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High Energy Suet (12)

Suet is an essential ingredient to the health of your birds. A natural source of high energy and fat reserves, it will keep your birds in top health. Consisting of melted fat, a variety of seeds, nuts and fruit which are then poured into the mix and allowed to harden. Treats will become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if exposed to extreme heat either during shipping or storage, however they will return to normal hardness again at room temperature, and remain fresh all year. Although Suet needs are greatest in the Winter, it is recommended that you offer Suet along with your other feeds all year. 12 pack of 11.75 oz High energy suet. Contains beef suet, sunflower seeds, millet & corn. Just unwrap and place in your suet feeders.
SKU: 551CS501
Category: Gardening Accessories

Z-170 UltraZoom´┐Ż 20-100x70mm Binoculars

Our MegaZoom´┐Ż is like no other zoom binocular! The 20x-100x extreme magnifying range allows you the closest views possible. 70mm objective lenses with fully coated optics give you sharp, bright images. Includes case and strap.
SKU: 15z170
Category: Gardening Accessories

Cherub Column Pedestal Stand

Polyresin construction, 18.5 inches high by 7 inches square. Made specifically for gazing globes and sundials that are 8-10 inches in diameter.
SKU: 776ev4042
Category: Decor

Corner Mount Bird Bath/ Seed Tray

Use this terra cotta corner mount as a bird bath or a seed tray. Holds approximately 3 quarts of water or 5 lbs of seed. It is 14 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Please select between Hunter Green and Blue.
SKU: 3342075
Category: Fountains

The Droll Yankee Standard Hook

Aluminum hook 28" in length, use it to hang your favorite feeders.
SKU: 6611DYStdhk
Category: Birdhouses

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