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Large Frog Bath & Feeder on Pedestal

Weathered iron bird bath will add a statement of distinction to your backyard. This model is 20 inches high and 14 inches in diameter.
SKU: 332bbf1022
Category: Fountains

Rhumba Rain Dancers

Earthly elements designed in copper deliver water sculpture to your garden and your birds. Designed to last a lifetime - lifetime guarantee. Proprietary removable brass spinner allows easy replacement of O-rings. Custom made brass fitting w/ set screw locks sprinkler head to pole assuring head will not blow off during operation. 5.3 lb cast steel stake securely anchors sprinkler into ground - no welds or screws to break - sprinkler will not topple over under water pressure. Decorative copper vine on every pole. Simply the finest sprinkler quality you will find anywhere.
SKU: 335bb722
Category: Fountains

The Greenwich Amillary & Tall Grecian Stand

Reproduced from the originals found in formal English gardens, Virginia Metalcrafter's Greenwich Armillary combines impressive size, beautifully detailed castings, and the dramatic contrast of bronze, brass, copper and verdigris aluminum to produce a classic garden accessory. Anchored by a polished copper band, the solid brass arrow shaft with its cast bronze arrow head and feathers tells time by casting a shadow on the beautifully antiqued brass Equator ring. The inner surface of the ring shows the hours of the day, and is decorated with the phases of the moon, while the exterior surface has an intricate Florentine design. The Armillary base is inscribed with the signs of the Zodiac around a bronze sunburst medallion. The base supports two angels, who in turn support the Meridian ring. As with the Equator ring, the Meridian ring is highly decorated and hand finished. 14 inches in diameter, 20 inches high. The Grecian Stand is 27 inches tall, made from cast aluminum with hand applied verdigris finish, this stand will weather the elements for a lifetime. Normally retails for more than $450. Please allow two weeks for delivery.
SKU: 774VM3850_3815
Category: Decor

Chest of Drawers Planter

These planters are extra heavy duty! Made of 5/4" thick pressure treated lumber and completely assembled with galvanized screws. After careful sanding, they are treated with water sealant for extra protection. Custom sizes are available so please ask. 24"x 24"x 48" tall: Please specify your preference for pressure treated fir or cedar.
SKU: 773600-3100
Category: Outdoor and Garden

The George Washington Brass Sundial & Stand

Sundials consist of two parts, a face containing the hours of the day, plus a wide range of decorative motifs, and a gnoman, or shadow arm. The face of the dial, gnoman, and the 12:00 position of the dial should be oriented north. To set the sundial, merely turn it until the shadow falls on your current local time. The George Washington Brass Sundial & Stand are hand cast from brass and iron respectively. Ideal for use both indoors and out, this museum replica is a beautiful adornment to your home or garden. The sundial is 12.75 inches in diameter and the stand is 29 inches tall. The normal retail price on this exquisite combination is $345. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Made in Virginia by skilled artisans, this is an heirloom quality offering.
SKU: 774VM3811_3813
Category: Decor

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