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The Ball Finial Pyramid Trellis

Wonderful garden accents, The Ball Finial Pyramid Trellis looks natural in any garden or patio setting. 4 feet 5 inches tall. Attention to detail and structural integrity are hallmarks to this fine line of craftsmanship. Produced entirely of Western Red Cedar, a wood that contains natural, ingrown decay and insect retardants for a long product life. Simple assembly requiring only a wrench, screwdriver and a hammer. Side panels are pre-assembled with fully inset lattice, furniture type joints an non-rusting hardware. All components are accurately precut and pre-drilled for quick, easy assembly. Comes equipped with all necessary hardware and easy to follow instructions. Proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council an entity insuring the proper environmental management of our world's timber resources.
SKU: 7719abta1211
Category: Decor

Tweety Wind Dancer

Simple eye-catching designs - handcrafted in copper . Approximately 36 inches in length, mounted on a 30 inch decorative copper vine pole. Cast steel, 2 pronged stake securely holds Windancer into ground. Custom brass cap protects bearings. Windancers move gracefully in the wind indicating wind direction An imaginative alternative to the traditional rooftop weathervane.
SKU: 7bb403
Category: Decor

Garden Marker - Growth

Made exclusively from solid recycled brass and polished to an exquisite verdi finish, with bold brass accents, these garden markers are hand forged and crafted in the United States. 4 inches by 6 inches, they come equipped with 12 inch solid brass mounting stakes. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. These are extremely high quality pieces that will last forever. Inscription: As the garden grows so shall the gardener.
SKU: 775Gm12
Category: Decor

The Royal Victorian Feeder

Squirrel-proof bird feeders have never before looked so beautiful, been so easy to clean, or held so much seed. This new line of bird feeders replicates the nostalgic designs of Victorian bird cages, with many ornamental feautures like decorative bandings, artistic port/perches, sculptured caps, and crowning finials. Songbirds like finches, chickadees and nuthatches can eat peacefully because bullies like squirrrels, crows and grackles can't get to their food. The hefty 4 inch by 15 inch feeder tube holds a generous 5 pounds of seed, and fills easily from the top. Cleaning the tube is easy because it removes from the bottom with a simple quarter-turn. Masterpiece Feeders breakthrough the clutter of ordinary feeders to establish a new level of sophisticated design in bird feeders. Overall feeder dimensions are 18 inches tall by 12 inches wide.
SKU: 664TIMastfeedR
Category: Birdhouses

Heated Bird Bath De-Icer

A 200 watt, 120 volt bird bath de-icer. Vital to a birds survival during the winter is the availability of fresh, unfrozen water. Featuring a built in thermostat our heated bird bath de-icer knows automatically when to go to work. Even during the coldest days it will keep your baths water at optimum temperature for wild birds. A stainless steel guard is provided to shield wildlife from contacting the heating element. The rear exit power cord and neutral color plastic housing make for a low profile in the bird bath. Carries a three year warranty from the manufacturer. Regularly priced at 49.95.
SKU: 331300
Category: Fountains

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