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  • Ancanthus Clock & Thermometer Combination
    Garden Marker - Partners
    The Cast New Salem Sundial
    The Harlequin Bird House

  • Classic Thistle Tube Bird Feeder- 1.5 lb Capacity
    The 8x21mm Compact Fold Binocular
    Black-Capped Chickadee by Susan M. Smith
    Butterfly Sculpture Sprinkler
    Large Wind Bell Chime

  • The Victorian Copper Mansion Bird House
    The Bucket Birdhouse - Small
    Small Spun Roof Thistle Feeder
    Garden Bugs Accent Set
    Winter Super Buy- Every Bird's Dream

  • Butterfly Nature Hook
    CopperTop Triple Feeder
    Original Nut Feeder-Green
    State Birds of the United States
    Garden Crane Sculptures I

  • The Earth Laughs In Flowers
    Hummingbirds & Fuschia Sundial
    Harmony Bronze Chimes
    Williamsburg Brass Collier Sundial & Stand

  • Williamsburg Wye Oak Outdoor Clock & Thermometer
    Sparrow 3x25mm Compact Binoculars
    The Eagle Oval Plaque- Standard
    Cafe Platform Cedar Bird Feeder
    Cardinal Classic Window Feeder

  • Hummingbird Hose Guide-Set of Six
    Cardinal 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    The Gazing Ball Pyramid
    National Geographic Guide to Birdwatching Sites : Western U.S.
    30 Bat House

  • Casement Window Feeder
    The Bird Barn Birdhouse - Red
    Micro-Mono 6x16mm
    Fleur de Lis Hose Holder
    Pileated Woodpecker Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Alamo Purple Martin House with Pole /Winch and Perching Rods
    Pine Cone 12 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    Cardinal Metal Tea Lantern
    Mega Hopper

  • Insect Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Song Bird Nicaraguan/Ground Coffee
    Rose Clock & Thermometer Package
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Forest
    Home & Heart Garden Sign-Set of Two

  • The Viewable Hatch-All Birdhouse
    Medium Refilling Bird Feeder with Bracket
    Enchanted Tower Ceramic Peanut Feeder
    Z-80 SuperZoom� 20-80x25mm Binoculars
    60" Iron Hanger with Hummingbird

  • Two Cranes
    The Staffordshire Copper Roof Birdhouse
    Windpetal Heron Sprinkler
    Hummingbird Gift Pack
    National Geographic Birding Book Bundle

  • The Brass Peacock Sundial
    The Berkley
    New Look� 7-15x25mm Zoom Binocular
    Faux Stone Tower Ceramic Birdhouse txxzf
    The Cape Charles - Petite

  • Columbian (Anna's) Hummingbird Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    The Butterfly Pedestal Base
    The Large Butterfly House
    Cafe Hopper Window Feeder
    The Courtship

  • Decorated Buffet Double Seed Tray Window Feeder
    K Feeder Squirrel Baffel-KSB
    The Plantation Bird Feeder
    Terra Cotta Hummingbird Thermometer
    Sunflower Combo Tube Feeder

  • The Copper Lizard Extension Hook
    Cedar Hanging Feeder with Mesh
    Williamsburg Royal Lion Gate & Door Stop
    Pond Protector Concentrate-32 0z.
    Chickadee Garden Birdfeeder

    Britts Bird Feeder
    Lily the Ladybug Garden Sculpture
    SpyMaster� 25x30mm Spotting Scope & Tripod
    Great Carolina Wren Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Mesa Rock Waterfalls & Fountain
    Garden Ballet Butterfly Mobile
    The Royal Victorian Feeder
    University of Tennessee Bird Feeder
    The Pansy Oval Plaque- Standard

  • Large Cedar Plus Hanging Feeder with Suet Sides
    Kiss of the Sun Garden Sign
    Thermometer-Forest Green, Terra Cotta
    Audubon Original Feeder
    Ultimate Pole and Baffle

  • The Meta Window Bird Feeder
    Dragonfly Birdbath & Sundial
    Large Nut /Sunflower Feeder- Pewter
    Rose Pattern 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    Garden Marker - Proverb

  • Song Bird Nicaraguan Coffee
    The Droll Yankee 15 Inch Metal Feeder with 4 seed ports
    Nest View Birdhouse Kit
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-The Calling Card
    The Droll Yankee Evergreen Cage Feeder

  • Leaf Mister for Birds
    Bird in Nest Hose Holder
    The Rosedale Arbor
    Squirrel Cob Feeder
    KFeeder Window Bird Feeder

  • The Brass Hourglass Sundial
    The Squirrel Chair
    12 Compartment Purple Martin Trio Wade & Mounting Socket
    Heavy Duty 74" Pole & Mounting Bracket
    Hummingbird in Flight Doorbell and Knocker Combination

  • Sterling Silver Hummingbird Pendant /Chain and Earrings
    Birdhouse Network Bluebird House
    Garden Cranes-Sheet Iron
    Half Wall Feeder

  • Nut/Sunflower Hanging Basket
    Fruit-n-Nut Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Large Quail Faucet & Handle
    Dragonfly Bird Bath & Stepping Stones (6)
    The Bungalow Bird House

    Michaelangelo's Florentine Man
    Large Cedar Gazebo Feeder
    Hummingbird Clock & Thermometer Combo
    40" Hummingbird Hanger

  • Benny the Bee Garden Sculpture
    The Bird Barn Birdhouse
    The Paradise Waterfalls & Fountain
    Bat Houses - Medium
    Super Carousel Bird Feeder System-Green

  • The Wall Mount Bird Bath
    Cape Cod Bell
    The Gig Harbor Hoop Bell
    Original Nut Feeder-Green
    Pine Cone Metal Tea Lantern

  • Table Bull-Eye Bell
    Professional Bluebird Nesting Box
    Dragonfly Tube Bird Feeder
    The Classic Birdbath with Songbird & Grecian Stand
    Red-shouldered Hawk Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Meta Window Bird Feeder
    The V Bar Ring Bell
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the SeaShore
    Garden Pillar Sculpture Sprinkler
    Hanging Bird Feeder - Unpainted

  • Ngil Garden Spirit Misting Sprinkler
    Thistle (Nyjer Seed) -20 lb. Fresh Pack
    Triangle Globe Stake
    The Droll Yankee Squirrel Guard Dome
    The Lotus Leaf Birdbath & Baby Turtle with Smithsonian Stand

  • Smithsonian Glynne Sundial & Stand
    Large Spun Roof Fly In Feeder
    Butterfly Birdbath and Pedestal
    Grape Nature Hook
    The Love BirdsHouse

  • Butterfly Feeder & Nectar Gift Pack
    Seabirds of the World The Complete Reference by Jim Enticott and David Tipling
    Blue Yellow-backed Warbler Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Locomotive Bell
    Squirrel Proof Thistle Tube Bird Feeder- 1.5 lb Capacity

  • The Switchback Waterfalls & Fountain
    Jumbo 4-Square Feeder
    Scepter Oil Table Lamp- Set of Two
    Mister & Dripper Combination w/ Layered Rock Base
    Oakleaf 12 Inch Tube Bird Feeder

  • Duncraft Super Seed Tray
    The Gazing Ball Pyramid
    Expedition Copper Triple Tube Seed Feeder
    12 Compartment Purple Martin Trio TG
    The Laurel Ribbon Plaque- Standard

  • Pine Cone 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    The Wedding Plaque- Standard
    Medium Chickadee Hose Holder
    Deluxe Sunflower Combo Bird Feeder
    Hanging Thistle Seed Catcher Feeder

  • Salsa Rain Dancer
    Heron Doorbell and Knocker Combination
    The Spire Fountain Bird Bath
    Tower Obelisk Plant Support
    Danny the Dragonfly Garden Sculpture

  • By Gone Era Victorian Mansion Bird Feeder
    Carolina Turtle Dove (Mourning Dove) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Amore' Decorative Hummingbird Feeder
    Oakleaf Metal Tea Lantern
    Ultimate Squirrel Proof Feeder

  • Hummingbird Crossing Garden Sign
    Latticework Wall Fountain
    E-Z Clean Feeder- 3 lb Capacity
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard- Fabulous Frogs
    Columbine Nature Hook

  • Song Bird Hazelnut / Ground Coffee
    Lion Wall Fountain
    University of Virginia Bird Feeder
    Downy Woodpecker Nesting Box
    The Droll Yankee Extra Long Thistle Feeder

  • Box Beam Fountain- Rusted Steel Stand
    #18: Imported Riverwood Taunton Birdhouse
    The Cottage-Inn Feeder
    Humorous Garden Sign-Set of Two
    Hula- Eye Rain Dancer

  • Squirrel Proof Selective Feeder
    Mister & Dripper Combination w/ Pebbled Base
    Rabbit Nature Hook
    Raven 8x21mm Binoculars
    Garden Marker - Genesis

  • Tweety Wind Dancer
    The Alpine Cafe Birdfeeder
    Andy the Ant Garden Sculpture
    Green Double Sided Absolute II� Feeder
    Cling-a-Wing Feeder

  • The Madison Oval Plaque- Petite
    Nature Journaling
    The Cape Charles - Standard
    Carousel Bird Feeder Package
    Triple Tube Metal Haven- 9 Port

  • The Swan Sculpture Sprinkler
    Identiflyer Additional SongCards-Full Collection
    Bandit� 8x25mm Monocular
    Monticello Copper Lantern
    Osprey 8x40mm Binoculars

  • The Brookstone Slate Roof Feeder
    BOULDER BATH w/ Ivy Dripper
    Handbook of the Birds of the World, Volume III
    Single Sided Absolute� Feeder -Anniversary Edition
    Grapevine Hose Holder

  • Copper Leaves Bird Feeder
    Metal Selective Haven Feeder
    Variety Suet Gift Pack
    Garden Poem Sign

  • Hanging Bird House - Select Your Color
    The Roman Feeder
    Cedar Bird on a Post
    Hanging Butterfly House - Select Your Color
    Squirrel Crossing Garden Sign-Verdigris

  • The Greek Key - Standard
    4-Square Feeder
    The Welcome Plaque- Autumn Leaf
    The Droll Yankee 8 Inch Metal Thistle Feeder with 4 seed ports

  • The Astoria Arbor with Matching Gate
    Winter Roost/ Summer Cottage Combination
    Stokes Audio Cassette or CD: Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern
    Z-170 UltraZoom� 20-100x70mm Binoculars
    Small Octaganal Bird Bath/ Seed Tray

    The Large Galileo Sundial
    Baby Bunnies Garden Accents-Set of Three
    Euro Pedestal Base
    The Tweetie Feeder

  • Butterfly House & Pole
    SpyMaster� 25x30mm Spotting Scope & Tripod
    12 Inch Copper Leaves Tube Feeder
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Eastern Yardbirds
    Short Samba Sprinkler

  • Two Step Hummingbird Rain Dancer
    Small Polished Steel Tube Feeder
    Window Glass Sculpture
    Medium Metal Bird Feeder with Bracket
    Squirrels Delight Feeder

  • Cow Over the Moon Silhouette Weathervane
    Winter Roost Box
    "Hummbrella" Hummingbird Protector
    Hummingbird Silhouette Weathervane
    Infinite Bird Feeding System

  • Nine-banded Armadillo Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Greeting Garden Sign-Set of Two
    The Small Barn House
    Cardinal Pattern 12 Inch Tube Bird Feeder

  • The Dog House
    12 Compartment Purple Martin Mini Castle
    Expedition Copper Top Select A Seed Feeder
    The Seed Bar Feeder
    Molly the Mantis Garden Sculpture

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