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Michaelangelo's Florentine Man (Green Man)

Unique garden accessory that will be sure to draw attention. This piece may be hung on a wall or staked in your garden. 21 inches high by 8.5 inches wide. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Made of recycled cast aluminum ahd painted with a Forest Gold finish.
SKU: 2Gp201
Category: Posters and Prints

The Lighthouse Vertical- Standard

The Lighthouse Vertical- Standard is 4.5 inches by 11.75 inches. Add a distinctive finishing touch to your home with one of our custom, personalized home plaques. Crafted from rust free aluminum and finished with a specially formulated, weather resistant process, these plaques will last a lifetime. Please note that while most of our plaques come in three sizes and two styles (wall or lawn): Estate (wall or lawn), Standard (wall or lawn) and Petite (wall version only) this model is available only in the Standard Wall Versions, and comes equipped with all necessary mounting hardware. Installation is a snap. You may personalize with a combination of letters and numbers as stipulated for each piece. Also please select from the above eighteen (18) color combinations to select the plaque that best suits your decor. Please input your personal selections in the Line Fields above. Character Limits For This Plaque: One Line Version- Five 1.25 inch characters or Four 1.75 inch characters. Two Line Version- Not Applicable. Three Line Version -Not Applicable. Please designate specific characters and numbering in the line fields above. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
SKU: 771735133
Category: Decor

The Palace Victorian Feeder

Squirrel-proof bird feeders have never before looked so beautiful, been so easy to clean, or held so much seed. This new line of bird feeders replicates the nostalgic designs of Victorian bird cages, with many ornamental feautures like decorative bandings, artistic port/perches, sculptured caps, and crowning finials. Songbirds like finches, chickadees and nuthatches can eat peacefully because bullies like squirrrels, crows and grackles can't get to their food. The hefty 4 inch by 15 inch feeder tube holds a generous 5 pounds of seed, and fills easily from the top. Cleaning the tube is easy because it removes from the bottom with a simple quarter-turn. Masterpiece Feeders breakthrough the clutter of ordinary feeders to establish a new level of sophisticated design in bird feeders. Overall feeder dimensions are 18 inches tall by 12 inches wide.
SKU: 661TIMastfeedP
Category: Outdoor and Garden

Rose Hanging BIrd Bath

Rose petal embossing accent this beautiful 15 inch diameter metal bird bath, which comes complete with a 24 inch hanging chain. Shown here in weathered limestone.
SKU: 33400829
Category: Fountains

The Droll Yankee 23" Metal Thistle Feeders with 8 seed ports

Thistle Feeders Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. - Available in three colors: natural silver, green & burgundy. - Includes chew-proof stainless steel wire bail. - Metal tops & bases are zinc die castings to last a lifetime. - Cap fits tightly to prevent predator intrusion. - Aluminum perch rods are indestructible. - UV stabilized, clear virgin polycarbonate tube. - Offset feeding ports provide maximum feeding access. - Angled base slopes to bottom feed hole - no wasted seed. - Threaded base for mounting optional pole and/or seed tray. - Pole and seed tray now fit all the feeders in the CJ line. Green finish.
SKU: 667DYCjthm23g
Category: Outdoor and Garden

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