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Large Grotto

Call attention to your favorite statue by placing it in this shelter, nestled in your gardens. The sides are curved on the front and the edges are chamfered. Made of cypress, the grotto has four round hardwood feet and a cedar shingle top. It will accommodate a statue up to 24" tall. Natural Finish.
SKU: 7Grotto
Category: Decor

The Metro Tower Feeder

The Metro Tower Feeder is a highly detailed feeder with a cut glass look and wood grain detailing. 4 pound seed capacity. Fully assembled and ready to hang. Feeds four birds at once.
SKU: 6678400_4
Category: Birdhouses

Bar-B-Q Bell

This beautiful styled model reflects the plantations of the South. Mounts on a pipe or pole. Overall height is 12 ½ inches, width 9 inches, bell diameter 6 ½ inches. Since 1964, this manufacturer has produced cast aluminum bells that reflect America's rich heritage ... proudly made right here in the Midwest. Following unique designs, they continue to cast each bell and bracket in sand molds, using quality rustproof materials, one-at-a-time, as did generations of artisans before them. All Rome bells are made in the U.S.A. of recycled aluminum.
SKU: 778R400
Category: Decor

Downy Woodpecker Nesting Box

Designed especially for attracting Downey Woodpeckers and keeping them in view ( includes nesting material . Hang this from a tree branch or one of our garden poles and marvel at the excellent visibility it provides of your backyard birds. Hand made in North Carolina. Constructed exclusively of cypress, a wood well known for its longevity, durablity, and pest resistant qualities. Comes equipped with a hang tag which fully describes the product and suggests an appropriate location for its optimum use.
SKU: 9951007d
Category: Birdhouses

Grandpa's Garden

Each garden sign piece is completely made from solid brass and has a soft antique finish which gives it a timeless style. The classy designs are not compromised with a cheap looking stake either. The brass stake firmly screws into the back of the signs and does so at an angle. This makes the sign easily readable in the garden. 7 inch X 4 inch sign, 20 inches overall height crafted with solid cast brass. Features the following inscription, -Granpa's Garden. Also available with alternate inscription: I Love My Garden (R968), Grown with God & Love (969).
SKU: 775R964
Category: Decor

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