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The Richmond Vertical Plaque- Estate

The Richmond Vertical Plaque- Estate is 6 inches by 25 inches. Add a distinctive finishing touch to your home with one of our custom, personalized home plaques. Crafted from rust free aluminum and finished with a specially formulated, weather resistant process, these plaques will last a lifetime. Please note that while most of our plaques come in three sizes and two styles (wall or lawn): Estate (wall or lawn), Standard (wall or lawn) and Petite (wall version only) this model is available only in the Estate and Standard Wall Versions, and comes equipped with all necessary mounting hardware. Installation is a snap. You may personalize with a combination of letters and numbers as stipulated for each piece. Also please select from the above eighteen (18) color combinations to select the plaque that best suits your decor. Please input your personal selections in the Line Fields above. Character Limits For This Plaque: One Line Version- Four 4.5 inch numbers or Seven 1.75 inch numbers. Two Line Version- Not Applicable. Three Line Version -Not Applicable. Please designate specific numbering in the line fields above. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
SKU: 771732998
Category: Decor

Birds & Tall Lilly Bird Bath

Searching for a truly unique bath to accent a patio setting or set amidst your garden? Look no further than this aluminum creation adorned with birds, lillies and branches. This stately piece makes a wonderful gift for the bird lovers on your list. More than 3 feet in height this piece ships out of the San Francisco warehouse within 10 days of your order. Regular retail price on this piece exceeds $299.
SKU: 33230121
Category: Fountains

Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz

Visual reference for North American raptors examines 17 hawks, falcons, eagles, and osprey--a must-have volume for carvers and others interested in these magnificent birds. Pages: 352 pages Trim Size: 8 x 11 ISBN: 0-8117-0242-1 Photos: 35 line drawings Maps: 500 color photos Hardcover
SKU: 441SP113
Category: Outdoor and Garden

Waste Free Gourmet -Two (2) 5 lb. Fresh Pack

Jays, cardinals, titmice, nuthatches, juncos, woodpeckers and doves will visit a feeder stocked with Waste-Free Gourmet. There is no filler in this proprietary mixture, composed exclusively of mixed nuts and black oil sunflower kernels. A tremendous value for you and treat for your birds. Scott Shalaway, PhD., noted wildlife biologist, syndicated columnist and author, has formulated the Sun Country Farms bird seed recipes to attract only those birds you want in your backyard. Current bird seed on the market may contain a mix of ingredients made mostly of cheaper "filler". This filler is often made up of waste grains and weed seeds. Sun Country Farms uses premium quality recipes that contain only the seeds that birds will eat. An analysis of their competitor's waste-free product shows that 40% of its ingredients are what Sun Country Farms considers filler. This filler remains in the feeder or is shoveled to the ground by the birds. Sun Country uses NO filler in any of their proprietary mixes, ensuring that your birds become recurring visitors to your backyard feeder.
SKU: 55305WFG
Category: Gardening Accessories

Thermometer-Royal Blue, Terra Cotta

12 1/2" diameter, Fahrenheit scale, lead free glaze.
SKU: 772738B
Category: Decor

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