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Use this feeder on a flower bed border, in a large flower pot or any other place where you'd like a little added interest. The bird is hand-carved and the feeder has a mesh bottom for drainage. The cardinals love ours! 26" tall. Please make your selection.
SKU: 669CSF1
Category: Birdhouses

Small Celestial Sphere & Garden Stand

We are pleased to introduce a collection of celestial spheres for the garden that are both functional and aesthetic in design. Although these are not sundials, they have taken the armillary sundial and reduced it down to its non-scientific essence: circles of wrought iron pierced by a heavens-bound arrow. The result is tow garden ornaments that make wonderful garden focus points. Handmade in Illinois of wrought iron, these spheres embrace the natural rustic look of times gone by; A style that is embraced in today's urban garden look. The circles of metal invite climbing plants and vines to treat it like a topiary frame. These designs are not coated with a finish or paint. The raw metal will rust over time and develop into a piece of garden art that appears to be an antique. 22 inches tall, 12 inches in diameter and a 24 inch arrow height. The stand (RB108R) and is 11 inches by 12 inches by 24 inches in height.
SKU: 722R1475_B108R
Category: Decor

The Medium Feeder on Narrow Base

The Medium Bird Feeder on Narrow Base provides a sheltered auto-flow feeding area for your backyard birds in a stunning artistic display. From the galleries of Tom Torrens Sculpture and Design inspired by a combination of ancient Asian art, the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and the sculpture of Alexander Calder. Designed to weather naturally and last a lifetime, these are collection quality pieces. The feeder is 24 inches wide and 65 inches tall, it weighs 77 pounds. Provides a wondrous display in your garden. All works are handmade using recycled and industrial materials whenever possible. Primary materials are formed and welded steel, hand spun copper and wood. Natural variation allows each piece to be unique in color and size. This piece is designed to weather and age naturally. The existing finish may be easily maintained with an annual coating of clear acrylic or epoxy based sealants. Free shipping anywhere in the continental US.
SKU: 661tt00256_2
Category: Birdhouses

Vuvi Garden Spirit Misting Sprinkler

Great garden accent and wonderful way of providing water for your birds, gardens and grounds all at the same time. Can be attached to a water timer for easy interval sprinkling. Garden spirit misting sprinklers combine popular statuary with garden sprinklers for 25 feet to 30 feet of watering coverage. Made of molded resin, sculpted and hand painted to replicate actual African tribal masks Garden spirits are finished with a polyurethane coating to protect the painted finish. Zinc plated 2 prong cast-steel 3 lb stake securely anchors garden spirits into the ground.
SKU: 335bb904
Category: Fountains

Orange Delight Suet Cakes (12)

Suet is an essential ingredient to the health of your birds. A natural source of high energy and fat reserves, it will keep your birds in top health. Consisting of melted fat, a variety of seeds, nuts and fruit which are then poured into the mix and allowed to harden. Treats will become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if exposed to extreme heat either during shipping or storage, however they will return to normal hardness again at room temperature, and remain fresh all year. Although Suet needs are greatest in the Winter, it is recommended that you offer Suet along with your other feeds all year. 12 pack of 13.5 oz High energy suet cakes containing fat, orange flavoring, oats, corn and peanuts. Just peel and place in your suet feeder cages.
SKU: 551CS529
Category: Gardening Accessories

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