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Brass & Copper Estate Hose Holder

Serving great purpose in elegant style, this free-standing hose holder can be placed wherever you need it. The rugged cast zinc ground anchor has a built in hose connection to link to the water source. Control the water for the hose at the conveniently high hose more bending over to turn water on and off. Superbly engineered, and constructed from copper with solid brass fittings and decorative parts. Holds more than 100 feet of hose, measures 48 inches high.
SKU: 771cchold
Category: Decor

The Berkshire Lodge Feeder

The Berkshire Lodge Feeder renews the popularity of the Mission style. Easy to fill with a twist and lock cap it holds a full 2.25 pounds of seed. Durable construction, easy to clean, fully assembled and ready to hang, makes a great gift.
SKU: 6678302_4
Category: Birdhouses

Kitty Crossing Garden Sign

Each garden sign piece is completely made from solid brass and has a soft antique finish which gives it a timeless style. These signs are easily readable in the garden. 9 inch X 14 X 1inch sign.
SKU: 775R2720
Category: Decor

The Solid Brass 12 inch Classic Greek Urn

In the great homes and gardens of Europe, plant containers have always played a major role in both interior and exterior design. These pots and urns are designed in the classic style that has endured for centuries. Made from solid brass, these containers are weathered to look like antiques that graced the gardens of centuries long past. Generous sizes allow you to insert standard nursery containers or, if you prefer, plant directly and drill holes for drainage. The Solid Brass 12 inch Classic Greek Urn is 12 inches by 17 inches in dimension (width x height).
SKU: 77123accgurn_12
Category: Decor

Scepter Oil Garden Lamp- Set of Two

Ancient scepter designed wrought iron base holds a 4 inch glass gazing globe torchiere complete with wick assembly. The craftmanship sets this piece apart from standard garden lamps. Oil is held by the hand blown globe. Overall height is 54 inches.
SKU: 7713ev3408
Category: Decor

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