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  • Victorian Obelisk Plant Support
    Squirrel Proof Tube Bird Feeder- 3 lb Capacity
    The Cardinal Plaque- Standard
    The Sundial/Feeder/Birdbath
    The Grande Copper Tube Feeder

  • The Sundial Flowered Planter Base
    The Hillsboro Plaque- Standard
    #19: Imported Riverwood Spitchwick Bird Table
    The Droll Yankee Bird Lovers 15 Inch Thistle Feeder with 6 Thistle ports.
    K Feeder Universal Feeder Pole System

  • Create- A - Haven
    Haven Feeder
    The Saturn Fountain and Bath
    Metal Thistle Haven Feeder
    The Rivers Edge Waterfalls & Fountain

  • #2: Imported Riverwood Widecombe Birdhouse
    Sunshine's Medium Bat House
    Black Squirrel Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Wood Thrush Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Longhorn Bell

  • Snug Harbor Haven Feeder
    The Square - Estate
    Squirrel Proof Thistle Tube Bird Feeder- 3 lb Capacity
    The Butterfly Glass Oasis

  • The Box Beam Triple Fountain & Bath
    Two Story Seaside Bird House
    The Droll Yankee Elite Bird Feeder
    The Terra Cotta Hanging Feeder
    The Welcome Plaque- Tulips

  • Split Box Beam Fountain & Bath
    Terra Cotta Combo Bird Feeder & Bath
    Mister & Dripper Combination w/ Pebbled Base MDWO
    The Premium Bluebird House
    Sunflower Bird House- Large

  • Joyful Sign
    Brass Bow Wind Chime
    The Venetian Birdbath & Tulip Stand
    Garden Crane Sculptures Feeding
    Giant Pyramid Gong- Black Finish

  • The Droll Yankee B-7F Large Capacity Tubular Feeder
    Frog Bath & Feeder Combination
    Eagle Weathervane
    Lattice Small Folding Chair
    FoxBat� III Night Vision Scope

  • The Sunburst Plaque- Estate
    Patio Cascade w/ Pump
    Garden Cranes-Sheet Iron
    Wooden Round Butterfly House

  • K Feeder Pole Squirrel Baffel-KPBG
    The Astoria Arbor
    The Madison Oval Plaque- Standard
    24 inch Wall Fountain
    The Norfolk Vertical Plaque- Estate

  • Handfeeding Backyard Birds
    The Droll Yankee Shorty Hook
    Sea Glass Garden Sculpture
    Birds of Lake, Pond, & Marsh Water and Wetland Birds of Eastern North America by John Eastman, illustrated by Amelia Hansen
    Oakleaf Metal Tea Lantern

  • Shenandoah Spring with Layered Hollow Waterfall.
    Upside Down Suet Feeder
    Maine Bay Window Feeder
    Rooster Weathervane
    Fisherboy Sundial & Birdbath Combination

  • Bandit� 8x25mm Monocular
    The Barn Bird House
    Thermometer-Forest Green, Terra Cotta
    Hot Pepper Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    The Mesa Rock Waterfalls & Fountain

  • The Madison Oval Plaque- Estate
    Mounting Plate for Redwood Purple Martin House Deluxe
    Handbook of the Birds of the World, Volume I
    Garden Hanger- 90" Triple Hook
    The Gig Harbor Bird Bath

  • The Charleton Swan Doorstop/Garden Ornaments-Set of Two
    Pyramid Fountain & Bath- 40 Inches
    Triangle Tube Bird Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Little Hummingbird Feeder
    The Estate Lower-to-Fill Bird Feeder

  • Angled Hanger- 24"
    14k Carolina Wren Pendant
    Garden Gazebo Cedar Bird Feeder
    Heavy Duty 74" Pole & Mounting Bracket
    The Brookside Waterfalls & Fountain

  • Painted Finch Princeton Audubon Limited Edition
    Large Pyramid Bird Bath
    Hanging Birdbath - Forest Green
    The Colonial Sundial
    Supreme Stainless Steel Nut Feeder

  • The Venice Fountain Bath
    The Camp Get-a-Way Feeder-Brown
    The Ultimate Bird Feeder
    The Backyard Bird Lovers Guide by Jan Mahuken
    The Droll Yankee Super Yankee

  • Copper Leaf Hummingbird Feeder
    Molly the Mantis Garden Sculpture
    Copper Garden Trellis with Glass Finial
    Table Top Fountain & Bath with Frog

  • The DragonFly Hanger
    Baby Nice & Naughty Duckling Door Stop
    By Gone Era Log Cabin Bird Feeder
    Bird-Vu Wireless Audio/Video Bird Feeding Station
    Classic Instant Hummingbird Food 24 Oz.

    The Alpine Inn Birdhouse-Brown
    The Country Cottage Feeder
    Large Celestial Sphere & Garden Stand
    The Droll Yankee Flipper

  • Solid Brass Armillary Sundial
    Bat House
    #15: Imported Riverwood Luton Birdhouse
    The Zodiac Sundial
    The Lyon Vertical Plaque- Standard

  • The Large Bat Condominium
    The Droll Yankee 8" Metal Thistle Feeder with 4 seed ports
    The 15 inch Spire Bath & Sundial
    The V Bar Ring Combination Bath & Sundial
    Cardinal Combination Thermometer & Clock

  • The Droll Yankee Happy Eight Hummingbird Feeder
    Garden Marker - Butterlfy
    The Droll Yankee Original 16" Tubular Feeder
    Small Winter Roosting Box
    Squirrel Proof Tube Bird Feeder- 1.5 lb Capacity

  • Sunny Hours Sundial
    Chalet Double Seed Tray Window Feeder
    The Droll Yankee Seattle Rain Guard
    Weathered Iron Sundial
    The Yellow Bird House

  • Dragonfly Garden Birdfeeder
    Ivy Thermometer
    Large Spun Roof Thistle Feeder

  • Metal Selective Haven Feeder
    The Carriage Feeder
    The Indoor Fossil Rock Tabletop Fountain & Friends
    Pijne Cone Nature Hook
    The Droll Yankee Suet Feeder with Pole Clamp

  • The Rochelle Plaque- Estate
    Wooden Thistle ( Finch) Feeder
    Hand Painted Blue-Bird Houses
    Euro Decorative Hummingbird Feeder
    C-50 Bird Bath De-Icer

  • Smithsonian Celtic Knot Bookends - Pair
    Woodpecker Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Garden Crane Family Sculpture
    The Pyramid Triple Fountain & Bath
    The Saturn Fountain and Bath

  • Traditional Pedestal Base
    Hummingbird Lily Doorbell and Knocker Combination
    Dreamers Sculpture Sprinkler
    The Small Gateway Bell & Stand
    Deluxe EvenSeed Silo Super Squirrel Dilemma

  • Hanging Birdbath - Forest Green
    Oakleaf Birdbath and Pedestal
    The Oct-Avian Bird House
    Rocky Mountain Spring with Thermostatic Heater
    Garden Mounting Post w/ 4" Platform

  • 24 Inch Copper Leaves Bird Bath
    28 Inch Copper Wall Fountain & Bath
    The Cottage Arbor
    Weathered Iron Sundial
    The Small Bed & Breakfast Bird House & Feeder

  • The Tulip & Butterfly Garden Marker
    Brass Garden Accent Set
    Large Four Sided CopperTop Feeder
    Mum Flower Stake Pedestal
    The Definitive Feeder-Green Roof

  • The Droll Yankee Sanctuary Sign
    The Round Address Marker
    Triple Tube Metal Haven- 6 Port Feeder
    Triple Tube Metal Haven- 6 Port Feeder
    The Gate Bird House

  • The Carriage Bird House
    The Pyramid Triple Fountain & Bath
    The Mariner Lantern
    Bucking Bronco 14 Inch Copper Bird Feeder
    Traditional Pedestal Base

  • 20 Garden Markers & Paint Pen
    The Aura 2.5x Self Energizing Night Vision Scope
    Pole Mountable Bird Feeder - Select Your Color
    Chrome Big Tube Seed Feeder
    Single Suet Cage

  • The Lunar Zodiac Sundial
    Snack Bar Single Seed Tray Window Feeder
    Owl Family Doorbell and Knocker Combination
    The Brookside Waterfalls & Fountain
    Surface Wall Sundial

  • The Droll Yankee Edge of the Meadow
    Chickadee Doorbell and Knocker Combination
    Sunflower Combo Tube Bird Feeder
    The Premium Butterfly House
    Chalet Double Seed Tray Window Feeder

  • Garden of Love Wall Sundial
    Rose Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green
    Cape Cod Deluxe Silo
    The Villa Nova Plaque- Standard
    The Eagle Oval Plaque- Estate

  • The Droll Yankee Omni Seed Tray
    Cherry Valley Lady Bug House
    The Palace Victorian Feeder
    Large Pewter Thisle Feeder
    Ultimate Squirrel Proof Feeder- Thistle Feeder

  • Landing Eagle - Brass & Marble Sculpture
    Midian Oil Garden Lamp- Set of Two
    Roosting Pockets
    The Droll Yankee Swamp in June
    Pewter Small Nut/Sunflower Feeder

  • Expedition 12 Inch Copper Fortress Squirrel Proof Caged Feeder
    Rose Clock & Thermometer Package
    Time & Seasons Clock
    Mah Garden Spirit Misting Sprinkler
    Tufted Titmouse by Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.

  • Garden Crane Sculpture
    National Geographic Birding Book Bundle
    The Original Satellite Feeder
    Mini Classic Window Feeder
    Bird Border-Set of Two

  • The Hummingbird Plaque- Standard
    The Plantation Birdhouse
    Butterfly Feeder
    The Temple Bird Feeder
    K Feeder Bird Seed Tray-Green

    The Switchback Waterfalls & Fountain
    Pole Mountable Butterfly House - Select Your Color
    The Shell Vertical Plaque- Standard

  • Large Pewter Thistle Feeder
    Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand
    #5: Imported Riverwood Maple Bird Feeder
    Designer Bluebird House
    Terra Cotta Combo Bath & Bird Feeder

  • Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Lakes & Rivers
    18 Room Aluminum Purple Martin House
    The Devonshire Bird Feeder
    The Box Beam Triple Fountain & Bath
    Herb Markers - Set of 15

  • Two Tiered Shell Table Top Fountain
    Open Platform Feeder
    The Solid Brass Celtic Dreams Sundial
    The Dragonfly Birdbath
    12 Compartment Purple Martin Trio TG & Mounting Socket

  • Lattice Tray Table
    Deluxe Easyview Windowsill Feeder
    Hummingbird Stepping Stones-Set of Two
    Birdsong Identiflyer-Total Package
    The Wall Martin Bird House

  • Grape Vine Garden Birdfeeder
    The All Year Roosting/Nesting House
    Songbirds Tealites
    The Hoop Bell and Stand
    Grey Fox Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

  • Song Bird Decaf Coffee
    Oasis Hummingbird Feeder
    Bird-Vu Wireless Audio/Video Bird Feeding Station
    48" Wrought Iron Hanger
    The Welcome Plaque- Celtic

  • Z-80 SuperZoom� 20-80x25mm Binoculars
    Maggie the Martin Garden Sculpture
    14k Mallards Pendant
    Small Wind Bell Chime
    Squirrel Crossing Garden Sign-Copper

  • 14k Deer Bust Tie Tack
    Bird Bath on Pedestal
    Aluminum Add-A-Unit Purple Martin
    Alpine Spring with Pump w/ Rock Waterfall
    Verdigris Big Tube Thistle Feeder

  • The Atlanta Slate Roof Feeder
    Latticework Wall Fountain
    Large Pewter Thisle Feeder
    The Droll Yankee 23 Inch Metal Thistle Feeders with 8 seed ports
    The Droll Yankee Universal Cover

  • Birdhouse Network Chickadee House
    Solid Brass Dolphin Sundial
    Cherry Delight Suet Cakes (12)
    Pewter Thisle Feeder
    Heron Leg Base & Copper Bath

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