, Terra Cotta
    Sunclock Sundial

  • The Sun Table Top Chimney
    Williamsburg Pineapple Table Top Fountain
    Little Boy Crossing Garden Sign
    Open Platform Feeder
    Two Story Cottage Inn Birdhouse

  • Thistle (Nyjer Seed) -5 lb. Fresh Pack (05ns)
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Field & Meadow
    The Classic Arbor
    The Yosemite Waterfalls & Fountain
    Regal Peacock Sculpture

  • Song Bird Decaf / Ground Coffee
    The Cupola Bird House
    The Alpine Inn Birdhouse-Natural
    12 Compartment Purple Martin Mini Castle & Mounting Socket
    The Droll Yankee MiniTubular Feeder

  • The Bird Depot
    Ladybug Village & Pole
    Bell Tower Bird House
    Wally the Woodpecker Garden Sculpture
    Hanging Birdbath - Royal Blue

  • Large Rose Hose Holder
    Cape Cod Silo
    Frog Sundial
    KFeeder Window Bird Feeder
    Small Refilling Bird Feeder with Bracket

  • The Great Gallery of Ducks and Other Waterfowl by Richard LeMaster
    The Sundial Flowered Planter Base
    The Droll Yankee 15" Metal Thistle Feeders with 6 seed ports
    Robin 5x30mm Child Binoculars
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Eastern Yardbirds

  • Maggie the Martin Garden Sculpture
    The Dragonfly Weathervane
    Sweet & Sour Garden Sign-Set of Two
    The Triple Stand Fountain & Bath
    The Sundial Planter Base

  • The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8 Inch Thistle Feeder with 4 Thistle ports.
    The Copper Mansion Bird House
    The Resort-Inn Bird House & Feeder
    10 Garden Stakes & Tags with Pen
    Roanoke - Estate

  • Colonial Lower-to-Fill Bird Feeder
    Osprey 8x40mm Binoculars
    The Kiss Sculpture Sprinkler
    Live Long- Garden Sign
    Rocky Mountain Spring with Dripper and Thermostatic Heater

  • The Swiss Chalet Birdhouse
    The Country Wildwood Church - Gray
    Victorian Bat House
    Healing- Garden Sign
    Handcrafted Ceramic Hummingbird Feeder

  • BATchelor Pad
    Bird Bath & Sundial on Three Legs
    Pheasant on Marble Base Sculpture
    Leaf Mister for Birds
    Baby Bunnies Garden Accents-Set of Two

  • Traditional 2 Foot Pedestal Base
    Purple Martin Cottage
    He Who Enters Garden Sign
    Rose Birdbath and Pedestal
    36" Curved Deck Clamp

  • Great Seal Bookends - Pair
    36" Hanger for Fence or Deck
    Stokes Audio Cassette or CD: Field Guide to Bird Songs: Western
    Quail Crossing Garden Sign
    Lily the Ladybug Garden Sculpture

  • Sunflower Bird House- Small
    The Country Charm Watering Can Planter
    CopperTop Butterfly House
    The Ivy Plaque- Estate
    Garden Path - Chipmunk Crossing

  • The Shoji Lantern Feeder
    The Square Feeder
    House Wren Birdhouse
    Bird Bath with Globe Holder and Argos Column
    Cardianl Nature Hook

  • The Sundial Planter Base-Rust
    The Droll Yankee Big Top Feeder
    The Mushroom Top Birdhouse
    The Hummingbird Border
    Super Carousel Bird Feeder-Green

  • The Bucket Birdhouse - Large
    Heather the Hummingbird Garden Sculpture
    The Oslo Fountain
    Cherub Nature Hook
    Cannin' Jar Hummingbird Feeder

  • The Solid Brass Romanesque Sundial
    Song Bird Hazelnut Coffee
    Sunflower Haven Feeder
    Double Sided Deluxe Bird Feeder

  • Gardener's Delight Feeder
    Snowy Owl Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    The Blue Glory Hummingbird Feeder
    The Split Base Gong
    Sea Glass Garden Sculpture

  • The Maine BIrd House
    Hummingbird Sundial
    Colonial Pineapple Bookends - Pair
    The Golf Greens Plaque- Standard
    Moon Face Clock

  • The Leap Frog Bird House
    Torino Trellis Screen
    #B: Imported Riverwood 6 Foot Universal Stand
    The Estate Collection Combination
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8 Inch Feeder with 2 seed ports.

  • Claddaugh Plaque- Standard
    The Wren Mansion with Optional Pedestal
    Three Tiered Shell Table Top Fountain
    The Table Mission Bell
    Two Tiered Shell Table Top Fountain

    Duck Head Bookends - Pair
    Garden Crane Sculptures II
    Large Mixed Seed Feeder- Pewter
    Cling-a-Wing Feeder

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