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  • The Sunflower Sundial & Stand
    The Granite Waterfalls & Fountain
    FeederWatcher's Guide to Backyard Birds
    E-Z Clean Feeder
    Super Thistle Feeder

  • The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 8" Window Thistle Feeder with 2 seed ports:
    The Classic Estate Birdhouse
    CopperTop Suet Deluxe Feeder
    Bella the Butterfly Garden Sculpture
    The Solid Brass Chelsea Cachepot

  • The Droll Yankee Retrofit Domed Cage
    Super Evenseed Silo
    Classic Thistle Tube Bird Feeder- 3 lb Capacity
    Grape Clock & Thermometer Package
    Purple Heron Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • Butterfly Pedestal with Gazing Globe
    Table Top Fountain & Bath with Spouting Fish
    The Summer Palace Feeder with Optional Pedestal
    Micro 6x16mm Binoculars
    National Geographic Guide to Birdwatching Sites : Eastern U.S.

  • Patio Cascade w/ Pump
    Whichway Wind Dancer
    Bull Frog Garden Accents-Set of Two
    The Original Satellite Feeder
    Heated Bird Bath De-Icer

  • Village Lantern Cedar Bird Feeder
    Sunlight Window Feeder
    Cypress Plant Stands-Tall
    Sparrow 3x25mm Compact Binoculars
    Folding Pocket Binocular Tripod & Adaptor

  • Country Barn Birdhouse Kit
    Expedition Copper Single Feeder
    Pantera Decorative Hummingbird Feeder
    29 Inch Wall Eagle
    Grape Clock & Thermometer Combination

    Pinecone Dish Hanging Birdfeeder
    The Japanese House Feeder
    The Greensborough Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Garden Pole

  • The Droll Yankee 8 Inch Metal Thistle Feeders with 4 seed ports
    Bird Stake-Set of Two
    Garden Crane Sculptures I
    Columbine Sundial & Birdbath Combination
    5 Foot Cedar Post

  • American Goldfinch by Alex L. A. Middleton
    The Table Top Bird Bath
    Sunface Sundial
    Millenium Sundial
    Bell Tower Bird Feeder

  • Vermont Shed Birdhouse Kit
    The Droll Yankee Giant Seed -Tray and Squirrel Guard
    The Droll Yankee Observer Window Feeder
    Giant Pyramid Gong- Natural Finish

  • Garden Path - Squirrel Crossing
    The Hut Feeder
    Garden Hanger- 90" Double Hook
    Robin 5x30mm Child Binoculars
    Deluxe Wood BarK Woodpecker Suet Feeder

  • The Golf Emblem- Standard
    The Beach Cottage-Yellow
    Pecan Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Cardinal Sunflower Feeder

  • Finch Feast -Two (2) 5 lb. Fresh Packs
    Sterling Silver Wood Duck Tie Tack
    The Bluebird Manor
    The Hummingbird Weathervane
    #3: Imported Riverwood Dartmeet Birdhouse

  • Trumpetvine Metal Tea Lantern
    The Droll Yankee 15 Inch Metal Thistle Feeders with 6 seed ports
    The Large Gateway Bell & Stand
    Snug Harbor Window Haven Feeder
    The Classic Birdhouse

  • The Droll Yankee Peter's Pride Feeder
    National Geographic Birding Book Bundle
    Small Butterfly House
    Roman Sundial Pedestal
    Large Polished Steel Tube Feeder

  • Titmouse / Warbler / Swallow House
    6 Room Aluminum Purple Martin House
    Victoria Decorative Hummingbird Feeder
    Super Thistle Feeder
    The Denmark Fountain & Bath

  • Sun Face Stepping Stone-Set of Four
    Thayer's Birder's Diary v. 2.5
    The Landmark Hummingbird Feeder
    Rocky Mountain Spring with Thermostatic Heater
    The Fountain Bird House

  • 3 Arm Tree- 36"
    The Droll Yankee Black Domed Cage Feeder
    White-crowned Pigeon (White-headed Pigeon Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Handfeeding Backyard Birds
    The Cambridge Lower-to-Fill Bird Feeder

  • Hummingbird Sundial & Birdbath Combination
    Reading Garden Fairy Ornament
    The Estate Collection Combination
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers Peanut Feeders
    The Square Bird House

  • The Bat Beacon
    The Bee Skep Sculpture Sprinkler
    Monopoly National Parks Edition
    The Shingled Bird Feeder
    Mixed Seed & Sunflower Avian Feeder without Cage

  • Garden Pillar Sculpture Sprinkler
    Deluxe EvenSeed Silo Super Squirrel Dilemma
    The Homestead Martin House
    Rose Garden Sign
    The Pagoda Masterpiece Feeder

  • The Cast Iron Father Time Sundial
    The Ultimate Sunflower Bird Feeder-Green
    Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Western Region
    Garden Ballet Butterfly Mobile
    Oval Wire Basket

  • Side by Side Suet Feeder
    Frog on Lilly Pad Hose Holder
    24" S Hook Extension
    Squirrel Proof Tube Bird Feeder- 4.5 lb Capacity
    Garden Ballet Hummingbird Mobile

  • Copper Grow-Ups Plant Support System -Six
    She Who Plants A Garden Sign
    Hanging Bird Feeder - Select Your Color
    The Beach House with Optional Pedestal
    The English Country Sundial

  • Cardinal Pattern 6 Inch Tube Bird Feeder
    Happiness Garden Sign
    Saltbox Birdhouse Kit
    Terra Cotta "Fly Thru" Bird Feeder
    The Atlanta Verdigris Feeder

  • Yellow-breasted Chat Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Zodiac Sundial
    The Bee Skep Sculpture Sprinkler
    Hummingbird Gift Pack
    The Brass Classic Octagonal Sundial

  • Fossil Sumac Clock & Thermometer Combo
    Original Nut Feeder-Pewter
    EASTERN Western or Mountain BLUEBIRD PVC HOUSE
    Butterfly Silhouette Weathervane
    Bat Houses - Large

  • Cast Aluminum Tuscan Urn with Handles & Stand
    Thayer's Birds of North America
    The Venice Fountain Bath
    Wren Chateau (A-Frame)
    The Hawthorne Oval Plaque- Standard

  • The Droll Yankee B7 Domed Cage
    Large Winter Roosting Box
    Cow Over the Moon Silhouette Weathervane
    Butterfly House
    Half Wall Bird House

  • The Droll Yankee Locking Chain Feeder Hanger (24")
    Black Classic Pedestal Base
    The Greenwich Armillary
    Squirrel Proof Accent Selective Feeder
    The Butterfly Weathervane

  • The Herb Garden Sundial
    Sunshine Bird Pond
    The Milledgeville Verdigris Roof Feeder
    The Farmhouse Birdhouse with Optional Pedestal
    The Great Gallery of Ducks and Other Waterfowl by Richard LeMaster

    Snowy Heron (White Egret) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the South
    Large Spun Roof Thistle Feeder
    Sterling Silver Butterflies Pendant and Earrings

  • Butterfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green
    Windpetal Frog Sprinkler
    Handbook of the Birds of the World, Bundled Offer
    Cedar Plus Hanging Feeder - 4 Quart
    BIrd Feeder on Narrow Pyramid

  • Copper Bow Stake Bird Feeder
    The Sedona Waterfalls & Fountain
    The Droll Yankee 23 Inch Metal Feeder with 6 seed ports
    14k Hummingbird Pendant
    The Anchor Arch- Standard

  • Thistle Caged Avian Feeder/Pole Mounted or Hanging
    Hummingbird Sundial
    Millenium Globe Nut/Sunflower Feeder
    Large Bed & Breakfast Bird House
    The Lady Bug House

  • Handcrafted Ceramic Specialty Feeder
    Songview In-House Mirrored Window Feeder
    Black Classic Pedestal Base
    Modernistic Pedestal Base

  • Small Suet Feeder-Claret Red
    Pibi Garden Spirit Misting Sprinkler
    Low Profile Pedestal
    Bat Houses
    LadyBug House

  • Black Granite (Resin) Neoclassic Bath
    The Dogwood Birdbath & Tulip Stand
    The Droll Yankee Seed Scoop
    Golf Thermometer
    Layered Hollow Waterfall w/ Pump

  • The Droll Yankee Seed Saver Feeder
    Baltimore Oriole Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Hummingbird Welcome
    Butterfly Condo Small
    Haven Feeder

  • The Droll Yankee Songs of the Forest
    Pro5 Hanging Wooden Feeder
    The Post Mount Bird Bath
    Ivy Clock
    Colonial Style Pineapple Bookends - Pair

  • Memphis Globe & Sundial Stand
    Bronze Tree Frog Flush Mount Bird Feeder
    Hummingbird Feeder-6 oz
    Large Copper Leaf Hummingbird Feeder
    The Small V-Bar Bird Bath

  • 15 Foot Purple Martin Pole
    Birds of Prey, Volume I
    Deluxe Sunflower Combo Bird Feeder-Green
    The EasyView Windowsill Feeder
    Turtle / Cattail Sundial

  • Butterfly Sculpture Sprinkler
    Apple Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Thistle Feeder-Red
    Pyramid Circle 15 Inch Bath & Sundial Combination
    Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America by Frank C. Bellrose

  • Brown Pelican Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    The Gazing Ball Pyramid - Natural
    Ladybug Cabin
    Garden Marker - Aging Beauty
    Heron Weathervane

  • Expedition 6" Copper Fortress Squirrel Proof Caged Feeder
    The 7x18mm Compact Waterproof Binocular
    The Pet Memorial Dog Marker- Standard
    The Sturbridge Rooster Bookends - Pair
    The Chandelier Feeder

  • Garden Hanger Carousel- 95"
    The Butterfly Sundial
    Free Form Pedestal Bird Bath
    The Square - Standard
    Rocky Mountain Spring with Dripper

  • The Garden Sundial
    Table Top Fountain & Bath with Frog
    The Copper Diner
    Suet for Deluxe Wood BarK Woodpecker Suet Feeder
    Northern Cardinal by Gary Ritchison

  • Waste Free Gourmet -20 lb. Fresh Pack
    The Droll Yankee Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush
    The Oakleaf Hemisphere Sundial
    Summer or Wood Duck
    Long-legged Avocet (Black-necked Stilt) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • The Duplex Bungalow Bird House
    Garden Marker - Garden Welcome
    Brass & Copper Estate Hose Guides- Set of Ten
    Create- A - Haven
    Pro7 Hanging Wooden Feeder

  • The Gingerbread Tower Birdhouse with Optional Pedestal
    Millenium Globe Nut/Sunflower Feeder
    Butterfly Hose Holder
    The Mixed Seed Grill
    Bird Bath with Metal Stand / Deck Attachment

  • Imported Round Bird Bath
    Calvin the Cardinal Garden Sculpture
    Audubon Thistle Feeder
    Branches Tealites

  • Metal Stand for Bird Baths
    Back Porch Wren House
    48" S Hook Extension
    Lion Wall Fountain

  • Squirrel Proof Feeding Station Selective Feeder
    Dogwood Table Top Fountain
    Odyssey Column Pedestal Base
    American Goldfinch Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Black or Surf Duck (Surf Scoter) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • Mister & Dripper Combination w/ Layered Rock Base
    Classic Thistle Tube Bird Feeder- 4.5 lb Capacity
    The Small Bed & Breakfast Bird House & Feeder
    Carriage House Bird Feeder Kit
    Ancanthus Clock & Thermometer Combination

  • Easyview Windowsill Birdbath
    Small Nut/Sunflower Feeder- Claret Red
    Monticello Bookends - Pair
    Flying Witch Silhouette Weathervane
    Green Commercial Estate Feeder

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